1. a jpg. 💕 appeared on Haight this morning. Thank you whoever did this. #100DoPP d100

    #Haight #HaightAshbury #heart #hearts #tears #nofilter

  2. Yesterday #100DoPP d99
    108/200hrs YTT done. Practiced intro with aspect of yoga philosophy. Led an om. Broke something

  3. Thursday #100DoPP d98
    105/200 hours YTT done. Observed assists in public class, practiced on each other in real time.

  4. Wednesday #100DoPP d97
    Setup micro.blog/t
    Great #microformats & #indieweb support!
    rel=me h-feed Micropub WebSub etc.

    Micro.blog is using Micropub as their standard modern posting API:
    * http://help.micro.blog/2017/api-posting/

    For publishing, in addition to RSS & JSON, micro.blog publishes rich structured feeds with microformats2!
    * http://help.micro.blog/2017/api-feeds/
    As well as subscribes to your own personal site feed(s) using WebSub! (which I’m doing with micro.blog/t)

    Last but not least, instead of proprietary "verified" mechanisms, micro.blog is exclusively using the very well established rel=me microformat for website verification:
    * http://help.micro.blog/2017/web-site-verification/

    micro.blog, at early rollout time to Kickstarter backers, is already one of the most (if not the most) indieweb friendly services out there.

    Well done Manton!

  5. Tuesday #100DoPP d96
    Took transit routes I’d never taken before, through long tunnels, from work to Yoga Flow on Ocean

  6. Monday #100DoPP d95
    Caught up with a friend who I had not heard from in weeks. Glad to hear she was ok, made new plans