Spreckels Lake with green water, a few radio controlled model boats, and eucalyptus trees on the opposite shoreGeese sleeping on the shore of Spreckels LakeOcean Beach on a cloudy August day, a few people in jackets in the foreground, Cliff House in the distant backgroundSunday long #run on tired SFRC legs in Golden Gate Park, stopping at bodies of water to stare and contemplate. #Cloudbank over green Spreckels Lake(1), so quiet even the geese slept-in(2). Kept running down JFK to the bison paddock, stopped to look but they were hiding. As I turned to run back, saw my pal Emilie approaching on the path, and instead ran with her to Ocean Beach. Classic San Francisco summer #Fogust, people wearing jackets at the beach(3).

Felt surprisingly strong for the day after SFRC, better than the last time I did something similar (Bay to Breakers in May https://tantek.com/t50a1). Over a year since my last training run all the way through Golden Gate Park to the beach and back. I’ve started using music and earphones on my road runs again, restarted 3 weeks ago at my last long run before the SF Marathon. Kept up 4-5 minute run and 1 minute walk intervals. Had planned on about 7 miles, felt good so I ran the rest of the way home.

8.7 miles done. Back on back-to-back ultra training runs.

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