a jpg. This is me. Two weeks ago, after #NPSF #earlygang, before the 6:30 workout. I had a lot on my mind.

Sometimes I take things too seriously. It was two days before I was to co-teach my first public Vinyasa yoga class as part of my last weekend of YTT, graduating that Sunday after co-teaching a second class. Yoga sequences and philosophical challenges occupied my thoughts nearly every waking minute. Still do.

I am imperfect. Grateful for the humility reminder, and optimism that I can do better in the future.

I am old(er). Old enough to be grateful for every day. Old enough to feel holes in my heart every day from the losses of too many younger friends. Old enough to fill those holes with memories of our shared times, and intentions to live and pass on their joy, happiness, energy, care, and positivity towards others.

I am strong(er). Strong enough to know the barriers inside are often bigger than the barriers outside.

I am grateful. For too much to list. Enough to remind myself in moments of craving or emptiness.

I am hopeful, for the potential of every moment, for the positive changes we can make inside, and by our actions, outside, while being present in every moment, appreciating what is.

I have a lot on my mind.


📷 Rebecca Daniels

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