a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. 49d to #TSFM2017. #NationalTrailsDay yesterday: 10.4mi & 2129' of mist cooled trails at SFRC, day after #NPSF hills. Rest day today.

Saw deer, rabbits, and a partridge. Ran the last mile on pavement to make it back in time for the Good Earth breakfast bar. Everything felt fine, if just a bit slower, the day after tantek.com/2017/153/t1/sunrise-fog-summits-npsf.

Happy National Trails Day!

1. Old Springs trail start and deer!
2. Old Springs trail view to a fog covered Pacific
3. Wolf Ridge Trail into the mist
4. Coastal Trail single track descent: “Steep grade / Stay on trail”
5. Coastal Fire Road ascent, @micheleperras in sight!
6. Tennessee Valley view to Tennessee Valley Beach
7. Peak: Coyote Ridge 2 Reference Mark (Previously: tantek.com/t4jj3)
8. Fork left to Marin Drive, into a twisty maze of roads
9. @Strava run path satellite hybrid view
10. Golden Gate Bridge southbound back to foggy SF

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