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  1. Tomorrowland: A Change Of Perspective & A Flight To Paris

    One Saturday morning last August I got a ride with some friends from San Francisco to Mill Valley for the weekly San Francisco Running Company (SFRC) trail run. My favorite route is the ~7 mile round trip to Tennessee Valley Beach and back.

    The SFRC crowd tends to be pretty quick, both those from November Project SF and other regulars. I kept up with the beach group most of the way but slowly fell behind as we got closer to the shore. I reached the beach just as everyone else was turning around from the sand. I still wanted to go touch the Pacific.

    Running down to the surf by myself brought a lot of things to mind. I was inspired by the waves & rocks to try a handstand on the rocky black sand.

    Tantek doing a handstand on Tennessee Valley Beach. I didn’t think anyone was watching but not everyone had run back right away, and my friend Ali caught me handstanding at a distance with her iPhone 6.

    I held it for a split second, long enough to feel the physical shift of perspective, and also gain a greater sense of the possible, of possibilities. Being upside down, feeling gravity the opposite of normal, makes you question the normal, question dominant views, dominant forces. The entire run back felt different. Different thoughts, different views of the trail. I stopped and took different photos.

    A bridge along the Tennesee Valley trail.

    They say never look back.

    I say reflection is a source of insight, wisdom, and inspiration.


    After returning to the SFRC store, we promptly drove back to SF and grabbed a quick bite at the Blue Front Cafe.

    I went home to shower, change, pack, and take a car to the airport. Made it to the gate just as my flight started boarding and found a couple of my colleagues also waiting for the same direct flight to Paris.

    After boarding and settling into my seat, the next moments were a bit fuzzy. I don’t remember if they fed us right after take-off or not, or if I took a nap immediately, or if I started to look through the entertainment options.

    Whether I napped first or not, I do distinctly remember scrolling through new movie releases and coming upon Tomorrowland. When I saw the thumbnail of the movie poster I got a very different impression from when I saw the Metreon marquee three months earlier.

    Tomorrowland movie poster.

    I decided to give it a try.

  2. a jpg. #NPSF #hillsforbreakfast this morning. And Happy 79th birthday Golden Gate Bridge!

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  4. @veganstraightedge first Tomorrowland post is up:
    Will post next one tomorrow.

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    Lots has changed, still advancing open web standards, and a more independent web.

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  7. a jpg. Bright day, serious thoughts.

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  8. #NPSF #PRWednesday this morning: 33:40, 0:17 slower than last month.
    Form felt better, but low energy. Perhaps recovering from a weekend of ~45-50 bicycle miles, and 10km+ trail/beach run. And @Nov_Project_SF Monday.

    Previously: tantek.com/2016/118/t2/npsf-prwednesday-slower-than-pr

  9. Tomorrowland: Misjudging A Movie By Its Name And Associations

    I have a distinct memory, it must have been late last May, of seeing the digital movie marquees on the outside of San Francisco’s Metreon complex. I don’t remember exactly what day it was, and the experience at the time was too unremarkable for me to bother capturing in my personal log.

    I remember seeing “Tomorrowland, George Clooney” crawling on the marquee and reflexively thinking: another film based on a theme park (ride), likely to be silly and shallow. And in particular, disappointing.

    As a child growing up in Southern California, Tomorrowland was my favorite part of Disneyland. So many rides that inspired imagination, and hope for the potential of technology to explore, educate, empower. From Space Mountain to Adventure Thru Inner Space. I also remember slowly becoming disillusioned with Tomorrowland. Rides changed from science hope & curiousity, to science fantasy & entertainment (Star Wars based Star Tours, Captain EO). Exploration fell out of fashion, the Submarine Voyage and Mission to Mars rides were both closed.

    I had not even seen a trailer for the Tomorrowland film.

    I expected disappointment from something I had no direct experience with, based on what I associated it with, and assumed it would be. I was also extrapolating from other theme-park-ride movies like Pirates of the Carribean.

    The difference between a themed “land” and a specific ride didn’t seem important. Little did I know, that difference apparently allowed for sufficient writer(s)/director creativity for the film to be something much more than anything defined by a particular ride.

    It would be almost three months before I returned to Tomorrowland.

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  11. a jpg. Yesterday morning after @Nov_Project_SF.

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  14. Last night, being on the beach, with a bonfire. Voiceover by Haley. #yestergram #latergram #nofilter

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  15. Participated in my first @W3C CR transition telcon today for Social Web WG (as a chair). Excited for #Webmention. #RoadtoCR

  16. You know it was a good weekend when you wake up smiling Monday morning. Even better, it’s a @Nov_Project_SF day. #grateful