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Multivalidator: HTML, CSS & HREFs all in one.



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Scripts etc.

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Choose style sheet The "Choose style sheet" favelet provides users the opportunity to select an alternate style sheet. See the Alternate style sheets example for more information about alternate style sheets.


Add any of these Favelets to your Favorites, or drag them to your Favorites Toolbar or Bookmarks Bar. Then load a page, click the favelet in your toolbar and go.


Combine Internet Explorer's Toolbar Favorites feature and mini applications (applets) written in jscript, stamped with a "javascript:" URI scheme, and you have Favelets - a way to add features built from DHTML to your browser.

I have found Favelets useful for:

Questions? Answers.

Updated! Get the new microformats favelets that use the H2VX Contacts and Events services.

Revision history
DateChanges Made
2013-290Switched View HTTP from Delorie to web-sniffer since Delorie now requires editing the site.
2012-243Added JSeval
2010-244Added HTML Lint
2010-094Added iPad portrait, HD 720p, HD 1080p. Renamed all resolution favelets with resolution first, parenthetical devices second.
2009-321New application/xml proxy favelet
2009-321New Richsnippets tester favelet
2009-310New Validator.nu favelet
2009-302Updated hCard & hCalendar favelets to use H2VX Contacts and Events Conversion Services.
2009-06-20Moved translation favelets from main page to their own page. Added new Persian translation favelets.
2009-05-26New Optimus microformats validator.
2009-04-06Retired BlackBerry 8700 and PocketPC iPaq window resize favelets, replaced with Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Bold window resize favelets.
2006-06-22Added Portuguese to English translation favelet.
2006-04-26Added BlackBerry 8700 320x240 favelet.
2005-12-21Added Juicy Studio Readability Test favelet. Thanks to Niall Kennedy for the Juicy Studio reference.
2005-12-19Updated hCard & hCalendar favelets to use Technorati's Contacts and Events Feed Services.
2005-09-30Added hCard & hCalendar favelets from Brian Suda.
2003-10-14Added Japanese to English translation favelet.
2003-10-11Added a few natural language translation favelets.
2003-05-08Removed View HTTP transaction because The requested URL /web-sniffer/view.cgi was not found on this server. Apache/1.3.26 Server at webtools.mozilla.org Port 80. Don't they know Cool URIs don't change?
2003-02-11Added View images.
2002-12-18Added HTTP favelets. Thanks to Hixie for pointing out the moz web-sniffer and reminding me indirectly that I had the Delorie header viewer in my favorites.
2002-12-01Added some tooltips, more FAQ entries.
2002-11-07Added W3C new validator beta.
2002-04-07Added Multivalidator and FAQ.
2001-10-01Researched common / up&coming screen resolutions and wrote favelets for them.
2001-09-13Added "document default" to Choose style sheet to permit "unchoosing" of alternate styles (thanks to Jeffrey Zeldman for the suggestion). Focussed the list of style sheets to enable up/down arrow key selection of alternate styles. Added enter/return/escape to close choose window.
2001-09-07Favelets.com posted.
2001-09-06Final name choice (Favelets) with the help of Todd Fahrner and Eric Meyer.
1998-11-06Retired font size manipulation favelets.
1998-10-30Wrote View scripts
1998-10-28Wrote View style rules, View style sheets
1998-10-27Wrote Validate CSS, Validate HTML.
1998-10-23Wrote Choose style sheets.
1998-10-19Created first batch of experimental favelets. Toggle style sheets, Turn on style sheets, Turn off style sheets. Simple font size setting/increasing/decreasing for pages without CSS. Sent to Todd Fahrner (and Eric Meyer?) for evaluation and feedback.