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GitHub project “Meetable”

Meetable events should have a Code of Conduct field for one or more URLs

on (ttk.me b/55P2) using BBEdit

Typical communty events require agreeing to a Code of Conduct in order to RSVP and participate. Meetable should have a field to enter one or more Code of Conduct URLs, and then show them prominently on the event, preferably right before / next to any user interface to RSVP.

Use-case for a Code of Conduct field: IndieWeb events always require agreeing to the IndieWeb Code of Conduct.

Use-case for a field for multiple Code of Conduct URLs: IndieWeb events hosted at a Mozilla office require agreeing to both the IndieWeb Code of Conduct and the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines.

The Code of Conduct link(s) should be prominently publicly displayed on Meetable event pages, preferably adjacent to / before any RSVP user interface or display.