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issue 60 of GitHub project “w3process”

This is not an “editorial mistake” from the perspective of those that carefully reviewed the Process document with the voting changes and in particular interpreted the only logical way that the election could be implemented given the text of the document (literally STV per seat for the number of seats in an election), and only approved the process accordingly. Several AC reps would have filed formal objections to the process had this been dropped before the Process went to review, and before that, in the AB.

The Process also doesn’t say, implement whatever voting experiments were run, so the excuses that have been made to justify running the subsequent elections as they have been run (“but the experiments!”) also hold no justification in the Process document.

Both of those are deemed objectionable enough to not remove this text from the Process and yes that leaves us at an impasse that the AB must take-up to resolve, especially towards a future where we may/will be relying even more on elected bodies to resolve conflicts rather than a BDFL “Director”.

I do not expect to see this resolved for 2021.

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