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@b_cavello, been reflecting. "immunity" not the goal. "#decentralisation" has been colonized by #blockchain snakeoil

* agency+community instead of corp dominance
* humble interop, choices, direct practices
Like end of tweet #IndieWeb post links
which allow us to write and post more on our own sites,
and link to more resources like:
* https://indieweb.org/principles
* https://indieweb.org/why
* https://indieweb.org/start

We reject traditional "fast growth" capitalist narratives, and instead humbly encourage slow sustainable growth across numerous projects that interoperate with each other.

Longevity & dependability directly benefit the people participating, instead of shortterm excitement which typically only benefits investors (sometimes "serial" entrepreneurs).

Would love to chat more about these topics: https://chat.indieweb.org/ (There’s a Slack link there too to use Slack to join).

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