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Meetable events should clearly show event author/organizer and creation datetime

on (ttk.me b/55P1) using BBEdit

Typical popular events sites and services (Google Calendar, Facebook) prominently show who created and is organizing events, as well as when they were created. Meetable should do this by default, at a minimum using the author’s personal site they used to sign-in via IndieAuth, and the datetime at which they created the event.

The author’s personal site can be parsed for a representative h-card to use for their display name and image (h-card name and logo or photo), though even showing the domain name of the author would be useful (absent an h-card display name or logo/photo).

This would at a minimum be very useful for the events.indieweb.org deployment of Meetable, as that was used to replace use of the wiki for events which had this information implicitly in the browsable edit history.

Who created it use-cases: knowing who created an event helps clarify the potential legitimacy of the event and/or how much help the organizer may need (is it a known organizer of such events, the usual person, or a new person but still known to the community, or a random person who may need help). Additionally, having a clear organizer helps provide at least a default contact for any Code of Conduct follow-ups.

When was it created use-cases: it is useful to know the when created information as a method for if an event was created long in advance and might not still be happening, or if it was created very recently and thus is much more likely to be happening.

This information should be prominently publicly displayed on Meetable event pages.