There are things I want in my home, and things I do not want in my home. While location, property and building specifics are important, that's not what these thoughts are about. The essence of a home is defined by the usage patterns, layout, room purposings, contents, decorations and otherwise how people inhabit the house they call home.

What I want

Experience has taught me there are certain things I want in my home. Some of these are necessities, and others are more in the nice to have category. For now I'm only listing a few examples, because the immediate focus of these thoughts is the next section.


Nice to haves

What I don't want

I have discovered some things I don't want, and numerous others I have no need to experience before knowing that I don't want them. But as with wants, some of these things I absolutely do not want and would rather live somewhere else rather than have them in my home. Others are more like minor annoyances, things I can live with. Unfortunately I have found over time that many a minor annoyance becomes a major pain. Sometimes merely the accumulated stress from several minor annoyances are enough to make a home unbearable.

Annoyances I could live with

For the moment, those things that I won't have in my home have so preoccupied me that I'm not recalling even the simplest of annoyances. I'm sure in time, they will come to the surface. For now, maybe I'll list some placeholders.

Things that have no place in my home

There have been studies done that show that people will expend much more time and effort decreasing their discomfort rather than increasing their comfort. My recent thoughts have followed this pattern.

by Tantek Çelik. Written 20021018. Updated 1019, 1026.