Can your website be your API?

Using semantic XHTML to show what you mean


Backlash for structure - XML

Backlash for layout - CSS

Where does XML fail?

Where does CSS fail?

Can we re-integrate these strands?

Example - Politics



<tbody><tr><th class="position">1.</th>

<td class="source"><cite class="link">

<a href="">

  No French or German turn on Iraq</a>


XHTML Building blocks

Building blocks - Links

Building blocks - link examples

building blocks - Citations and quotes

building blocks - Citations and quotes examples

<cite>Oscar Wilde</cite> said:

<blockquote cite ="">

"A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and

the value of nothing."


building blocks - Lists

building blocks - Tables

building blocks - Definition lists





Existing examples

XFN - XHTML friends network

<a href="">dana</a>
<a rel="friend" href="">dana</a>

XFN - XHTML friends network



     <dt id="co-worker">co-worker</dt>

         <dd>Someone a person works with, or works at the same organization as. Symmetric.  Usually transitive.</dd>

     <dt id="colleague">colleague</dt>

         <dd>Someone in the same field of study/activity. Symmetric. Often transitive.</dd>



Future examples

New types - methodology

New type - People

New type - Events