[#needspost #ux] "It's not meant to be a strife. It's not meant to be a struggle uphill. Undo undo. If you're bleeding, undo. If you're sweating, undo. If you're crying, undo." Good advice for relationships and user experience design. Interfaces shouldn't be a strife, a struggle uphill, nor make you bleed, sweat, or cry. Interfaces should be generous, the kindness kind, quietly ecstatic, and forgiving. Gmail Labs' "Undo Send" extension gets this right (without the cognitive load of previous attempts like scheduled sends). All forms of send/post/tweet verbs should be as forgiving. If you're regretting your sending, undo. See related article on Undo Send: http://gigaom.com/collaboration/google-tweaks-gmails-undo-send-labs-feature/

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