How to rawk SXSW

5-6pm March 9th, Austin Convention Center Room 18ABC

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See the official session description.

  1. Add all SXSW Confirmed Speakers to your address book
  2. Sign-up on these sites and find/add/stalk the panelists:
    1. Upcoming - find events to go to
    2. Dodgeball - see who's actually going where in realtime
    3. Twitter - what people are doing at said events. Add your panelists: And go claim your Twitter on Technorati.
    4. Flickr in particular the SXSW tag - see what happened last night's events
    5. Technorati in particular everything tagged SXSW - see blog posts, photos, videos, and more from last night's events
    6. Consumating - find that person you met, and whose interests(tags) you remember but not their name
    7. Plazes - find wifi cafes to check all the above when you're out and about
  3. Use bonjour/rendezvous and AIM to drag and drop contacts to your buddylist
  4. See also:
  5. IRC