"There are a lot of good conferences - Supernova is one of the best."
John Patrick, Former VP, Internet Technology, IBM


June 21-23, 2006

San Francisco, CA

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As of May 29, 2006 -- SUBJECT TO CHANGE
    Wharton West Workshops and Technology Showcase
7:30am   Registration and continental breakfast
8:30am   Introduction: Kevin Werbach
    Perspective: Jonathan Schwartz (Sun Microsystems)
    Spotlight Talk: Craig Newmark (Craigslist)

Panel: Power to the People
[Craig Newmark (Craigslist), Saul Klein (Skype), Tina Sharkey (AOL), Mena Trott (Six Apart), Gil Penchina (Wikia)]

Users are becoming active co-creators of their media, commerce, entertainment, and communications experiences. Just how significant, though, is this phenomenon? How are business and social interactions likely to change in the era of peer production, and what are the implications for both newcomers and existing industries?

10:30am   Break
11:00am   Perspective: Linda Sanford (IBM)
    Panel: Innovation in Established Organizations (aka Web 2.0 Meets the Enterprise)
[Linda Sanford (IBM), Sean Park (DrKW), Kim Polese (SpikeSource)]

The same forces driving consumer Internet innovation have consequences for large, established organizations, whether corporate or governmental. How can these organizations take advantage of collaborative tools, mobility, open source, ubiquitous connectivity, real-time interactivity, rich media, and other developments, rather than being left behind?
    Perspective: Eric Shepcaro (AT&T)
12:45pm   Lunch
2:00pm   Perspective: Usama Fayyad (Yahoo!)
    Spotlight Talks: Virtual Worlds
[Michael Zyda (USC Gamepipe Lab), Philip Rosedale (Linden Lab)]
    Panel: More Than Just a Game
[Moderator: Dan Hunter (The Wharton School), Amy Jo Kim (Shufflebrain), Doug Failor (Joint Futures Lab, DOD), Charles Moore (Reuters), Michael Zyda (USC Gamepipe Lab), Philip Rosedale (Linden Lab)]

Tools, techniques, and environments developed in the world of games are being applied to decidedly non-entertainment areas, such as workplace collaboration, business simulation, software development, and globalization of services. This session and the demonstrations preceding it will explore the significance of games for business.
4:00pm   Break
4:30pm   Panel: From Search to Eternity
[Moderator: Chris Shipley (Guidewire Group), Kapenda Thomas (Jookster), David Sifry (Technorati), Jim Lanzone (Ask.com), Leila Boujnane (Idee)]

Search engines are the dominant interface for the Web today, and a huge force in driving economic activity online. What's next for search? It seems unlikely that we have reached the end-point of significant technical or business evolution in this incredibly active area.
5:30pm   Evening Networking Gala and Connected Innovators Showcase
7:30am   Registration and continental breakfast
8:30am   Introduction: Kevin Werbach
    Perspective: Michael Copps(FCC)
    Panel: Rise of the Videonet
[Moderator: JD Lasica (Ourmedia), Jeremy Allaire (BrightCove), Jonathan Taplin (USC Annenberg Center), Mary Hodder (Dabble), Robert Levitan (Pando)]

The Internet is becoming a major platform for distribution of video. What kinds of video content are users really creating and sharing? Is the Net is a threat to television, or the basis for entirely new, parallel video ecosystems? And how will technical and legal impediments that have slowed the growth of Internet video be overcome?

Spotlight Talks: Communications
[Vernon Irvin (Verisign), Lawrence Catchpole (M1 Global Solutions)]

10:30am   Break
11:00am   Panel: Cutting the Cords -- The Wireless Explosion
[Moderator: Om Malik (Business 2.0), Jeff Belk (Qualcomm), Juergen Urbanski (Fon), Pierre De Vries (USC Annenberg Center), Selina Lo (Ruckus Wireless)]

Far more people around the world use mobile phones than landline telephones or computers. And wireless isn't just about mobile voice calling. Innovations around wireless technologies could produce an upheaval of the media experience, as well as of personal communications. Traditional business and regulatory assumptions about wireless will need to change... but how?
    Perspective: John Garstka (Office of Force Transformation, US Dept. of Defense)
12:30pm   Lunch and Roundtable Discussion on the Future of the Desktop
[Lili Cheng (Microsoft), Tom Ngo (NextPage), Gary Benitt (Goowy), Chris Thomas (Intel), Kevin Lynch (Adobe)]

Windows and Mac OS, the dominant computer interfaces of our time, are two decades old. And the standard office productivity software suite is not much younger. Have they reached the end of their usefulness? And if so, what will replace them? It's no secret that web-based applications are encroaching on the desktop's turf, but how far will that go, and will the webtop actually deliver anything the desktop can't? This roundtable discussion will bring together experts to consider the challenges for the desktop in an era of pervasive broadband connectivity.
2:00pm   Perspective: Werner Vogels (Amazon.com)
    Panel: Who Owns "You"?
[Seth Goldstein (Root Markets), John McCrea (Plaxo), Kyle Brinkman (MySpace)]

In an increasingly virtual, distributed world, we all depend more and more heavily on our online identities and reputations. There are, however, strongly divergent views about who can and should control those assets, or even whether it's right to consider them as assets. Many significant network-based services and applications will depend heavily on how our digital reputations are conceived and managed.
    Spotlight Talk: Bradley Horowitz (Yahoo!)
3:40pm   Break
4:10pm   Panel: The Next Five Billion Users
[Rajesh Jain (Netcore), Dan Shine (AMD), Lyn Jeffery (Institute for the Future)]

As developing countries increasingly join the networked world, what will change? Globalization is already having a huge impact on economies and societies, and it is only getting started. Though Internet access remains out of reach for much of the world's population, profound changes are occurring as connectivity spreads through India, China, and elsewhere, with significant ripple effects in the West. This session will examine both how to close the global digital gap, and what will happen if we succeed.
    Back-Channel Roundtable
[Dan Gillmor (Center for Citizen Media), Lise Buyer (Class V Group), David Weinberger (JOHO)]
Supernova's traditional closing session looks back at the conference, and forward to the year ahead.
6:00pm   Conference Concludes
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