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issue 3 of GitHub project “AB-public”

This is an astute insight. The Vision’s Purpose section https://github.com/w3c/AB-public/tree/main/Vision#our-purpose-focusing-on-the-integrity-of-the-web can be improved in many ways to more explicitly document W3C’s existing practices which serve the public at large.

Proposed resolutions:
* Add “and public feedback” to the end of the first point “Provide an open forum…”
* Change “Ensure that standards are developed” to “Ensure that standards are openly developed”, perhaps defining “openly developed” in the Glossary per https://github.com/w3c/AB-public/issues/1 which could note that “openly developed” means publicly viewable discussion notes, proposals, issues, drafts, test suites, implementation reports, decisions, and conflict resolutions.
* Add “for the public at large” after “… address evolving use cases”

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