1. What are Microformats?

    Tantek Çelik Senior Technologist Technorati
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  3. What are Microformats?

  4. History: 2000+ More CSS, less HTML

  5. History: 2002 semantic (X)HTML

  6. History: 2002 better anchors & links

  7. History: 2003 XHTML extensions

  8. History: 2004 patterns emerge

  9. History: 2005 implementations plus

  10. Microformats Principles

  11. Foundation: XMDP

  12. Foundation: HTML4 XMDP example

     <dl class="profile">
      <dt id='author'>author</dt>
       <dd>A person who wrote the document.</dd>
      <dt id='keywords'>keywords</dt>
       <dd>List of keywords/keyphrases of the document.</dd>
      <dt id='copyright'>copyright</dt>
       <dd>Copyright holder(s), statement of copyright.</dd>
      <dt id='date'>date</dt>
       <dd>Last updated date of the document, in ISO8601.</dd>
      <dt id='identifier'>identifier</dt>
       <dd>The normative URI for the document.</dd>
      <dt id='rel'>rel</dt>
        <dt id='script'>script</dt>
        <dd>A reference to a client-side script. With the LINK
         element, the script is evaluated as the document loads and 
         may modify the contents of the document dynamically.</dd> 
  13. People & Events

  14. vCard & iCalendar

  15. hCard & hCalendar

  16. hCard examples

  17. hCalendar examples

  18. Colophon