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  1. #xoxofest @gruber: Never consider CPM advertising. It does not work. Never sell your blog [personal domain]. #indieweb

  2. @timoni he said customers. I say no, Facebook users are not customers. FB advertisers = customers; FB users = product.

  3. Happy 8-bit day 2014! #8bitday

    8-bit day is the 256th day of the year. This year (and most years) that happens to be Gregorian September 13th. Five years ago I proposed making today an (un)official holiday in honor of all things 8-bit: art, music, video, games, and sure programmers too.

    The Math

    If you start the year with day 0, in the year 2014, 2014-09-13 (or 2014-256) is day number 255.

    • 255 decimal = FF hex
    • FF hex = 11111111 binary
    • 11111111 binary = 8 bits.

    Enjoy some 8-bit stuff



    See Also



    Previously I kept this on my wiki, which is unfortunately still on pbworks.com, so starting this year, I'm retaking that content and blogging it here on my site, until I've implemented my own wiki pages. I'll write a new post once a year, like I have in past years.

    Post your favorite 8-bit stuff

    Take a moment today to post and celebrate the 8-bit things that you've found and enjoy, and hashtag it #8bitday (e.g. on your own site, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

  4. Kevin Kelly @xoxo: Facebook will be "first billion customer company". FB users are not customers. FB advertisers are.

  5. Switching <action> to <indie-action> for #webactions per @adactio suggestion and web components convention. #indieweb

  6. was just 800 short of today's #trackattack workout: 800 warmup, 400 800 1200 1600 1200 800 400, abs I completed: 800 warmup, 400 800 1200 800 1200 800 400, abs http://instagram.com/p/scpM-SA9UJ I fell behind during the first few sprints, and ran 800 instead of the 1600 peak of the pyramid so I could restart with everyone on the second 1200, and finish the remaining runs soon. Did the entire workout except 800 instead of 1600. So close. Almost six complete #trackattack workouts in a row but not quite. And won't be around for the next two. Five in a row is my personal best to beat. http://instagram.com/p/scmXK3A1Wu Ran another 1.75km after walking to coffee to round out today's distance at just over 10km (Nike+ said I hit 10.0km at exactly 1:00:00). I'm back for track on 2014-266 (Gregorian September 23rd), although it appears Kezar Stadium may be "closed for renovation" starting the day before that til early 2015 per this event: https://www.google.com/calendar/event?eid=XzY1MWppY2E2NjEzNDhiYTY2OHBqZ2I5azZkMjM4YjlwNzRyM2ViYTU4cDJrYWRxNThncTM4aGk1NmMgOTVsdTZ2Zm9jM2VydThqcjg3NmV0YXZvY29AZw&ctz=America/Los_Angeles in this calendar: https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=95lu6vfoc3eru8jr876etavoco%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles Found on this Yelp post: http://www.yelp.com/topic/san-francisco-kezar-stadium-closings-schedule-online I'm hoping #NPSF #trackattack has found a substitute track by then! Previously: tantek.com/2014/238/t3/tough-trackattack-relay-did-all