Why We Need the #IndieWeb

Why We Need the #IndieWeb

Indie Web Camp

Independents Day - 2001

Independents Day Heart Logo

independentsday.org Manifesto

INDEPENDENTS DAY is a worldwide project celebrating independent content and design on the web.

2002 SXSW Interactive Creators

SXSW 2002 attendees at dinner

2003 - Peak Independent Web?

Hello My URL is Photomatt.net

Silos Happened

Matrix silos

2004 Friendly Silos Arrived

Flickr All Time Popular Tags

2007 Twitter Popularizes Simplicity

Screenshot of Twitter UI circa 2007

2007 Facebook F8 platform launch

2007 Facebook F8 Platform Launch

2008 Facebook Connect launch

2008 Facebook Connect Launch

2014 Facebook F8

2014 Facebook F8

While Some Silos Dominated...

2008 AOL Homesites Shutdown

AOL Homesites shutdown thread

2009 Geocities Shutdown

GeoCities  shutdown

Shutdowns continued...

2013 Upcoming.org Shutdown

Upcoming not found

2013 Posterous Shutdown

Posterous shutdown

More shutdowns past & future: indiewebcamp.com/site-deaths

What Went Wrong in 2003?

2003 - Peak Independent Web?

Hello My URL is Photomatt.net

What Happened To The 2003 Independent Web?

2003: RSS/Atom Wars!

RSS vs Atom

What About Trackback & Pingback?

Trackback - spam

Pingback Spam

Pingback - noisy user experience

Pingback UX

Distractions vs focus

The Internet vs Blog post cartoon

We Tried Anyway…

2008: Social Web Foo Camp — Federating Twitter & Jaiku

Blaine Cook and Ralph Meijer at 2008 Social Web Foo Camp

Silos Federating?
Ephemeral Lightning

Matrix lightning

We Kept Trying…

2010: Federated Social Web Summit

2010 Federated Social Web Summit with Chris Messina, Aaron Parecki, et al

2010: Frustrated Social Web Summit

2010 Federated Social Web Summit with Chris Messina, Aaron Parecki, et al

“I don't care about federation,
I care about my content,
I care about my friends.”

2010: “How about an indie web?”

2011: IndieWebCamp founded

Aaron Parecki Tantek Çelik Amber Case Crystal Beasley
Co-founded/co-organized by:
Aaron Parecki, Tantek Çelik, Amber Case, Crystal Beasley

IndieWebCamp 2011

2011 IndieWebCamp group photo

IndieWeb Discussions Afterwards:
No mailing lists!

No email lists, no Google Groups

A mailing list archive

Screenshot of mailing list

Our IRC archive

Screenshot of indiewebcamp irc

Learning from Twitter:
From IndieWeb Reply …

Screenshot of an indieweb reply

… to federated comments!

eschnou indieweb comments

Pingback Display — Yuck

Screenshot of pingbacks

WebMention Comments
Via microformats2!

Screenshot of webmentions

indieweb event

benwerd indieweb event

With federated rsvp

aaronpk indieweb rsvp

2014: But do we have a chance?

How can we compete with megasilos?

Matrix silos

2014: Peak silo UX? (FB & Twitter)

Side-by-side comparison of Facebook and Twitter profiles

2014: How we're growing:
IndieWeb Generations

IndieWeb Generations

IndieWeb Generations

Generation 2: Journalists

Screenshot of Slate IndieWeb article

Generation 2: Journalists Doing

Screenshot of Dan Gillmor original


Screenshot of Dan Gillmor original comments

The IndieWeb Wants You!
To own your data.
To own your permalinks.
To own your identity online.

I can only show you the door...

Indie Web Camp