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  1. Tantek taking a selfie standing next to red cursive graffiti writing “i love you so much” on a light green wall.Concrete blockish building viewed from a corner, a mixed tall triangle rainbow of horizontal stripes of colors along the cut-in corner of the building.Austin buildings and a bridge reflected in pre-dawn orange light on a river, overcast clouds above.Austin buildings reflected on the river, a few swans in the foreground, the sun rising between two buildings, with a bit of orange on the horizon under overcast clouds.Underneath a bridge, symmetrical concrete support structures, with rectangular arches and supports above greenish water, still enough to reflect the underside of the bridge.Map of the Lady Bird Lake trails, along with a chart in the lower left of distances between various checkpoints, the farthest being 10.2.Artwork, black all capitals text on a white disc background, saying LIVE A GREAT STORY, on a tall concrete post of a bridge, the waters of the lake behind it, as well as trees on both shores.Overcast sky over two clusters of tall beige apartment buildings, trees below them along the shore, the river in front, a stretch of thin red plastic floating on the river with a bunch of birds perched on top, a few of them stretching their wings.On top of the Longhorn dam, chainlink fencing on the left with the roadway on the other side, and the dam structures and warning signs on the right, the path across the river in between them.13.5 miles yesterday morning, Austin’s entire Lady Bird Loop(6) plus a roundtrip to Jo’s(1) and back.

    Starting just before sunrise, I snapped some colorful building art(2) on the way to the river/lake. I caught a view of buildings on both sides of the river and a bridge spanning it, reflected in dim dawn light under overcast clouds(3). Barely caught the sun rising between buildings, swans in the foreground, before it disappeared behind clouds(4).

    Many things caught my eye, like this almost symmetrical under bridge(5). Caught a better lit shot of the LIVE A GREAT STORY artwork on the MoPac bridge(7). The south bank trails had long stretches of paved paths that wandered just above the river/lake, saw a few birds stretching their wings(8).

    Ran around to and crossed over the Longhorn Dam(9) before continuing around back to Congress Avenue, crossing the Congress bridge south to Jo's just for a photo. Ran back to the hotel to quickly get cleaned up, pack, and head to the airport to fly home.

    My longest run, that far from home.

    #run #runner #LadyBirdLake #lake #river #Austin #DowntownAustin #halfmarathon #sunrise #skyline #trail #trails #bridge #dam #view #iloveyousomuch #ILYSM #selfie #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #2020_055 #20200224 #laterGram #noFilter

  2. ↳ In reply to @wilhelmja’s tweet @wilhelmja "cash-for-votes" has its own problems; worth looking @IETF & @TC39 models.

    @W3C founded with "timocracy" worded "The Director" in the Process. Recent years always delegated to W3C Team.

    Context @W3CAB: https://www.w3.org/wiki/AB_Agenda_Wiki_Feb2020#T1500
    More issues at: https://github.com/w3c/w3process/issues

  3. Just asked for W3C to eliminate the role of the Director (a pseudo-dictatorship), and to redistribute power & authority from the W3C Team to the members & community.

    When did I become a web standards anarchist?

  4. Screenshot of Tantek homepage viewed on iOS Firefox scrolled to show the Recent Photos embed of a 3x4 grid of the twelve most recent photo postsAdded a Recent Photos embed to my homepage sidebar (or bottom of the mobile view) at #IndieWebCamp Austin projects day! Still tweaking, yet quite happy with how it looks, e.g. compared to an @Instagram profile. #indieweb #takebackyourweb #ownyourphotos #iOS #Firefox #screenshot

  5. Downtown Austin skyline at night, building lights reflected in Lady Bird Lake / River in the dark.Mostly cloudy sunset barely visible above the distant trees on the other side of the river, lit with a beam of orange, just in front of a scattered flock of dozens of ducks resting on the water.Dusk view of the west part of downtown Austin, reflected in the river below.View from a bridge of Lady Bird Lake, with a cement column in front of us dividing the view, with a large white circle painted on it with the all capitals words LIVE A GREAT STORY written inside in a large sans-serif font.Last night’s 5.5 mile sunset run(2) turned into a dusk run(3), and a night run(1) by the time we made it back to the Congress Avenue bridge to run back across.

    We ran along the water to Mopac bridge, ran across, pausing to take to heart an artist’s encouragement to LIVE A GREAT STORY(4), and kept going.

    #run #runner #runners #LadyBirdLake #Austin #DowntownAustin #sunset #dusk #night #downtown #skyline #trail #trails #bridge #view #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #2020_053 #20200222 #laterGram #noFilter

  6. Holly, Nicole, another NovemberProject member, Jen, and Tantek outside the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas.Clear blue sky over the river in Austin Texas.The sun shining brightly in a clear sky over buildings above the river, and reflected in the river as well, in Austin Texas.Made it to @Nov_Project_ATX yesterday morning! Ran, worked out, and caught up with pal Holly who I haven’t seen since she moved from SF, and Madison friends Jen and Nicole (who herself also moved to Austin).

    Ran back to downtown and the river afterwards, for a calm reflection(2), and sunrise over nearby buildings(3).

    #NP_ATX #traverbal #run #NovemberProject #runners #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #optOutside #freeFitness #justShowUp #LBJLibrary #Austin #Texas #2020_052 #20200221 #laterGram #noFilter

  7. @IndieWebCamp Austin, facilitating a session on All Things Photos.
    E.g. taking photos, curating, editing, posting.

    My incremental #indieweb #photo workflow:
    📷 take photos in the moment, but not post*
    🖼 curate photos, e.g. delete duplicates or non-HDR versions (or keep the non-HDR version if it was sharper, less blurry, or if the HDR versions had weird motion artifacts)
    ❤️ favorite photos, in the iOS Photos app, that I want to actually consider posting publicly, or perhaps uploading e.g. to a wiki
    ✍🏻 edit photos, e.g. rotate & crop, especially favorited photos, to align the horizon, crop out extraneous/distracting things, etc.
    👇🏻 choose a favorited photo from that day as my main photo to post
    📝 write a narrative caption based on that photo
    📓 more photos: include more favorited photos if they make sense as part of the narrative, perhaps seek out more (non-favorited) photos to help illustrate the narrative
    📮 post that photo or multiphoto post (its own process)
    ♡ unfavorite the photos I posted, except those I might want to view or show to friends later

    I’m looking to simplify my process where I can, as it often takes me up to half an hour to actually get from curating my photos to posting a particular (multi)photo post!

    *I don’t post photos in the moment any more in order to stay present in whatever I’m actually doing IRL. Instead at "in between times" like standing in line, or on transit, I take incremental steps towards publishing photos.

  8. As of yesterday: https://tantek.com/2020/052/t1/austin-building-pyramid-shape

    I’m over halfway thru my 100 days projects:
    * take a positive photo
    * post something positive
    sometimes posted the day after.

    More #100days projects: https://indieweb.org/100_days inspired by the100dayproject.com

  9. #IndieWebCamp Austin keynote by Pace from the future where:
    - We never build the same thing twice
    - Nobody gets betrayed
    - No more sexual predators
    - No more marketing
    - No more bad science
    - No more capitalism
    & it’s all built on #IndieWeb technologies!

  10. Great first #IndieWebCamp Austin keynote by Natalie on the upsides and downsides of #socialmedia, how she started her #IndieWeb Gratitude Joural @microdotblog, did #DeleteFacebook, yet still posts @Instagram, though with a much more limited circle.

  11. Live video stream @IndieWebCamp Austin is up!


    Tune in, we’re starting with organizer @manton2, followed by keynotes by Natalie, Pace, and @Aaronpk!


    #indieweb #openweb #takebackyourweb

  12. ↳ In reply to @ttrentham’s tweet @ttrentham here for @IndieWebCamp Austin @CapitalFactory!

    Come join us! https://2020.indieweb.org/austin

    Kickoff at 10:00, then amazing keynotes, personal site intros, BarCamp sessions!

  13. Good morning #Austin!

    Doors open @IndieWebCamp Austin @CapitalFactory!

    @aaronpk is setting up the video, folks are grabbing breakfast tacos, coffee, etc.

    Tickets sold out but we made room for 10 more!

    Grab one and come by! https://2020.indieweb.org/austin

  14. Building with pyramid shaped terraces at night, with blue lights glowing on each of the terrace corners. a few more downtown Austin buildings at night.Arrived late last night in Austin. The skyline looks different everytime I return.

    There’s one downtown building that’s been here as long as I can remember. Its pyramid shape makes it look futuristic, like something from Blade Runner.

    #Austin #downtown #2020_051 #20200220 #laterGram #noFilter

  15. Sunrise behind distant low clouds lighting up the San Francisco cityscape with an orange glow, backlighting a palm tree at Alta Plaza park.Blue to purple sky above a yellow orange pre-dawn horizon backlighting trees and buildings, a tiny crescent moon sitting in the sky off to the right.Sunrise just above low clouds backlighting the San Francisco skyline, lighting up the paths and green grass of Alta Plaza Park.🌆🌴🌙 Distant low clouds and a delayed sunrise @Nov_Project_SF yesterday morning(1). We had a clear view of the crescent moon earlier as dawn blues were turning purple(2). The sun did eventually rise a few minutes later(3), as some of us went to work, others to breakfast.

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #blueSky #purpleSky #blue #purple #dawn #sunrise #palmTree #optOutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #AltaPlaza #AltaPlazaPark #2020_050 #20200219 #laterGram #noFilter

  16. Reminder: Homebrew Website Club TONIGHT 17:30 @MozSF!

    Looking forward to catching up! @brb_irl @Kongaloosh @indirect @JackyAlcine @generativist @AndiGalpern @allaboutgeorge @benwerd @dietrich @pvh @JohnMattDavis @html5cat

    More: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/02/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-eiKvWhy3hxoE

  17. New issue on GitHub project “wgmeeting-github-ircbot”

    github-ircbot should support "topic: GitHubURL" as alias of "github topic: GitHubURL"

    The wgmeeting-github-ircbot should support the syntax:

    topic: GitHubURL

    where GitHubURL is a URL that starts with https://github.com/ ... and ends with a number segment (optional # fragment), just as it currently supports the "github topic: GitHubURL" syntax, because it is easier to remember, and 100% of past uses of "topic: GitHubURL" were clearly intended to do just that, and had to be unnecessarily followed up by a redundant "github topic: GitHubURL" command.

    E.g. from the #css IRC log search results:

    #	shane Topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/73	22:46:43 PDT
    #	shane Github Topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/73	22:46:57 PDT
    #	shane Topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/69	23:05:39 PDT
    #	shane Github Topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/69	23:05:44 PDT
    #	shane Topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/51	23:16:00 PDT
    #	shane Github topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/51	23:16:06 PDT
    #	myles TOPIC: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/1345	09:54:12 PDT
    #	myles Github topic: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/1345	09:54:25 PDT

    Note that this is a very precise request for what to allow, with the text after "Topic: " immediately being an https://github.com/ URL without anything else preceding, and ending with a URL segment that is a number, to avoid errant use of other GitHub URLs.

    Given that level of precision, this reflects existing attempted use in the logs 100%, and is sufficiently guarded against false positives, at least from the past ~4 years of history in the logs.

  18. Clear morning sky with a few hazy clouds, East Bay hills behind a bay with a couple of tiny giant container ships, downtown San Francisco skyline and buildings, hairpin turn up Twin Peaks boulevard, light green grasses lit up with dew and morning sun, Tantek running up the trail between them to the top of Twin Peaks.Sunrise visible through clouds, and reflected off the bay, backlighting a nearby tree, San Francisco buildings below in the dark viewed from Tank HillView from Twin Peaks in the morning of East Bay hills, downtown San Francisco, hairpin turn up Twin Peaks boulevard.Sunrise just above low hazy clouds, clear sky above, reflecting off the bay and glinting off building windows, nearby green grasses on the side of the Twin Peaks.Midday view of clear blue sky above the East Bay, downtown San Francisco bisected by Market Street, buildings spreading out to both sides, nearby Twin Peaks incline with hairpin turn, green hillsides and trees, a band of yellow flowers and green bushes just below.No Tam Tuesday today. Instead of 1hr+ driving solo (carbonguilt) back and forth, I decided to stay local and do Twin Peaks repeats.

    Tough morning, barely made it up to Tank Hill for a chilly NPSF yoga led by Sam, where we watched the sky change colors and the sun rise(2). Afterwards I invited her to run up to Twin Peaks with me, to get warmed up again.

    We chatted about many things, recent challenges (I’m grateful for her presence). She ran up the last steep dirt path and snapped a photo(1) as I was catching up. Took a couple of photos myself(3,4).

    We sprinted back down and got coffee with other #NPSF friends in Cole Valley.

    Much later (after a late lunch) I went out for another run. Ran down to the Panhandle and then up to the top of Twin Peaks(5). Twice, which barely completed half the elevation gain of running up Tam once!

    With both morning and afternoon runs I completed 10+ miles, and three Twin Peaks ascents for the day.

    #run #runner #runners #TwinPeaks #TankHill #SF #SanFrancisco #NovemberProject #NovemberProjectSF #downtown #skyline #hill #hills #sunrise #view #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #noFilter

  19. Deep blue sky, the planet Venus visible like a bright star, orange glow on the horizon just above a low hanging cloudbank over the Ocean, waves crashing.Medium to light blue gradient of sky above an orange glowing horizon over low clouds, waves crashing below them, wet sand reflecting the orange glow and blue sky.Venus in the blue sky, at sunset.

    Sky and wet sand reflection(2).

    #Venus #blueSky #OceanBeach #waves #surf #sand #reflection #noFilter

  20. Partly cloudy sky above distant trees behind Kezar stadium, two light towers standing tall on opposite sides, bracketing bleachers above the brick red track and green field in the center with yellow football field goals perfectly aligned in the center.Partly blue sky above downtown San Francisco, the Port of Oakland in the distance behind the bay, a spread of city buildings in the foreground.White to dark gray clouds, lit by a setting sun, Sutro Tower reaching skyward from the top of the hills, apartments and houses below in the shade.A red kite with tails contrasting against a partly blue somewhat cloudy sky, above distant East Bay hills, the bay, and a spread of San Francisco buildings and streets below.A bright sky overexposed by the setting sun lighting up clouds, trees in the distance above Kezar Stadium, football field goals aligned in the green field, a single woman runner sprinting in lane 1 on the track.🌲⭕️🌲 8mi + ~1400' to finish a 40mi + ~9000' week. #50mileTraining

    While the weather app says Mostly Cloudy, I see Partly Blue, with a clear view of downtown #SF and the Port of Oakland(2) from the top of Corona Heights Park. Our distinctive Sutro Tower space claw(3) never gets old.

    Someone was flying a red kite from the top of Corona Heights Park(4). After running to the summits of Buena Vista, Corona Heights, and Mount Olympus, I ran down to Cole Valley and then Kezar Stadium. I’ve been missing track workouts.

    The setting sun lit up the clouds so brightly they were overexposed above the track. I spotted a runner crushing it in lane 1; not the only one getting in a late Sunday run(5).

    Ran around the outer level of the stadium to the other side for a better view(1), completed the 800m lap and ran home. Pause. Quick change of shirts, cleaned up, packed my headlamp and ran with a friend to sushi dinner, paused again. Ran her home afterwards and then back in the dark (with headlamp). Finished my Sunday 8.

    #run #SF #runner #SanFrancisco #runners #KezarStadium #symmetry #wesanderson #accidentallywesanderson #wesandersonstyle #wesandersonplanet #CoronaHeights #CoronaHeightsPark #downtown #skyline #hill #hills #sunset #view #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #Sunday #SundayRunday #SundayFunday #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #noFilter

  21. Partly cloudy skies with puffy clouds over a series of dark green hills dropping off into the ocean, a bit of froth as the wave crash against the rocks where the hills meet the sea, a cove where the water cuts between adjacent hills.Partly cloudy sky above green hills on both sides of a valley, a bit of ocean visible behind them, a small lagoon and trail in the valley below.Partly hazy sky above the Ocean, looking down on a rocky cove between hills, waves crashing on the rocks, a rocky outcropping on the nearby hill.Blue sky with a few scattered clouds above rolling hills, a single-track dirt trail winding its way forward between grass and bushes.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ 27 days (<4 weeks!) til #MUC50. 10 miles at #SFRC yesterday, practicing a few more of the race course trails.

    Yesterday morning’s Coastal Fire Road ascent was much clearer than the week before, with a nice view of Tennessee Valley, the tiny lagoon and beach where it meets the ocean(2). Feeling more confident about the Pirates Cove descent & ascent(3) after running it two Saturdays in a row. The view from the top(1) of that trail could be so many places along the California coast, or even parts of Hawaii.

    Ran down near Muir Beach, and up Middle Green Gulch trail, to Coyote Ridge, then down Miwok back to the Tennessee Valley parking lot. Had a bit more time so ran up Old Springs Trail, taking in the view(4), and imagining what it might look like at dusk.

    #run #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #Marin #MarinHeadlands #TenneseeValley #PiratesCove #PacificOcean #OldSpringsTrail #clouds #view #hill #hills #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #workHardDreamBigDoCoolShit #2020_046 #20200215 #laterGram #noFilter

  22. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event going to @IndieWebCamp #Austin!
    🗓 2/22-23
    📍 @CapitalFactory
    🎟 https://2020.indieweb.org/austin
    ✉️ Join us! @ag_dubs @blendhappy @stacieleigha @steveklabnik @teleject et al
    Get a website, create, innovate!
    +2/21 Micro Meetup! https://events.indieweb.org/2020/02/micro-meetup-0s4UKoRqJv38

    Make 2020 the year you make your website first, use social media second (if at all).
    FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/789905824861855/ (whatever helps you get it on your calendar)

    More: https://indieweb.org/2020/Austin

  23. New issue on GitHub project “standards-positions”

    X25519 in Web Cryptography

    Request for Mozilla Position on an Emerging Web Specification

    Other information

    Per @ekr:

    We are generally in favor of this effort, however, we request submission to WICG.

    We also have some concerns about the specific implementation. In particular, WebCrypto took a real “no seatbelts” design approach which we now think is wrong. That's perpetuated here and we’d like to revisit that.

    It would probably be good to add some other algorithms as well (ChaCha/Poly, HPKE).

    None of the existing groups really seem appropriate so maybe we need to reboot WebCrypto (whether in W3C or WHATWG). Not sure if this needs incubation, but in the interest of getting it out of a private repo, please submit to WICG while we figure out the rest.

    Label: wicg.

  24. Overcast sky before dawn, the Bay Bridge still lit with its lights, reflecting on the bay below, into Treasure Island, a few dark posts from a long gone pier in the foreground.☁️🌉 Overcast morning, no sunrise, just Bay Bridge Lights sparkling on the bay as we started the @Nov_Project_SF Cupid’s span workout where your reward for sprinting then offering or being offered a flower was 10 burpees together 🌹😅

    #cloudy #overcast #BayBridge #BayBridgeLights #beforeSunrise #whatSun #EastBay #lights #city #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #fromWhereIRun #graySky #optOutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #Embarcadero #CupidsSpan #noFilter

  25. Cherry blossom up close, with more cherry blossoms on a tree in the background, out of focus.Yellow flower up close, with more on a bush in the background, out of focus.🌸🌼 blooming flowers, early #spring. 7 hills in 7 miles for lunch.
    Cherry blossoms wide open(1) on the backside of Corona Heights, and yellow flowers on a bush(2) on the road up to Twin Peaks.

    #flower #flowers #cherryBlossom #run #SF #runner #SanFrancisco #hill #hills #view #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #soloRun #runners #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #noFilter

  26. Deep bold blue sky to light blue gradient just above a horizon glowing yellow with a little bit of orange above San Francisco buildings in the dark, backlighting a palm tree in the foreground.💙🌴🌆 30 minutes before #sunrise the sky turns the boldest shades of #blue. Photo taken @Nov_Project_SF right before this morning’s workout.

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #blueSky #dawn #optOutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #AltaPlaza #AltaPlazaPark #noFilter

  27. New issue on GitHub project “known”

    Known photo images appear to disappear from old posts sometime after a few hundred photo posts

    It appears that photo images in Known standalone installs are disappearing somewhere in the hundreds of photos ranges. Two examples have been found by paging back through the photo content view.

    Example 1: @jeremycherfas’s photo stream starting at offset 550 shows photo images, however if you click "Older", you will see the photo posts, but no images, instead only alt text being rendered.

    E.g. this photo post and older ones are missing their images.

    Example 2: @benwerd’s own site, werd.io, shows photos backwards through offset=420, however if you click "Older" there, you will see at offset=440 (or perhaps the next one) that one or more photo posts are missing their images, and are falling back to rendering only their alt text.

    E.g. this photo post is missing its image.

  28. Tantek and Bryan being backlit by the sun just rising above East Bay mountains, the bay far below, along with the Tiburon Peninsula, a tiny Bay Bridge and San Francisco skyline, and nearby bushes behind Tantek and Bryan.Tantek touching the door of the rock and wood structure at the top of Mount Tam East peak, rock steps just below him, their left edges tinged in orange from the sunrise.Dark blue to light blue gradient clear sky above a bright orange pre-dawn horizon backlighting the double peaked Mount Diablo and East Bay hills, city lights visible on both sides of the bay, a tiny Richmond bridge on the lower left, dark hills in the lower foreground.Clear blue to yellow and orange sky with the sun freshly rising with sunbeams in the middle, having just crested East Bay hills, the distant Mount Diablo a bit to the left, East Bay hill still in the dark, a tiny Richmond Bridge, the bay slowly lighting up from the sun, tiny Bay Bridge and San Francisco downtown skyline, Tiburon Peninsula and the nearby hills also still in the dark.
    🌄 First 2020 #MountTam summit, yesterday with @BryanTing(1). Rough morning in a few ways, still got my 3rd fastest time to the door at the top(2). Stopped once to take a photo of the pre-dawn blue gradients and orange horizon(3), click thru the photo on my site for a mobile wallpaper version.

    After that ritual touching of the door, I took a shot of the beautiful sunrise above East Bay hills(4). Moments earlier we knew the sun had crested when we saw the rocks we were climbing on the final scramble suddenly turn bright orange.

    📷 @BryanTing photos 1 & 2.

    #trail #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #Marin #MtTam #MtTamalpais #MountTamalpais #50mileTraining #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #timeToPlay #sufferFest #NeverStopExploring #SF #SanFrancisco #InstaRunner #2020_042 #20200211 #laterGram #noFilter

    Previously: https://tantek.com/2019/365/t2/mt-tam-pr-jorts-run

  29. New issue on GitHub project “bridgy”

    Consider new Bridgy Backfill service to import past responses

    Bridgy Backfeed sends current and future silo responses to your posts as webmentions, for your posts to handle as they come in. It would be great to have the complementary service of Bridgy Backfill (feel free to bikeshed the name) to send past silo responses to your posts as webmentions, as a way of backfilling / importing old responses to your posts, including your old posts.

    The key use-case here is: help with migration away from social media.

    If you can backfill/import the comments/responses on your old social media posts into your own site, then you have fewer reasons to keep around those old social media posts, and thus fewer reasons to keep around that social media account.

    Such migration of responses to old social media posts would also enable deletion of those old social media posts, as a step towards de-activating and deleting a specific social media account.

    Since it’s likely you may only want to run this "once" and it may take a while as it will likely require crawling your silo posts history which may be throttled, this makes sense as a separate service that you authenticate, activate, and then allow it to progress back through your old posts (and old responses to your posts), perhaps with some progress indicator, and perhaps with some sort of notification when it has completed.

    This new service would be in addition to the existing Bridgy services: Bridgy Backfeed, Bridgy Publish, Bridgy for Blogs, and Bridgy Fed.

  30. ↳ In reply to pull request 916 to GitHub project “bridgy” Rather than assuming, I checked the Bridgy source, which uses Granary for this, and verified that Granary does have an explicitly enumerated list for the reacji that GitHub allows.

    Submitted https://github.com/snarfed/granary/pull/186 to add Granary support for the new 🚀👀 reacji in GitHub, and thus in Bridgy.

    Please commit and deploy that pull request first before this one.

    Alter reality before updating the documentation about reality. Thanks!

  31. ↳ In reply to pull request 266 to GitHub project “standards-positions” > Why? It does a reasonable job at being privacy preserving - or did I miss something?

    Please ask follow-up questions of a potential eventual "harmful" evaluation like that on https://github.com/mozilla/standards-positions/issues/153, rather than asking here on a pull request to "defer".

    I’m also requesting "us to be able to actually defer rather than debate" a specific eventual evaluation.

  32. ↳ In reply to pull request 266 to GitHub project “standards-positions” I agree with https://github.com/dbaron about Marcos’s suggestion doesn’t fit with a "defer" position.

    I also strongly disagree with even hinting that we might think this API is "non-harmful" when that hasn’t even been mentioned in https://github.com/mozilla/standards-positions/issues/153 — in fact quite the opposite, I noted explicitly there that "I’m leaning towards expecting an eventual 'harmful' evaluation."

    So I’m not ok with moving it into the description, and that is unnecessary for a defer position. I’d like us to be able to actually defer rather than debate more details in the description.

    Re: "leaves their source unspecified", I’m ok with dropping that from the description, it’s not really an actionable criticism outside of a thorough evaluation. I’ll update the PR accordingly.

  33. New issue on GitHub project “bridgy”

    Explore support for Bridgy Publish to GitHub POSSE special responses to issues: close, re-open, lock, unlock

    GitHub issues accept a set of special responses via their user interface:

    • close
    • re-open
    • lock
    • unlock

    As part of using our own websites to publish and POSSE issues instead of GitHub, it would be great if Brigy Publish to GitHub could be expanded to handle these special response types.

    As a first step, this issue is a request to explore the possibility and document any available GitHub API calls to do so, either purely as issue state change responses, or perhaps in the case of "close", the ability to close with a comment in the UI of an issue by clicking the "Close issue" button to the left of the "Comment" button (when available to the user).

    More documentation of brainstorming special responses to issues and broader considerations, e.g. issues state change special responses on other systems, see the IndieWeb wiki: issue: Special Responses

    Label: publish.

  34. ↳ In reply to a comment on issue 3 of GitHub project “privacycg.github.io” Thanks https://github.com/hober. I reviewed the changes in https://github.com/privacycg/privacycg.github.io/pull/5 and it all looks good. Consider this issue resolved by those changes.

    Closing issue.

  35. Clear blue to orange pre-dawn gradient sky above the San Francisco skyline in the distance behind a barely visible Dolores Park, a few paths and trees lit in by lamps.Tall palm tree with the moon behind it against a bluish purple pre-dawn sky with a statue, apartment building, and a few trees in the background, a dirt bed of various succulents at the base of the palm tree.🌆🌴 Clear #preDawn skies @Nov_Project_SF yesterday at Dolores Park(1), lit by a recently full moon(2).

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #dawn #clearSky #blue #orange #yellow #optOutside #Dolores #DoloresPark #MissionDolores #MissionDoloresPark #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #2020_041 #20200210 #laterGram #noFilter

  36. Clear blue sky with Sutro tower on the left and the sun setting behind a hill with sunbeams and a promient disc lens flare just below it, houses in the shadow on the hill below.Blue skies above the Marin Headlands in the distance, a small Golden Gate bridge in front of them, green trees in the foreground blocking most of the view.Backlit dark trees with a clear blue to orange sky behind them, the setting sun barely peeking through trees on a distant hill, small houses below them.Sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, backlit dark trees on hills in the distance below, scattered houses on the hills in the shadow.Sun half set just above the Pacific Ocean horizon, backlit dark trees on hills in the distance below, scattered houses on the hills in the shadow, a winding road nearby on the side of the hill below.Clear gradient of white to yellow, orange, pink, purple, and blue sky above East Bay hills in the distance behind the San Francisco skyline, buildings spreading outward on either side of Market street lined with lit street lamps, nearby green hillside in the foreground.Fading post-sunset cotton candy clear sky above East Bay hills behind the San Francisco skyline, building spreading out on both sides of a slightly angled Market street lined with lit street lamps, a curvy road on the nearby hill with a single car driving up it with its headlights on.🗼🌄 Raced the sunset to Twin Peaks yesterday and won. 6 hills in 6 miles & 1500'. Views from:
    1. Buena Vista Park Summit(2)
    2. Corona Heights Park Summit(1)
    3. Mount Olympus(3)
    4. Twin Peaks North Peak(4)
    5. Twin Peaks South Peak(5)
    *. North Peak (again) just after sunset, looking down a lit Market street under a cloudless cotton candy sky(6)
    6. Christmas Tree Point classic downtown SF view(7)

    #run #SF #runner #SanFrancisco #downtown #skyline #hill #hills #sunset #view #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #Sunday #SundayRunday #SundayFunday #soloRun #runners #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #2020_040 #20200209 #laterGram #noFilter

  37. The @IndieWebCamp community has been busy this weekend at IndieWebCamp Online! https://indieweb.org/2020/Online
    Virtual keynotes & sessions yesterday (see link), great projects & people creating today https://indieweb.org/2020/Online#Hack_Day_Goals.2FProjects

    Join in https://chat.indieweb.org/!

  38. likes @slsoftworks’s tweet at , @deanleigh’s tweet at , @cwilso’s tweet at , @brb_irl’s tweet at , and @johnmattdavis’s tweet at

  39. Sun in a blue sky with scattered low hanging clouds over hills, misty fog in front of them obscuring some hills, green hills in the foreground with Brooke and Tantek standing beside a sign saying Area Closed, Stay on Tail.Blue sky behind low hanging fog, appearing to arc up and to the right between a distant hill and a nearby hill with mixed green grasses on it.Pacific Ocean in the distance barely visible between two hills and a valley in between, themselves partly occluded by low hanging fog, itself mostly behind nearby hills, part of a near hill visible on the left with green plants.Sun shining with sunbeams in a blue sky with scattered mostly low hanging clouds behind hills, fog pouring into the valley below, and nearby green hillside sloping downard.Miwok Trail sign, noting destinations and distances, a smooth trail covered in brown leaves winding up and away, with green grash and bushes on either side, shaded by trees.Smooth brown trail with ferns on either side, trees with their sides bright green with moss.Clear blue sky with a single small puffy cloud, above barely visible East Bay hills and the bay, behind nearby hills and the other side of the trail visible across the photo, green wooded valley below that and nearby.Clear skies with just a couple of puffy clouds above the Marin Headlands, Tennessee Valley in front of them, and a green valley below and in front.🌤⛰ 12 miles at #SFRC today with pal Brooke. Low hanging when we started in Tennessee Valley, the fog swirled and arced between the hills(2) up Coastal Trail. As we emerged from the fog, we could see the Pacific in the distance, framed by hills, most of the fog below(3).

    Brooke and I got to the top and a stranger offered to take our photo above the fog and clouds(1). I took a photo closer to the edge(4). We ran down to and through Pirates Cove, back up a bit, down to Muir Beach, then over to the Redwood Creek Trail.

    Reached the Miwok Trail and turned right, heading south toward Coyote Ridge(5). The trail wound through ferns and moss lined trees(6) until peaking, downhill to crossing Highway 1, then back up in view of the opposite side of a valley(7). On the other side, a green view back down to Tennessee Valley where we started(8).

    Got veggie burgers at Good Earth. More runner friends joined us and we enjoyed catching up in the warm sunshine.

    #run #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #fog #Marin #MarinHeadlands #clouds #view #hill #hills #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #workHardDreamBigDoCoolShit #noFilter

  40. Two parrots standing on a ledge high above the Embarcadero, the Ferry Building clock tower in the background.Bay Bridge and Treasure Island in the sun, distant East Bay partially obscured by smog, a couple of parrots on the nearby ledge in the shade.Bay Bridge in the sun, Port of Oakland in the distance, a large container ship in the bay, two parrots on the ledge immediately nearby.🦜🦜 Quiet day @MozSF yesterday, til the #parrots came to visit. Such a distinctive squawk, I heard it clear through the walls and windows. I looked over and one glanced at me, the other on the lookout(2). Walked out to the deck and they both looked over, now together(3). I walked over to the ledge and they looked at me and squawked more quietly, together(1).

    I got the feeling they were saying one thing: hope.

    And then they flew off, together.

    #parrot #bird #birds #SF #SanFrancisco #Embarcadero #hope #2020_038 #20200207 #laterGram #noFilter

  41. Pre-dawn clear light blue purple sky above an orange horizon glow, a bit above the coastal houses, Great Highway, Ocean Beach, and the Pacific Ocean waves breaking on the shore down below.Clear blue sky above, backlit trees, the sun just risen, peeking through them.🌅🌲 Yesterday morning @Nov_Project_SF Friday flats, beautiful view from Sutro Heights Park(1), clear skies for the sunrise, the sun peeking through the trees(2) just after the workout.

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #blueSky #optOutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #SutroHeights #SutroHeightsPark #2020_038 #20200207 #laterGram #noFilter

  42. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event hosting Homebrew Website Club SF!
    🗓 17:30 Wed 2020-02-19
    📍 @MozSF
    🎟 RSVP etc. https://events.indieweb.org/2020/02/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-eiKvWhy3hxoE
    ✉️ Join us! @brb_irl @Kongaloosh @indirect @JackyAlcine @generativist @AndiGalpern @allaboutgeorge @benwerd @dietrich @pvh @JohnMattDavis @html5cat et al

  43. ↳ In reply to @generativist’s tweet @generativist @MozSF @allaboutgeorge @brb_irl @jackyalcine @benwerd @dietrich @pvh @johnmattdavis @html5cat We had a nice meetup and have organized the next one already! https://events.indieweb.org/2020/02/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-eiKvWhy3hxoE
    I should post an RSVP myself :)

  44. Deep blue sky with a gradient to purple then to orange at the horizon just above the ocean, gentle small waves, glistening sand reflecting light gray to darker blue gray.Very dark blue sky with a gradient to a very bright orange at the horizon just above crashing ocean waves, the water also glowing orange, above wet sand reflecting a light to dark gradient.#Sunset #gradients at the #beach tonight
    1. 🌅+17min #deepblue to #purple #yellow #orange above #bluegray wet sands
    2. 🌅+30min #nightblue to fiery orange lighting up the #surf

    #SanFrancisco #OceanBeach #clearSky #wallpaper #background #noFilter

  45. Local First, Undo Redo, JS-Optional, Create Edit Publish

    For a while I have brainstormed designs for a user experience (UX) to create, edit, and publish notes and other types of posts, that is fully undoable (like Gmail’s "Undo Send" yet generalized to all user actions) and redoable, works local first, and lastly, uses progressive enhancement to work without scripts in the extreme fallback case of not being installed, and scripts not loading.

    I’d like to be able to construct an entire post on a mobile device, like a photo post with caption, people tags, location tag etc. all locally, offline, without any need to access a network.

    This is like how old email applications used to work. You could be completely offline, open your email application (there was no need to login to it!), create a message, add attachments, edit it etc., click "Send" and then forget about it. Eventually it synced to the network but you didn’t worry or care about when that step would happen, you just knew it would eventually work without you having to tend to it or watch it.

    I want to approach this from user-experience-first design perspective, rather than a bottom-up protocol/technology/backend first perspective. For one, I don’t know if any existing protocols actually have the necessary features to support such a UX.

    Micropub has a lot of what’s needed, and I won’t know what else is needed until I build the user flows I want, and then use those to drive any necessary Micropub feature additions. I absolutely do not want to limit my UX by what an existing protocol can or cannot do (essentially the software design version of the tail wags dog problem).

    Local First

    I wrote up a brief stub article on the IndieWeb wiki on local first. I see local first as an essential aspect of an authoring experience that is maximally responsive to user input, and avoids any and all unnecessary ties to other services.

    I want a 100% local first offline capable creating / editing / posting workflow which then “auto-syncs” once the network shows up. The presence / absence of internet access should not affect user flow at all. Network presence or absence should only be a status indicator (e.g. whether / how much a post has been sent to the internet or not, any edits / updates etc.). It should never block any user actions. I’ll say it again for emphasis:

    The absence or presence of network access must not block any user actions. Ever. Any changes should be effective locally immediately, with zero data loss.

    Nearly no one actually builds apps like that today. Even typical mobile “native” apps fail without network access (a few counter-examples are the iOS built-in Notes & Photos apps, as well as the independent maps.me 100% offline mapping program). Some “offline first” apps get close. But even those, especially on mobile, fail in both predictable (like requiring logging into a website or network service, just to edit a local text document) and strange ways.

    Full Undo Redo

    Every such user action should be undoable and redoable, again, without waiting for the network (it’s reasonable to apply some time limits for some actions, e.g. Gmail Undo can be configured to work for 30 seconds). Now imagine that for any user action, especially any user action that creates, edits, or deletes content or any aspects thereof (like name, tags, location etc.).


    In the case where a web application has not yet been installed, I also want it to be 100% capable without depending on loading any external scripts. This JS-Optional approach is more broadly known as progressive enhancement, which does require that you have at least some connection, enough for a browser to submit form requests and retrieve static HTML (and preferably though not required, static CSS and image files too).

    Once you are connected and are running at least a Service Worker for the site, local first requires execution of some scripts, though even then dependencies on any external scripts should be minimized and preferably eliminated.

    Incremental Progress

    I believe aspects of this experience can be built and deployed incrementally, iterating over time until the full system is built.

    I’ve got a handful of paper sketches of local-first undoable/redoable user flows. I have a Service Worker deployed on my site that allows offline browsing of previously visited pages, and I have a form submission user interface that handles part of publishing. There are many more aspects to design & implement. As I think of them I’m capturing them in part of my “Working On” list on the IndieWeb Wiki, iteratively reprioritizing and making incremental progress at IndieWebCamps.

    One building block at a time, collaboratively.

    Thanks to J. Gregory McVerry, Grant Richmond, and Kevin Marks for reviewing drafts of this post.

  46. ↳ In reply to issue 153 of GitHub project “standards-positions” I read and re-checked the Explainer, and frankly given the repeated past
    Contacts API failures and zero mention of them in the Explainer, I’m going to deem this proposal not worth taking the time to thoroughly evaluate until the Explainer at a minimum:

    1. Documents previous Contacts API standards attempts (see https://tantek.com/2020/026/t2/ for some links to start)
    2. Provides summary explanations for their failures
    3. Describes how the current proposal is different from previous proposals in such a way as to at least avoid those failures (i.e. there should be a logical chain of reasoning from identifying key differences and how those either cause or prevent different outcomes from prior attempts).

    I think we should go ahead and publish a position of "defer", since a similar request to number 3 was made a whole year ago (https://github.com/w3ctag/design-reviews/issues/337#issuecomment-460555385) without any subsequent respective additions to the Explainer.

    Also given the critical comments in that discussion, especially from https://github.com/torgo, and knowing how much more abusive social network/media "apps" have become with aggressive sign-up, spam, user-acquisition tactics in recent years, I’m leaning towards expecting an eventual "harmful" evaluation.

    If the purely markup-only approaches were separated out into another proposal, I’d be more optimistic of more quickly evaluating those, and expecting browsers could implement those simpler (fewer ways to use/abuse) feature(s) in such a way that could be "worth prototyping".

  47. New issue on GitHub project “bridgy”

    Consider support for Bridgy Publish to Micropub servers

    Per and as promised in my reply to issue 796 (comment on #796), it may be of some value to add Micropub as a generic Bridgy Publish destination, that is, Bridgy Publish acting as a Micropub client to post to Micropub servers.

    One possible use-case would be Bridgy Publish to silo.pub, and thus potentially enabling use of Webmention to Bridgy Publish as a method to gain access to any additional destinations that silo.pub itself supports. I.e.:

    indiewebsite --Webmention-> Bridgy Publish --Micropub-> silo.pub --❄️API-> silo

    Label: publish.

  48. Blue skies with scattered clouds near the orange horizon, the sun rising just above building tops and behind a palm tree in Alta Plaza park with path in front.Cotton candy scattered clouds over the mesa the top of Alta Plaza park with about 30 or so people working out at November Project San Francisco.Deep blue to light blue sky with scattered gray clouds, dark backlit trees with bits of an orange horizon peaking through.🌴🌇 The sun is finally rising again @Nov_Project_SF. The air still a bit cold, the bright orange light(1) feels like an end to winter’s longer nights.

    The clouds picked up a cotton candy underglow during the last 10 minutes of the workout(2).

    Even at the start, the sky ranged from medium to light blue above a thin orange horizon(3).

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #blueSky #optoutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #AltaPlaza #AltaPlazaPark #nofilter

  49. ↳ In reply to kongaloosh.com’s post @kongaloosh So good to finally meet you! Remember to RSVP to the next one too!

  50. likes kongaloosh’s note at , @brb_irl’s tweet at , tweet at , and tweet at

  51. ↳ In reply to @brb_irl’s tweet @brb_irl Sounds delightful. Enjoy disinterneting and see if you can RSVP when you return ^_^/ https://events.indieweb.org/2020/02/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-eiKvWhy3hxoE

  52. ↳ In reply to @brb_irl’s tweet @brb_irl welcome and nice to meet you!

    P.S. coming up this weekend: @IndieWebCamp Online!

  53. New issue on GitHub project “this-week”

    IndieWeb newsletter should treat pages edited from a redirect to actual content as new pages

    The IndieWeb This Week newsletter’s "New Wiki Pages" section, e.g. 2020-01-31 New Wiki Pages should also include pages that are not literally new in MediaWiki terms, but were a redirect page, and during the week before the newsletter were edited to no longer redirect, and have their own content instead.

    Currently in order to make a redirect page that’s been converted to a content page show up in the "New Wiki Pages" section, you have to delete the redirect page, and then recreate it with the new content. For example I did this today with the local first page. Ideally there would be no need to take that extra step of deleting the redirect page first.

    Label: enhancement.

  54. Blue sky with a few drifting clouds behind a couple of tall lighting towers, trees behind them and a sports building behind red bleachers on the other side of a running track, green field in the middle, nine lanes of running track on the near side, and additional bleacher seats immediately in front of those.⭕️🏃🏻‍♂️ Track Tuesday. Made it just before sunrise for a warm-up and several 400s. Finished 5k total including the warm-up and cool-down jogs to/from the track. Snapped a photo at the top of the South bleachers, revealing slight asymmetries.

    #trackTuesday #run #runner #runners #KezarStadium #track #Tuesday #symmetry #WesAnderson #AccidentallyWesAnderson #WesAndersonStyle #WesAndersonPlanet #noFilter

  55. ↳ In reply to @cwilso’s tweet @cwilso @tabatkins @eevee amazing trail thru web history!

    Replying to @cwilso ping here bc Disqus is js;dr.

    Well done @eevee. More MacIE5/Tasman impacts per @jimmyg https://twitter.com/jimmyg/status/1213810286077054977

    @ToddFahrner & I invented standards mode via DOCTYPE switch.

    @ToddFahrner proposed DOCTYPE switching and strict/standards mode conceptually.

    I was the first to implement it, because I invented the specifics of which DOCTYPEs should mean what with/without URL (through a lot of personal research of existing sites), and which features to flip. I worked with the Tasman team to slowly, conservatively grow the list of quirky or quirks mode features as needed.

    I shared the specifics of this design with @cwilso and the Windows IE team, who eventually re-implemented it in IE6/Windows.

    I deliberately did not publicly document the full set of quirky features because we wanted the option to remove them one at a time, as sites were updated to be standards compliant. We encouraged web authors to always use standards mode or strict mode in any new sites and site updates.

    At the time (over 20 years ago) I published a few notes on a static HTML page as I developed the details:


  56. Bright blue skies above a clear distant East Bay, Treasure Island, and part of the Bay Bridge, above the bay with a small powered boat making its way leaving a wake, part of the Embarcadero with a firestation, a fire engine parked right outside, ready to go.Different perspective on a clear day. Centering blue sky gradients over blue green waters. A white fire station, doors open, bright red fire engine ready to go.

    Quiet Monday at work after being away.

    Clear skies, clear air, clear heart.

    #perspective #clear #clearday #blue #bluesky #gradients #blueGreen #bay #clearSkies #clearAir #clearHeart #BayBridge #SFBay #EastBay #TreasureIsland #fireStation #fireEngine #Monday #workDay #noFilter

  57. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event hosting Homebrew Website Club SF!
    🗓 17:30 Wednesday 2020-02-05
    📍 @MozSF
    🎟 RSVP & more: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/02/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-hqCpkmN9nNsL
    ✉️ Join us! @allaboutgeorge @brb_irl @JackyAlcine @benwerd @dietrich @AndiGalpern @generativist @pvh @JohnMattDavis @html5cat et al

  58. ↳ In reply to issue 256 of GitHub project “standards-positions” I read the Structured Headers for HTTP proposal and browsed the test suite. Looks reasonable.

    As someone who has written a few custom parsers for HTTP headers, I welcome this.

    Agreed with at least "worth prototyping".

    With the potential to reduce duplication of code, and especially reduce infrequently-run code paths for rare(r) headers, I think there are likely security benefits as this is adopted for new (and possibly old headers).

    For that reason I think Mozilla should consider this as "important" or at least state that we can see this being/becoming "important".

  59. Sun setting just over a bank of clouds on the Pacific Ocean and Rodeo Lagoon in the foreground, hills on both sides, a couple of backlit signs on the road to right.Clear blue sky above distant San Francisco hills, part of the city skyline and Golden Gate bridge visible behind the Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate itself opening to the sea, nearby hills and Rodeo Beach below.Blue sky above a distant San Francisco skyline from the Bay Bridge to the Presidio and Golde Gate Bridge, with Sausalito, the Marin Headlands, and the 101 Freeway below.Clear blue sky of the tops of San Francisco city skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge behind Marin Headlands, wild grassy meadow in the foreground.Sausalito VORTAC tower backlit by the setting sun on a grassy field.🌅⛰ 9 miles of #MUC50 course practice, 12.5 total, 2900' climbed. Saw badass ultra runner @HeatherRoseSF at the Rodeo Beach start and proceeded to set a PR up to Hill 88 by several minutes, even with stops to photograph Rodeo Beach and the Golden Gate(2). Ran down Wolf Ridge, down Miwok, then up Coastal where I ran into pal Rebecca, before #running to SCA for a view of downtown SF(3).

    Climbed up Alta to the top of Marincello to complete my 9 miles of course practice (41 to go 😂) then #ran up Miwok to VORTAC hill for another distant view of SF behind the Headlands(4), and the VORTAC itself, backlit by the sun(5). Ran down Miwok all the way to Rodeo Valley where I caught the setting sun shimmering on Rodeo Lagoon(1), just before it slid behind an ocean fogbank, disappearing by the time I finished where I started.

    #run #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #RodeoBeach #Marin #MarinHeadlands #beach #ocean #SanFrancisco #view #hill #hills #VORTAC #sunset #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #SundayRunday #SundayFunday #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #workHardDreamBigDoCoolShit #noFilter

  60. February of 2020 month calendar built from LEGO bricks, on an off-white background.🗓 Home for February 1st, reflecting & anticipating in solitude. Deep breaths.

    January went mostly as expected. Completed one phase of a #transformation, just enough to consider and plan the next. Peace & distance provided space for healing, restoring empathy, sensing & seeing more. Picked up my ultra training again, found it difficult to keep up while away in Berlin. Ended the month on a different higher note than expected.

    The past month’s shedding continues, to new depths of self-disruption. Growth from recovery will shift to growth from discomforts. My last training cycle for my first 50 miler, I’m expecting physical & mental challenges like never before. Returning to regular yoga classes and restarting my yoga sutra philosophy studies. Healing and growing capacities. Writing and reflecting on building blocks for positive self-propagating changes.

    Previously: https://tantek.com/2020/002/t1/year-decade-change-different

    #2020 #Gregorian #February #leapYear #LEGO #month #calendar #twentytwenty #keepmoving #29days #nofilter

  61. MOZILLA sign in bright lightbulbs on a wall.#MOZILLA in lights. The #Brrrlin All Hands was packed, half filled with pre-planned sessions & discussions, and half with spontaneous or late planned meetings. Plus video meetings with other folks back in California, late night our time.

    Will take a while to go through my notes and summarize, a few highlights.

    #Environment. We had nearly a day of environment related sessions. I am super excited about the progress made here since we did a last minute grass roots session at the last all hands.

    The Museum of the Fossilized Internet.

    State of the Internet Exhibit and all the thoughtful critique of the Surveillance Economy.

    The Standards lunch and all the standards meetings in general.

    Many people calling for a return to working more in the open, encouraging people to blog the things they’re working on, with progress and updates.

    It’s been a great week and I’m looking forward to returning home.

    #lights #afterParty #noFilter

  62. collective reduction of identifiable footprints.

    @Mozilla #Brrrlin All Hands. cc: @AnoukRuhaak
    #privacy #collectiveprivacy #surveillance #resistsurveillance #goals
    (previously unwebpublished phrase per both @DuckDuckGo and @Google search)

  63. Early evening overcast cloudy gray sky over buildings on either side of the red Dovebrücke bridge, green lawn on the left bank with a bare tree, a few bare trees on the right side, not much reflected in the canal below.Gray overcast sky, rectangular blue building with three rows of small square windows, on stilts above the shore of the canal, a giant pink pipe emerging from the side of the building, going underneath, and re-entering on the other side.Brightly orange and yellow colored houseboat docked to the shore of a canal.Giant yellow mallet thing leaned up against a tree.Blue building on stilts and a giant pink pipe in the background on the other side of a canal, partly hidden by a cluster of leafless trees in the foreground, a orange & yellow colored houseboat on this side of the canal, and what looks like a giant yellow plastic mallet leaning against a tree on the lower right.Overcast sky, stone bridge over a canal and a footpath, bright pink pipe going along the canal, next to the foot path, then up and over the foot path and into the nearby street up above.Overcast sky over a canal, leafless trees and buildings on both sides, grassy green angled shores of the canal, a few ducks swimming slowly forward towards the observer, leaving wakes in the water.🏙☁️🏃🏻‍♂️ Out & back 3.5 mile run along the #Landwehrkanal to the Dovebrücke(1) just before dark, after being cooped up indoors all day @Mozilla #Brrrlin All Hands.

    I ran past where I had gone on Monday (https://tantek.com/t54o1) until the path ended and I had to cross a couple of bridges to resume another branch of the canal. After another bridge I noticed a quirky bold blue industrial building on tall stilts with a giant pink pipe(2) looping out, under, and back in, like a massive intestine resting on the opposite shore of the canal.

    A brightly colored orange & yellow houseboat was docked on the near shore(3). A little up the shore was an object that looked like a giant bright yellow mallet from a video game(4). For a moment my years of practice with adventure problem solving video games kicked in.

    I stood back(5) and briefly tried to assess if I needed to grab the mallet before hopping onto the houseboat to cross the canal, then use the mallet to bust into the pink pipe to enter the blue building on stilts where presumably there'd be a boss of some sort inside to defeat and/or someone to rescue.

    Decided to skip that level and keep running. Ran under another bridge where I encountered another pink pipe(6), purpose unknown. There are various brightly colored (pink, purple, etc.) exposed pipes adjacent to public footpaths across Berlin. I have no idea if they’re functional, decorative, or both.

    Checked the time at the next bridge, realizing I was beyond my temporal halfway point, ran up to take a photo looking down the canal the way I came(7) before running back at a quicker pace, without stopping for any more photos.

    #run #runner #path #trail #bridge #industrial #building #pipe #pipes #houseboat #canal #overcast #cloudy #optOutside #laterGram #Berlin #noFilter

  64. New issue on GitHub project “privacycg.github.io”

    Privacy Community Group charter should focus on incubation

    The Privacy Community Group charter in the Mission, Scope, and other sections, should explicitly mention incubation, and drop & avoid language which implies working-group-like standards development.

    Instead, the Coordination should explicitly list where incubations are intended to graduate to, separately from groups expected to coordinate with as relevant.

    Also the Process section should also describe exit conditions for an incubation, for how / whether a proposal should be abandoned/dropped from the group, or how a proposal should complete incubation and considerations for how to choose which Working Group it should graduate to.

    Some specifics: in the Mission section up front it says “to develop privacy-focused web standards and APIs”. That should for example be changed to say incubate, e.g. “to incubate privacy-focused web standards and APIs”.

    In issue #2, there is mention of “2. The deliverable phase, AKA specification.” This should be dropped from the CG charter, as when the incubation phase has completed for a proposal, the next step should be to transition it to a working group.

    Label: charter.

  65. A old church with a severely damaged spire at night, with a light-up clock on it, with modern buildings with lights on both sides.Nicknamed “der hohle Zahn” (the hollow tooth), the Memorial Church is known for its damaged spire, bombed out in a 1943 raid. Characterized as the “heart of Berlin”, it was left ruined due to public outcry against tearing it down.

    At a minimum its presence poses questions for anyone unfamiliar with it. Why is it so damaged? How did that happen? Why has it not been repaired or rebuilt? All of which inevitably serve as a reminder of WWII. Perhaps it helps discourage a return to the horrors of war.


    #Berlin #noFilter

  66. Photo-realistic painting of the cityscape of a future Los Angeles with both recognizable buildings like City Hall and downtown towers, as well as new futuristic buildings, highways, cars, and walkways.Photo-realistic painting of a futuristic loading dock with sharp lines, boxy designs, shipping containers being lowered by helicopter like attachments and bubble cockpits, onto stacks of containers in columns, pilots disembarking, a control center booth with large windows elevated behind them, a light colored wall behind them with a wide opening at floor level tall enough for the containers come and go, behind it a subtle night time cityscape in the distance with urban lighting.Photo-realistic painting with layer of clouds above a setting sun with an orange horizon above a distant mountain range behind broad flatlands with a dense city in a circular shape, an elevated observation platform in the foreground with people watching the sunset.Photorealistic painting of an open air cityscape with a few very tall buildings dotting the urban landscape, one apparent elevator with a outside a cylindrical elevator car, numbered 757, with a bubble area at the front with passengers.Photorealistic painting of the surface of a grey lunar landscape with a black starry night above, and a spread circular semi-transparent dome developments on the surface, networked together with corridors, mini-urban landscapes visible inside the domes.Photorealistic painting of an urban transit center with a few mass transit trains boarding or disembarking passengers on multiple open air levels, waiting areas with plantbeds built into them, growing, some over the edges of balconies, urban pale colored cityscape in the background, with park areas with various trees and bushes, a few tall trees reaching skyward, and tall buildings in the distance, with a blue sky background.Photorealistic painting of the inside of a ringworld with white pale construction beams on either side of the disc, the inside surface of the ring about half planned green open spaces with forests, and about half occupied by white or pale colored urban cityscapes, a broad river winding its way through the middle, in the foreground, and the mix of greenery & buildings rolling up and back into the distance along the surface of the ring.Line art drawing of a future urban street scene.Photorealistic painting of a future urban street scene.Photorealistic painting of the inside of a future urban kitchen, with highly stylized spaceship-style cabinets above, counters around the edge of the room, a window, an entertainment display, a sink, press oven, various utensils hanging from the wall.“Reality ahead of schedule”. Saw the Syd Mead Exhibition at the gallery O&O Depot, where many of his Future Cities paintings and sketches were on display.

    It’s fascinating viewing his paintings in the context of the years he painted them (1970s-2000s). There are aspects of both #utopia and #dystopia, depending on how you view them, which details you explore and analyze.

    The paintings pose provocative questions about the implied systems behind the structures and the people.

    What are the economic and political systems that enabled the construction of these cityscapes?

    What are people’s roles in them, what purposes do they serve, and how are the structures maintained?

    Could they be maintained by different political systems than those that built them or do they assume or reinforce particular systems?

    The first photo is the only one that I saw that integrated present city features (Los Angeles city hall!) into a vision for the near future(1), with multiple generations and layers of construction. Others have apparently completed or fully formed visions.

    There was also only one based on another world(5), likely the moon. Only a few show adjacency with the existing natural environment(3) or integration of planned natural features(6,7). In general the artwork shows fully developed or urbanized environments(2,4,8,9), or an indoor scene: Deckard’s kitchen from Blade Runner(10) lacking any apparent plantlife.

    The opening quote is excerpted from “I’ve called science fiction ‘reality ahead of schedule’”, by Syd Mead himself in a 2008 New York Times Interview: https://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/23/arts/23iht-lights.1.13118726.html

    #art #reality #SydMead #exhibit #gallery #future #painting #paintings #city #cities #cityscape #cityscapes #structures #systems #2020_028 #20200128 #noFilter

  67. New issue on GitHub project “fragmention”

    Fragmention must define outer element that contains completely

    The Fragmention processing model says “the outer element that contains the text completely” which is not precisely defined. Depending on how leading/trailing text is handled, especially space collapsing (Issue #7), it may affect which element can be considered to “contain” the text “completely”.

    In addition “the outer element” could always be returned as the body element, which is clearly not the intent of the Fragmention specification. The processing model needs some clarifications about the most precise, or minimal, or most deeply nested element or whatever is the intended meaning of the specification for “the outer element”.

  68. likes @jackjamieson’s tweet at , @generativist’s tweet at , tweet at , @BekoPharm’s tweet at , @slightlylate’s tweet at , and @garazi’s tweet at

  69. Overcast sky, green bridge over a canal, with rising berms on either side.Bald eagle in a cageShort run today before today’s #Brrrlin reception. Explored the #Landwehrkanal, found a dirt #trail. Moments appreciating just being here, outside, running. Thinking of Kobe & his daughter’s tragic deaths. Can have it all and never know for how long.

    Turned around at a train bridge, saw bald eagles caged(2) in the adjacent Berlin Zoo. Overcast, warmer than yesterday. Caught a reflection of a green bridge over the canal(1) on the way back.

    #run #runner #canal #overcast #cloudy #optOutside #reflection #noFilter

  70. Welcome to #Berlin (& #Brrrlin) fellow #Mozillians! Be sure to check out the Berlin Victory Column, AKA the Siegessäule. Photographed from a bus, got a face-on view of the bronze sculpture of #Victoria, #goddess of #victory.

    #Siegessaeule #VictoryColumn #busRide #busView #noFilter


  71. ↳ In reply to @slightlylate’s tweet @slightlylate @torgo @Google never? really asking me to do your #LMGTFY homework?

    Like https://www.w3.org/TR/contacts-manager-api/
    Everything B2G was standards-track.

    & @W3C @ContactsAPI variants like:

  72. ↳ In reply to @slightlylate’s tweet @slightlylate @torgo no straw-people there. Statements Dan outlines, argues against, are made by many webdevs.

    Also, Alex, WTF Contacts API explainer has no history? Can you please ask @Google folk who write specs to Google spec names first and document?

  73. ↳ In reply to @torgo’s tweet Very well-written @torgo; quite timely for those of us at #Brrrlin.

    The arguments you’re fighting are often made, whether by @slightlylate or others.

    Aside: WTF another ContactsAPI? & ZERO mention of past attempts e.g.
    https://wiki.mozilla.org/WebAPI/ContactsAPI and https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive/B2G_OS/API/Contacts_API

    A simple Google search of W3C Contacts API revealed the above in a matter of minutes.

    The "Explainer":
    * https://web.archive.org/web/20200126204921/https://github.com/WICG/contact-api
    has no mention of "prior / previous attempts", prior W3C Notes, etc.

    Do Google engineers even bother to Google something before making shit up?

    I’m assuming no because the alternative is worse (that they did and willfully omitted history from the Explainer).

    If anything, including references to these past attempts (and reasons why they failed) would’ve been a great way to make a new proposal look better.

  74. Preparing for #Brrrlin All Hands, reflecting on a web strategy & vision aligned with @Mozilla mission, asked #webstandards co-workers to do so too.

    Some thoughts:
    * people over tech (it’s not neutral)
    * empower those more vulnerable, less privileged
    * simple, minimal, secure, private by default
    * accessible to view, author, *and* code

    * https://tantek.com/2020/009/t1/technology-force-multiplier-not-neutral
    * https://tantek.com/2019/353/t1/tech-plumbing-framing-dweb-problematic
    * https://tantek.com/2020/010/t2/indieweb-community-inclusive-anarchistic-punk
    * https://tantek.com/2018/133/t1/mozilla-manifesto-addendum

    * https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/mission/
    * https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/manifesto/
    * https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/manifesto/details/
    * https://www.w3.org/2001/tag/doc/ethical-web-principles/

    And considering the problems with the "Contract for the Web" (https://contractfortheweb.org/) such as numerous signatories that actively violate its own principles, and profit from doing so.

  75. Castle Charlottenburg with a green field in front, overcast skies overhead.Industrial looking buildings including a couple of silos, under an overcast sky, with the river Spree in front of them reflecting the buildings, the nearby shore barely visible at the bottom.A gravel path receding into the distance, lined by leafless trees planted in regularly spaced rows.Trees on the distant shore of a pond, with numerous ducks on the near shore, one of them on the shore, snack on a crumb.Overcast skies over a distant Castle Charlottenburg, a big pond in front of it, lined by leafless trees on either side.A single swan swimming slowly on a pond, partly darkly reflected in the water.Two swans at the shore of a pond, gazing sideways at each other and toward the concrete shore in front.🌳🏰🌳 Ran to a #castle(1) and back, #overcast & freezing cold. 5 miles done. Ran along the #Spree river, bit more industrial(2) than yesterday’s path.

    Reached the Castle Charlottenburg grounds, ran up a path lined with leafless trees planted in perfect rows(3), until coming upon a pond. Ducks congregated near the shore, one of them braving the kids on shore to snack on crumbs left behind(4). Ran to the other side of pond, crossed a foot bridge, took in a distant view of the castle(5).

    Ran back to the other side of the pond just as a single swan swam slowly(6) across the shore. It was rejoining its mate, the two of them seemingly communicating with physical motions and gestures, without a single sound(7).

    #run #runner #runners #river #Spree #industrial #buildings #silos #path #paths #trees #pond #duck #ducks #CastleCharlottenburg #overcast #cloudy #swan #swans #Berlin #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #50mileTraining #noFilter

  76. Clear sky above buildings and trees on either side of the river Spree which is showing their reflections.Clear sky with one contrail, slight orange glow towards the middle horizon, above buildings on either side of the river Spree which is showing their reflections.Clear sky with one contrail, slight orange glow towards the middle horizon, above buildings on both sides, trees on the right side of the river Spree which is showing their reflections.Clear sky with several contrails, orange glow in the middle of the horizon, above buildings on both sides, trees on the right side of the river Spree which is showing their reflections.Clear sky above buildings and trees on both sides and a an arching bridge spanning the river Spree which is showing their reflections.Clear sky with a slight orange glow towards the middle of the horizon, above buildings on both sides, trees on the right side of the river Spree which is showing their reflections.Clear sky with an orange glow towards the middle of the horizon, the sun peeking through a few trees among buildings on the bank of the river Spree which is showing their reflections.Clear sky with one dissipating contrail above an orange glow above the Berlin Victory Column and the sun rising in the distance, buildings on either side of the street, with cars going back and forth in the two directions separated by a wide median.🌆 #Sunrise 5k #run along the #Spree this morning, lots of pretty river reflections(1-7), finishing with a run towards the #Berlin Victory Column(8) and back.

    #runner #runners #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #clearSky #blueSky #optoutside #river #VictoryColumn #lensFlare #nofilter