"The right folks, and the right forum, to advance the debate."
Jonathan Schwartz, President, Sun Microsystems


June 21-23, 2006

San Francisco, CA

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At the Wharton West Workshops, leading innovators and subject experts on distributed technologies will provide hands-on exposure to the latest connected business tools and trends. This day-long event offers interactive seminars targeted to business professionals and technology strategists.

All workshop sessions, and the evening Reception and Technology Showcase for all Supernova attendees, take place at Wharton West (101 Howard Street, 5th Floor).

Workshop Schedule

8:30am- 10:30am

Massively Multi-Layered:
Learning from Virtual Worlds
[Moderator: Mark Wallace (3PointD), Helen Cheng (Seriosity), Nic Ducheneaut (PARC), Corey Bridges (Multiverse), Jerry Paffendorf (Electric Sheep Co.)]

Are massively multi-player online games (MMOGs) the next great computer operating system... or are they, perhaps, the next operating system for post-industrial civilization? This session will consider what insights MMOGs can provide into the future of social and business interactions.

The Personal Infosphere
[Moderator: Jeff Clavier (SoftTech VC), Dalton Caldwell (imeem), Yael Elish (eSnips), Hans Peter Brondmo (Plum), Tariq Krim (Netvibes), Ben Golub (Plaxo)]

Taming the torrent of information available to each of us will require tools that are inherently social (because there is wisdom in crowds), converged (because everything isn't on the Web), and multi-faceted (because everyone sees the world differently). A new generation of tools is using these characteristics to deliver value in a surprising range of contexts.

10:30am- 12:00pm

Decentralizing Data
[Moderator: Tantek Celik (Technorati), Rohit Khare (CommerceNet), Matt Augustine (Microsoft), Brian Dear (EVDB), Kevin Lawver (AOL), Andy Baio (Yahoo!), Matt Kaufman (Edgeio)]

There is a sea change coming in the shift from centralized walled-gardens of data, content, and social-network profiles to a world where the vast majority of such data is decentralized and users have far more control and ownership over their own data. These changes will impact nearly every site on the web as we know it.

Enterprise User Perspectives
[Moderator: Peter Rip (Leapfrog Ventures), JP Rangaswami (DrKW), Jeff Nolan (SAP), Cydni Tetro (NextPage)]

It's easy to talk about the potential of "web 2.0" technologies in a business context, but what actually happens when the rubber meets the road? In this workshop, enterprise change agents will discuss the promise and pitfalls of implementing web services, blogs, wikis, and other innovations within organizations.

12:00pm- 1:00pm
1:00pm- 2:30pm

Life in the Wireless City
[Moderator: Esme Vos (Muniwireless.com), Greg Richardson (Civitium), Larry Alder (Google), Paul Bragiel (Meetro)]

Clouds of wireless connectivity are springing up in municipalities across the US and the world.  Are these forward-thinking government initiatives, or a waste of taxpayer money?  And, other than basic connectivity, what can municipal wireless networks enable?

Engaged Markets A: Conversations
[Moderator: Tara Hunt (Citizen Agency), Francois Gossiaeux (Corante), Brett Hurt (Bazaarvoice), Robert Scoble (Microsoft)]

Users are more engaged than ever, participating in discussions, sharing information, writing blogs, and more. How do marketing and commerce work when users are in control? This session will include an update on the findings of a summit on marketing innovation.

2:30pm- 4:00pm

Rethinking Patents
[Moderator: Peter Harter (Intellectual Ventures), Beth Noveck (New York Law School), Wayne Paugh (Dept. of Commerce), Robert Barr (UC Berkeley)]

Patents will have a huge impact on innovation and economic success in the tech world in the coming years.  Just about everyone agrees that the patent system is broken, yet there is violent disagreement about the solutions. This session will bring together multiple viewpoints on these important issues.

Engaged Markets B: Social Multimedia
[Moderators: Pete Blackshaw and Max Kalehoff (Nielsen Buzzmetrics), Stan Joosten (P&G), Michael Wiley (GM), Curt Hecht (GM Planworks), Brian Zeug (Yahoo!), Oliver Luckett (Revver)]

Now that user expression is dialing up to a more emotional and viral level through social multimedia platforms -- including images, audio and video -- how are marketers facing the challenging implications on traditional marketing practices and customer relationships?

4:00pm- 5:30pm

Attendee Roundtable A

We open the floor for some of our fantastic attendees to give presentations on their areas of expertise, or other issues they are passionate about.

Attendee Roundtable B

We open the floor for some of our fantastic attendees to give presentations on their areas of expertise, or other issues they are passionate about.

5:30 Reception and Technology Showcase
(Open to all Supernova conference attendees)

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