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  1. Tip jars at Haight Street Market Cafe for Martin Luther King Junior’s birthday with two quotes from him.Martin Luther King Jr. quotes at Haight Street Market cafe this morning:
     “I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate.”
     “Capitalism forgets that life is social.”

    #MLKjr #MLKjrDay #MLKday #MLK2020 #MLKday2020 #disappointed #whiteModerate #moderate #capitalism #capitalismForgets #lifeIsSocial #noFilter

  2. Trees on either side of a view of the East Bay, overcast sky, looking down from Mount Olympus.🌲🏙🌳 There’s a Mount Olympus in San Francisco, quite unobvious, hard to spot from a distance, even if you’re looking for it. You have to run/hike up to it, and then you might catch a view of the East Bay, south of Oakland. Yesterday’s day 2 run became an errand run, cut short. Still made it up to Olympus, still finished another 30+ mile week.

    #run #running #optOutside #runHills #50mileTraining #cloudy #SanFrancisco #SF #MountOlympus #laterGram #2020_019 #20200119 #noFilter

  3. ↳ In reply to @leahculver’s tweet @leahculver @kvlly 😂

    Amazing. And the replies are 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    cc: @CSSWG

  4. Bryan, Tantek, and Krissi standing in front of a sign to the start of the Skyline to Sea trail, with a forest behind them.Light purple to blue sky above horizontal streaks of cotton candy pink and orange clouds above distant trees, a low fog, and mountains, driving down highway 280 with very few cars on the road.Mottled gray white clouds over a thin orange band on the horizon above the distant ocean, above distant dark green hills, with brown to light green hills in the foreground, a few dark green trees to the left and right.Dense tall trees, only their trunks visible on either side of a narrow but smooth dirt trail.Tantek running on a trail behind Krissi, with spotty green grasses and bushes on either side, a few low hung tree branches on either side.Healthy tree trunks surrounding a few long ago burned out and cut-off thicker trunks, now covered in moss, their split levels making them appear like big green chairs.Large redwood trees, their trunks visible on either side of Tantek running on the trail.Joined pals @BryanTing and birthday lady @theRunetarian yesterday for the first ~16 miles of her 30 on the Skyline to Sea trail run. My first time on this trail, by the time we reached Big Basin, I felt both physically spent (on only 4hrs of sleep), and mentally exhausted from nearly five hours of navigating a new-to-me somewhat technical nearly all single-track trail. Learning from practice, finding limits from experience.

    Bryan drove us down from San Francisco before dawn, to quite a dramatic sunrise and low fog on 280(2). We started ~8:15 under thick clouds and ambient white light in a quiet forest(1 📷 @theRunetarian #selfie). Two miles in we emerged onto a ridge (where there was a convenient bathroom), the mottled white gray clouds stretching out overhead to the ocean, contrasted by the fresh green grass from recent rains(3).

    The scenery was beautiful the entire way, the #trails narrow, the trees tall(4). Sometimes the #trail would cut through a small clearing(5 📷 @BryanTing). Occasionally we’d see an odd or interesting site, like abandoned old cars from the road above, or old burned out tree trunks, cut-off and covered in green moss like giant chairs(6).

    The #trees got larger, thicker, as we approached and finally reached Big Basin park, surrounded by redwoods(7 📷 @BryanTing). A bit more #running around and I hit 19 miles. 30km would have to do for today.

    #run #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #SkylineToSea #CastleRockPark #BigBasin #forest #trailsForBreakfast #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #laterGram #2020_018 #20200118 #noFilter

  5. Sun setting behind a distant band of clouds above the horizon at Waddell beach, waves breaking in parallel lines, Tantek standing on the shore, backlit.🌅 Hi.
    📷 @BryanTing

  6. Looking north on Stanyan Street with thick fog hanging over the city, trees and houses on both sides.🌳🏙 #NPSF #hillsforbreakfast on Stanyan with Collin Evans leading. Some mornings there’s no sunrise, no pretty trails. Just good company, community, sweat, and hard work.

    Six years ago today I finally overcame enough fear and impostor syndrome to show up to NPSF Friday hills on Church street adjacent to Dolores Park (after having gone to NPSF Wednesdays for almost 3 months at the time). Still here.

    * https://tantek.com/2016/017/t1/two-years-ago-first-npsf-hillsforbreakfast
    * https://tantek.com/2014/017/t1/first-novemberprojectsf-hillsforbreakfast

    #hilliversary #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #foggy #optoutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #latergram #nofilter

  7. Panoramic view of storm clouds to the South, an opening of nearly clear sky with clouds on the horizon and one big cloud nearer, and more storm clouds to the North above the Pacific Ocean at Ocean Beach with waves crashing and leaving behind a wet reflection on the sand of the same clouds but darker and textured with ripples as the water recedes back to the ocean.Thick clouds above a thin band of orange horizon backlighting some strands of rain falling from the clouds to the ocean, behind small crashing waves and a wet smooth sandy beach, a few birds on the sand looking for eats.Dark storm clouds with just a few gaps behind them where the light sky shined down, showing a reflecting on wet sand in front the waves at Ocean Beach.Dramatic storm cloud shedding some rain, distant open twilight sky with clouds lined with an orange tinge from the distant sunset, nearer spiky cloud dark underneath, all reflected by the wet smooth sand in front of Ocean Beach waves.Mostly clear twilight sky overhead, with a prominent spiky cloud in the middle, chaotic clouds in the distance hugging the horizon with the ocean, calm waves crashing, behind wet sand reflecting the spiky cloud and the clear sky.🌦🌊 Dramatic clouds last night at Ocean Beach. No sign of the setting sun, except a distant orange glow under the clouds above the ocean, lighting up strands of rain returning to the sea(2). Dark clouds hung over the beach, cracks in the distance letting in the light(3).

    Just six minutes later the dark clouds had passed overhead, rain clouds to either side, revealing a twilight sky and dramatic clouds, a few with orange tinges from the distant sunset(4). Minutes afterwards the sky was even brighter(5).

    As the sky cleared overhead, I happened to be standing in between rain clouds coming to shore(1).

    Right place, right time. A moment of beautiful sky between rain clouds, before darkness.

    #darkSky #darkClouds #dramaticClouds #clouds #sunset #PacificOcean #ocean #beach #OceanBeach #surf #sand #wetSand #reflection #reflections #laterGram #2020_016 #20200116 #rightPlace #rightTime #noFilter

  8. Three years ago today:
    * First @YogaFlowSF class (by Tom Lee), then signed up for their spring 200 hour yoga teacher training #YTT (completed that May)
    * Implemented & deployed peer-to-peer federated #IndieWeb RSVPs on my site: https://tantek.com/t4mN3

  9. Pink orange small clouds behind a backlit palm tree above an orange glow behind tall distant buildings on the horizon, Alta Plaza park path in the foreground.Clear blue sky above scattered light gray clouds above an orange glowing horizon behind city buildings, backlighting a palm tree in Alta Plaza park, still in the dark.Dark sky above the first lights of dawn, backlighting a palmtree, faint orange glow on the horizon behind city buildings with their lights on.🌴🌆 Early this morning @Nov_Project_SF, one thought came to mind: kindness. To continuously cultivate kindness towards others, towards yourself. To err on the side of kindness.

    Sometimes self-kindness requires setting boundaries for your own mental health, kindness does not mean you are required to interact with everyone.

    Sometimes kindness will require emotional labor. Recognizing that enables you to choose when to invest that labor, when you have the capacity. To prioritize those important to you, deserving, and those less fortunate, less privileged.

    Practice kindness as its own ends, without expectations.

    If a kind act or word doesn’t seem welcome, for any reason, practice kindness by giving space (and time), as necessary.

    The sky was mostly clear that morning, just a few cotton cotton candy clouds. The sun is rising earlier each day, almost up by the time we finished our workout(1). The horizon glowed orange the whole time, when the sky was blueshifting(2), after dawn’s first light(3).

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #kindness #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #clearSky #bluesky #blue #orange #optoutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #latergram #nofilter

  10. Hey friends,

    @Mozilla is eliminating some roles as announced: https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2020/01/15/readying-for-the-future-at-mozilla/

    Lots of amazing folks.

    Please check the #MozillaLifeboat hashtag (https://twitter.com/hashtag/MozillaLifeboat) for posts from affected individuals, and posts from folks reaching out.

  11. New issue on GitHub project “standards-positions”

    Mozilla Standards: Consider adding a `mixed` status

    In some evaluations, we determine that a standard or feature may have some merit, or be mostly good, but discover that it does have some harmful aspects. Since we think the problem being solved is user-relevant, and perhaps may even agree with the approach, we avoid marking these as "harmful", and end-up averaging down to "worth prototyping" (i.e. with actual concerning caveats, beyond just clarification or bugs that need fixing), or "non-harmful".

    For example, I would have advocated (and I believe we would have stated) in https://github.com/mozilla/standards-positions/issues/194#issuecomment-568581041 that that spec is "mixed" rather than just "non-harmful".

    Per @bholley’s comment in 242, ironically, averaging "worth prototyping" (or "non-harmful") and "harmful" down to "non-harmful" seems itself potentially harmful due to the risk of the position being misconstrued as being more positive than our evaluation actually states in prose.

    Proposal: add "mixed" with a description like:

    Our evaluation of this specification is mixed, meaning while we may otherwise consider the majority of this work neutral (non-harmful) or positive (worth prototyping, important), we have identified specific actually harmful aspects (beyond just bugs or underspecified aspects that need clarification), that require resolution before we can place a neutral or positive summary status on it. If there are many harmful aspects that seem endemic to the design or approach despite a specification’s good intentions / use-cases, then "harmful" should be used as the status. "mixed" does not mean just any mix of statuses, but rather specifically a mix of "harmful" and another status.

  12. Light blue dawn sky above backlit trees just above the entrance to Kezar Track, as viewed from behind the starting area on the track, looking forward, and the somewhat wet track curving to the left.Light blue sky with clouds on the distant horizon above trees and a building on the upper edge of Kezar Stadium, as viewed from the side of the track near the starting area with track lane numbers 1 through 9 visible on the wet track, which curves toward the left, just passed a soccer goal on the field in the middle.Wet track, tired legs. Some days just don’t feel right. Not bad or painful, rather, a bit off, or tired, or a struggle. That’s ok. There are many options, push through, or distract yourself with something else, or slow down (maybe pause) and listen, to your body, your mind, yourself, and understand a bit more. Each has uses and situations where it works better than the others.

    Made it outside by 7 this morning to run to track. A little colder than usual, it felt like a bit of a struggle to get moving, and warm-up on the way to the track. Saw (and high-fived) #NPSF running pal Nat as she was leaving. Missed the usual track crew.

    Did a few warm-up exercises to loosen my legs and then an easy warm-up lap. Legs felt cold, sluggish, and still tired from the weekend. Joints were ok, though it took more effort than usual to balance & align knees and ankles. Decided to keep it slow to focus on form and steady rhythm. Rested and stretched a bit. Ran one more lap, slightly faster, which felt good, though I could feel my form slipping as I sped up, despite being much slower than my usual track laps.

    Today was not the day for speedwork, and that’s ok. Ran/walked it to 3ish miles on a roundabout way home. Considered hurrying to make it to a yoga class and decided instead to quiet my mind, and practice some slower yoga by myself to get a better sense of how my joints would respond to different movements.

    I think the key is to keep moving, keep showing up, and keep being mindful. Decide in the moment, what feels best for that moment, for you, your body, your mind, your heart. Be honest with yourself without shame, and if others are involved communicate that too, assuming they want to know how you actually are, instead of, certainly much more than, any expectation(s) of how you should be.

    #run #runner #runners #running #track #trackTuesday #KezarStadium #KezarTrack #slowDown #listen #easyRun #nofilter

  13. San Francisco Bay Bridge at night with the Bay Bridge lights on, distant East Bay lights visible on both sides of  Treasure Island🌉🌃 Rest day, work day. No running today. No outdoor sunrise, nor sunset. The Bay Bridge Lights are always a sight to see, even, or perhaps especially at the end of a work day. Clear air and distant East Bay lights. Good night.

    #BayBridge #SFBay #distant #EastBayLights #afterDark #noFilter

  14. New issue on GitHub project “fragmention”

    Fragmentions should define hashbang handling and other common routing

    The Fragmention specification does not explicitly say anything about hashbang (#!) URLs or similar common (including legacy) single-page-app routing patterns, and it probably should, to minimize breakage, and provide a defined safe method for future single-page-app routing frameworks.

    First, Fragmention should explicitly forbid (with "MUST NOT" language) use of fragmentions that start with a "!" character, thus allowing for legacy hashbang (#!) routing URLs per old Google documentation like:

    Second, Fragmention should consider also similarly forbidding "#foo=32" type fragments of roughly variablename, equal sign '=', and numeric or string value, as was observed in routing as documented in https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2007/11/spiders-view-of-web-20.html

    These two carve-outs, especially the second, should allow sufficient routing flexibility for single-page-apps that won’t clash with explicit use of fragmentions.

    Optionally perhaps informally note in the specification that use of hashbangs should be avoided anyway per It's About The Hashbangs.

  15. Tantek Çelik and Bryan Ting standing on top of Cardiac Hill, behind them a bright blue sky, layers of hazy clouds stretching across down to the horizon, the western edge of San Francisco, sunlit sea entry to the Golden Gate expanding to a deep blue Pacific Ocean, bush and tree lined hills towards the West, golden grassy hills behind them to the East, light green grasses and gravel at their feet, their shadows stretching diagonally toward the bottom right.Sunbeams emanating from just out of view of the top of the photo over a nearly clear blue sky with distant hazy clouds on the horizon above Stinson Beach at high tide, wet reflective sand glistening, while waves crash nearby, a small hill in the distance on the left.Bryan and Tantek smiling with their faces lit up by the sun, Stinson Beach behind them with a wet sandy shore, waves breaking in the distance, and hills & mountains in the far distance on the horizon.Mostly cloud sky with numerous different cloud formations at nearly all altitudes above the Pacific Ocean, some clouds casting shadows on the water, and in the foreground busy grassy hills with a few trees off to the side, in the far distance Sutro tower is barely visible on the western part of San Francisco under the clouds.Top of Cardiac Hill with a telephone pole on the left among amber grass and a few scattered trees in the distance, under a mostly cloudy overcast sky, with rain clouds hanging over the ocean, dropping some of their water.Bright sun shining at the top, with a few sunbeams across a blue sky with scattered clouds, over a distant cloudy horizon, and beautiful green hills in front, a backlit bird with its wings spread flying from left to right.Sunday 1 year ago: 15km (https://tantek.com/t4yV2), #Sunday yesterday: 16mi & 4500' the day after 12mi & 2400' (https://tantek.com/t54Z2). @BryanTing and I hiked/ran a double Dipsea, starting at Old Mill Park in Mill Valley up the legendary #DipseaSteps, onto the #Dipsea #trail through Muir Woods (with a brief detour to Deer Park Fire Road) up to Cardiac Hill(1), down to Stinson Beach(2, and 3 📷 #selfie by Bryan).

    We took a quick break to eat at the Parkside Snack Bar, and then started our hike/run back. At one of the viewing spots just before Cardiac the clouds were looking particularly beautifully chaotic(4). Returning to Cardiac Hill, the sky was fully overcast, and rain clouds were visible over the ocean, some already dumping onto the water(5).

    By the time we had climbed down and back out of Muir Woods and up to Panoramic Highway, the sky had cleared for us again, the sun warming us and lighting our way(6). We descended back down into Mill Valley, ran down the Dipsea steps to Old Mill Park, and finished where we started. 16 miles, not bad for a day two run.

    #run #runner #runners #running #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #DoubleDipsea #Marin #MarinHeadlands #CardiacHill #StinsonBeach #beach #ocean #trailsForBreakfast #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #SundayRunday #SundayFunday #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #laterGram #2020_012 #20200112 #noFilter

  16. Marincello trail heading uphill with green grasses on either side, trees on the outside edges, blue sky in the distanceTrail through a sunlit eucalyptus forestTrees on either side of a single-track SCA trail with the Golden Gate Bridge towers emerging from the Marin Headlands in the distance, blue sky with a couple of bands of clouds.The sun shining brightly above San Francisco, reflecting off the bay, the Marin Headlands in the foreground, Golden Gate bridge towers emerging from them on the right.Blue skies above light gray clouds over the Pacific Ocean, tiny Rodeo beach and lagoon in the middle, Marin Headlands and hills in the foregroundRodeo Beach with the water glistening from the sun, a single fisherman backlit, a few surfers in the ocean.Blue ocean pouring through a small opening among rocky outrcoppings into a secluded cove that opens up into a beach far below, seemingly inaccessible.Rodeo beach viewed from above, up on Hill 88.Tennessee Valley among Marin hills, Pacific Ocean visible between them.#SFRC yesterday, 12 miles and ~2500' climbed. Beautiful day, started in Tennessee Valley Parking lot, just after 08:00. Marincello trail was lined with fresh green grasses(1) from recent rains. Alta trail’s forest pretty as ever(2). Noticed a spot on SCA trail where trees on either side framed the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance(3), before running to SCA look out point for a view of San Francisco, and the sun lighting up the bay(4).

    At the peak of Slacker trail, I could just make out Rodeo lagoon, and Rodeo beach(5). Running down to the beach, the sun glistened off the water, backlighting a fisherman and a few surfers(6). On the Coastal trail climb, a seemingly unreachable cove, secluded yet visible from above, with an inviting beach(7). Hiking up to Hill 88, looked back down at Rodeo Beach(8). Returning on Old Springs trail, caught a view of Tenneessee Valley down to the beach(9).

    Finished the SFRC loop of the week and joined friends at Good Earth for a sandwich.

    #run #trail #AltaTrail #SCATrail #SlackeTrail #RodeoBeach #CoastalTrail #Hill88 #OldSpringsTrail #TenneesseeValley #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #Marin #MarinHeadlands #trailsForBreakfast #optoutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50miletraining #laterGram #2020_011 #20200111 #noFilter

  17. 🎉🎂 Happy 3rd birthday #Webmention! https://indieweb.org/Webmention
    @W3C Recommendation published 2017-01-12 with a still live robust test suite, Webmention has more interoperable implementations than any other federated peer-to-peer social web protocol, API, or standard, and continues growing with new implementations:


    Want to implement Webmention your own site?

    See: https://indieweb.org/Webmention-developer

    Chat: https://chat.indieweb.org/dev

  18. Dawn sky with a few clouds, orange horizon backlighting a plant and tree in the foreground among city buildings.San Francisco skyline downtown buildings and bay bridge lit up with lights in the darkness just before dawnLooking down a street in Potrero hill that dips down and goes back up, at dawn with a purple blue sky that turns orange at the horizon, backlighting the outline of buildings and a telephone pole.🌃🌆 Yesterday @Nov_Project_SF #hillsforbreakfast on DeHaro, we started in the dark before dawn(2), with nothing but street lamps lighting our way. The changing of colors(3,1) still brought beauty to the morning, even in the midst of buildings.

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #clearSky #bluesky #blue #orange #optoutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #latergram #20200110 #2020_010 #nofilter

  19. ↳ In reply to @dajbelshaw’s tweet @dajbelshaw thanks for thoughtful discussion! Clarification: “libertarian” (any kind) is a misimpression at best.

    #IndieWeb succeeds & grows because it’s a #community co-operating for individual agency. What @Rabble said: https://tantek.com/2020/010/t2/indieweb-community-inclusive-anarchistic-punk

    Context, he also said that while participating in-person at https://tantek.com/2019/303/e1/homebrew-website-club-sf and after he demonstrated the Planetary #scuttlebutt client he’s building.

    I highly recommend participating in an @IndieWebCamp or Homebrew Website Club to get a more accurate impression of the #IndieWeb community.

  20. Repost 2019-10-30 @rabble from https://planetary.social:

    “It’s interesting to see how the #indieweb community has forged forward with an inclusive and really anarchistic punk vision of a web for all, where everyone can DIY and co-create the future.”

  21. Scattered clouds on a blue sky with a few thicker clouds hanging lower and fog in the distance, the early morning sun hanging low and peaking through backlit tall trees at Lafayette park, the tops of a playground and wavy red roof of a nearby bus stop below.Yoga studio workout room with a heater and fan on the ceiling, a single support post on the left, steamed up multipaned bay windows across most of the walls letting in light and trees visible just beyond them, a small wide medium height cabinet set back in the center bay window with an alter to a small Ganesha statue on top, surrounded by small candles.Yesterday’s early morning sun and clouds peaking through the trees of Lafayette Park(1). I had just finished an early morning Vinyasa session @YogaFlowSF, in the main yoga room affectionately nicknamed the treehouse for its multipaned bay windows that bring in light sifted by evergreen trees just outside(2).

    When Charlotte started our 7:10am class it was still nearly dark outside, the streetlamps were off, and dawn’s light was still quite dim. Practicing yoga with others while the room slowly brightened with natural light was a new experience for me. I felt a growing sense of energy and presence, from myself, and even when I closed my eyes, from subtle sounds and air currents shaped by the class’s movements.

    #Yesterday #2020_009 #20200109 #morning #earlymorning #LafayettePark #sun #trees #yoga #yogaflowsf #sanfrancisco #sf #latergram #nofilter

  22. Technology is inherently a force multiplier, by default it amplifies the already powerful more than the less privileged, widening existing power gaps.

    Tech is not neutral, without design it supports & reinforces status quo power, hierarchies, harms, etc.

  23. New issue on GitHub project “bridgy”

    Bridgy source should rename blacklist and similar offensive terms

    Bridgy had a file called domain_blacklist.txt which was renamed to domain_blocklist.txt in a recent commit. This issue is for searching / tracking any other similar terms as identified by Microsoft in Chrome Issue 981129.

    While we don’t have access to Microsoft’s PoliCheck tool mentioned therein, we can at least use the results they came up with in their searches of Chrome source as a first level approximation of terms to search for. E.g.:

    • change "master"/"slave" to "writer"/"reader"

    Other terms may require manual inspection for context to evalute whether they are offensive or not. E.g.:

    • cracker
    • ho

    Feel free to note other text profanity, geopolitical, or diversity issues in comments on this issue as discovered by PoliCheck analysis or other tools. (Please refrain from general offensive brainstorming though, instead, link to existing work and lists by others. Thanks.)

  24. Pre-dawn nearly clear dark blue sky above a few small clouds and an orange glowing horizon backlighting a circle of benches seen from a side view at Alta Plaza Park, the foreground lawn nearly completely unlitBlue to royal blue clear sky above two palm trees at the top of the stairs at Alta Plaza Park with a few clouds in the distance just above the orange to yellow glowing horizon backlighting San Francisco buildings, paths and lawns in the park barely distinghuishable.Three wide but thin wipsy cotton candy colored clouds streaking left to right across the dawn sky with a gradient from medium blue to light blue, yellow, an orange, above the tops of San Francisco buildings in the distance, a partially lit bench on a path and backlit palmtree in front.🌆🌴 Another beautiful morning @Nov_Project_SF. Watching the sky brighten and rotate colors is always inspiring, especially when #running & breaking a sweat. So many good #dawn views in #AltaPlazaPark, still finding new ones(1), though the two palmtrees near the top of the main steps(2) are still a fave. Novel cotton candy clouds(3) are a good reminder that every moment is unique, worth appreciating. There is no loop.

    Despite sleep interruptions, I felt a profound sense of open hearted optimism as I arrived at #AltaPlaza park (even a few minutes late). Warm feelings are still surfacing time to time, despite a diminishing sense of attachment to origins. Over the past month I chose to neither fight nor let go, rather to sit, accept, appreciate, and at times embrace them, even knowing or at least expecting that may prolong or delay healing.

    Today I learned the opposite may be true, as the feelings have evolved into a more general sensation rather than directed to or from a particular source, and this morning they were particularly pronounced. Some subsequent motivations have remained, like striving to show up as an even better version of myself. Not for (or no longer for) anyone in particular, rather for everyone and no one, as its own self-reinforcing outcome.

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #clearSky #bluesky #blue #royalBlue #purple #orange #yellow #optoutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #feels #thereIsNoLoop #progressNotPerfection #showup #justShowUp #nofilter

  25. Dark clouds with wisps of sky barely visible between them, one of them making a tilted V, over a yellow orange horizon from the recent sunset behind the Pacific Ocean, waves crashing, leaving a smooth wet sandy shore with a mirror image reflection of the bright horizon, and a negative space letter T from the reflected wisps of sky surrounded by dark cloudsWalk on the beach at sunset, another item crossed off a list. Cracks between dark clouds let the light in, painting single letters separated, mirror worlds apart, divided by yellow orange remnants of a sunset that was.

    Eight weeks ago we should have turned around at that sunset beach under dark clouds. Stopped to see the sun, walk the sand, and hold your hand.

    #darksky #darkclouds #clouds #sunset #PacificOcean #ocean #beach #OceanBeach #surf #sand #wetsand #reflection #reflections #nofilter

  26. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event hosting Homebrew Website Club SF!
    🗓 17:00 tomorrow (2020-01-08)
    📍 @MozSF
    🎟 RSVP & more: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/01/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-5UBvPIXX0gi0
    ✉️ Join us! @AnoukRuhaak @JackyAlcine @benwerd @dietrich @AndiGalpern @generativist @pvh @JohnMattDavis @html5cat et al

  27. New issue on GitHub project “fragmention”

    Fragmentions should scroll to img alt text

    The Fragmention specification does not mention img element alt text as part of the text that it searches for matches, and I think it should because there are use-cases for it.

    Use-case 1: I want to reference the third image in this post with a fragmention, and figured the alt text would provide a nice way to do so.

    Use-case 2: A screen reader user is listening to a page, including the inline alt text from images, and decides to respond or otherwise comment on something they heard in the alt text, constructs a fragmention with some of that text and expects it to work like any other text phrase in the document with a fragmention.

    Use-case 3: A web image search crawler is indexing images on various websites and as part of displaying search results for an image, wants to link directly to a specific image on a page that happens to have alt text which matched the search terms of the search query. In order to link directly to that image, the search engine determines a several word phrase of that img’s alt text and uses it to construct a fragmention link which is then provided in the search result.

    In each of these cases, it makes sense for the user clicking on a fragmention link to be able to "scroll to" a specific image / that specific section of alt text, and thus the specification should both support that behavior and make it a MUST for interoperability and reliability.

  28. Backlit palmtrees on both sides, and a tall palmtree in the middle, in front of a clear sky from medium blue to orange & yellow on the horizon above Dolores Park in the dark, still lit by streetlights.🌴🌆 woke up like this @Nov_Project_SF Monday. Recovery day from the weekend and a 30+ mile week, walked & did the workouts. Let’s get this first full week of #2020.

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #wakeUpTheSun #dawn #clearsky #blue #orange #yellow #optoutside #Dolores #DoloresPark #MissionDolores #MissionDoloresPark #SanFrancisco #freefitness #nofilter

  29. Corona Heights Park, stairs going up and to the left on the green hill with rocky outcroppings on top.Sun rising behind Corona Heights hill with sunbeams emanating in all directions, lighting up the backlit hill.Sun over the bay, with sunbeams extending to the sides, and a sunlit bay, East Bay shoreline partially hidden by haze, San Francisco buildings in the middle, and the base of Corona Heights park below.Clear blue sky over distant North East Bay hills in the distance, San Francisco’s tall buildings and downtown on the horizon, with more buildings nearer, trees from Buena Vista Park on the left, a rocky outrcopping from Corona Heights park immediately in the foreground.Tantek in white barely visible on the top of Corona Heights Park summit, on the rock outrcoppings, with descending stairs on the left grassy side, dirt and rock formations to the right, all under a clear blue sky.Conservatory of Flowers building in Golden Gate Park under a clear blue sky, with flower beds, lawns, and paths in the foreground.Artistic bronze colored large metal icosahedron with hexagonal patterns cut into its faces in front of the Conservatory of Flowers building.🌄🌅 5 easy miles, up hills(1) bathed in sunbeams(2), the sun lighting up the bay(3), gazing upon clear weekend views of East Bay hills(4) from the top of Corona Heights Park (5 📷 @sweethartdehart), for a talk and walk to a snack. Run to the track for a quick lap, then to the park and the Conservatory of Flowers(6), where I found a mysterious icosahedron(7). Does anyone know what it means?

    #CoronaHeights #greenhill #hills #sunrise #SundayRunday #SundayRundayFunday #bluesky #clearbluesky #bay #EastBayHills #run #runner #InstaRunner #TrailRunner #UltraRunner #ConservatoryOfFlowers #GoldenGatePark #art #icosahedron #SF #SanFrancisco #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #nofilter

  30. Who wants to go swing dancing in Golden Gate Park (on JFK behind @deYoungMuseum),

    noon (Sunday, today) #LindyInThePark til ~13:00,

    then go see the reindeer @CalAcademy (last day!) and maybe a planetarium show?

    Do people still use Twitter like this?

  31. Blue sky with dotted with clouds, distant layer of clouds over the Pacific Ocean, peaking through rolling green Marin hills on either side of Tennessee Valley, buses in the foregroundSun rising over hills on Tennessee Valley road.Purple salamander on smooth trail, glistening in the sun, casting a long shadow.Tantek and Whitney with Muir Beach in the distant background,  blue & green waters in the cove.Whitney stepping down a muddy trail lit up by the sun behind her.Mount Tam with green hills under a mostly blue sky with a few ominous grey / dark grey clouds, light green bushes in the foreground on Dias Ridge.Pacific Ocean in the distance between green Marin hills, amber grasses with a few green bushes in the foreground on Dias Ridge.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ First #SFRC of the year today, 13.5 miles ✅ Finished first full route since #ECSCA, and longest run since too! It was a struggle TBH, leg muscles still tired from Tuesday’s Tam PR (tantek.com/t54M2), and an intense Thursday Baptiste yoga class. Thanks to #running pal Whitney for keeping us going!

    Beautiful day, mostly blue sky, brilliant #sunshine lighting up a clear sky(2). Ran up Fox trail to views of the Pacific Ocean among green Marin hills on either side of Tennessee Valley(1).

    Almost missed a pretty purple salamander on Coastal Fire road(3) on the way down toward Muir Beach with a mix of blue & green waters(4). It was quite muddy on the descent, thick, sticky mud which we had to carefully step through & around(5).

    The climb up Dias Ridge was quite a slog, alternating running and walking. Whitney waited for me at the top of the ridge line where we captured photos of dramatic clouds above and passing in front of Mount Tam(6 📷 Whitney). I looked back to take in one more view of the Pacific Ocean(7) before continuing eventually onto Miwok, down to Tennessee Valley and back to our start.

    #trail #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #Marin #MarinHeadlands #MtTam #MountTam #MtTamalpais #MountTamalpais #50mileTraining #optoutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #noFilter

  32. Partly cloudy sky above a layer of light brown apparent pollution occluding the distant East Bay, Treasure Island in the middle of the photo, the sunlit Bay Bridge emerging from it, a crane on a barge in the bay, a ferry to the left of the barge.Early evening dim blue sky above an occluded East Bay except for distant partially visible Port of Oakland lights, Treasure Island, the Bay Bridge lit with decorative lightning, a crane on a barge in the bay, and a boat heading North about to go under the Bay Bridge.MUNI Clipper Card reader with blue yellow green red lights lit up, OUT OF SERVICE written in all caps, with a cryptic error message below: CD-Action..8% UD-176Yesterday, first day in the office this year. Crane on a barge in the bay for some reason and sad to see a layer of smog occluding the East Bay(1). No better in the early evening, could only see lights from Treasure Island and the Port of Oakland(2).

    Good to see and catch-up with co-workers. Picked up my Caltrain Go Pass. http://www.caltrain.com/Fares/tickettypes/GO_Pass.html

    Took the MUNI after, a new train, which had OUT OF SERVICE Clipper card readers(3) with the cryptic error message: “CD-Action..8% UD-176”. Zero web search results as of today:

    * DuckDuckGo: “No results.”: https://duckduckgo.com/html?q=%22CD%2DAction..8%25%20UD%2D176%22 or https://duckduckgo.com/html?q=%22CD%2DAction%22%20%22UD%2D176%22
    * Google: “No results found”: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22CD-Action..8%25+UD-176%22 and “It looks like there aren't any great matches for your search”: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22CD-Action%22+%22UD-176%22
    * Bing: “22,900 Results” but the first page of results are nonsense, none of which have anything to do with the search term: https://www.bing.com/search?q=%22CD-Action..8%25+UD-176%22

    Curious. Though obviously “CD-Action” and “UD-176” are meaningless and bad UX. Who knows what company produced the software, or who wrote it, and what these mean. I doubt it’s open source. I’m not even sure where or who to ask. I feel like this kind of embedded software is getting sloppier, less reliable, more fragile. Any software running shared urban infrastructure should be open source, available for inspection by citizens.

    #bay #SFBay #TreasureIsland #BayBridge #MUNI #OUTOFSERVICE #CDAction #UD176 #latergram #2020_003 #20200103 #nofilter

  33. Considering writing a book on

    JavaScript: The PHP Parts

    Based on @CASSISjs (mentioned to few at #TC39 73).
    10 years of practical experience (coding, live on my site) seems enough. Likely too niche for @abookapart. Might ask @adactio to write a foreward.

  34. LEGO month calendar of January 2020A year and decade are arbitrary boundaries, yet this change feels different than others. Different from even a month ago. December went somewhat as expected, yet unexpectedly challenging in a couple of big ways.

    After one last big push of work, I was going to rest, reflect, and recover from the year. Instead, the stresses of unexpected home repairs emptied emotional reserves already drained from months of pushing hard, harming my judgment, undermining empathy, leading me to make more mistakes, and likely causing (or perhaps accelerating an inevitable) break. Recovery and regaining my footing became my focus.

    This month, year, and decade is still just beginning, and even if arbitrary, perhaps that beginning is an opportunity to refocus, keep giving myself and others time & space to heal, while rebuilding & strengthening in other ways.

    The shedding I mentioned last month, still in-progress. The #transformation, accelerating in other ways. #Growth from being outside my comfort zone has shifted into growth from recovery. Still embracing #loving (to others’s capacity to receive) & #friendships into this year.

    #2020 #Gregorian #January #LEGO #month #calendar #twentytwenty #keepmoving #31days #nofilter

    Previously: https://tantek.com/2019/335/t1/happy-december-high-points

  35. Tantek in running t-shirt, shorts, and cap, also wearing a year 2020 costume glasses running up Alta Plaza park stairs.The sun peaking through thick clouds over San Francisco, above Alta Plaza ParkPalm tree at Alta Plaza Park with the San Francisco skyline behind it, mostly overcast clouds above, lit by a rising sun.Finally got #2020 glasses(1 📷  @fauciforthewin) @Nov_Project_SF this morning! Looking forward to clear vision for the year!

    Cloudy yet we still saw the sunrise, peaking through and lighting up the clouds with yellows and oranges(2). The clouds and haze seemed to get thicker by the time we finished(3). Still a great way to #start the day, the year, and the decade.

    #NovemberProject #grateful #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #sunrise #cloudysky #optoutside #AltaPlazaPark #SanFrancisco #freefitness #run #runner #runners #running #nofilter

  36. 10 years ago today: started posting notes on my site instead of Twitter: https://tantek.com/2010/001/t1/declaring-independence-building-it
    Then 25 days to auto-syndicate, catch up: https://twitter.com/t/status/8228455558

    Have a site? Start posting your notes there in 2020.

    Just start. Ask the #indieweb community and we’ll help.

    Start with static note permalinks and a script to update your homepage & feeds.
    Then start auto-syndicating (POSSEing https://indieweb.org/POSSE) and you can replace your tweeting with your own website.



    5 years ago: https://tantek.com/2015/002/t1/notes-replies-faves-before-twitter-ownyourdata

  37. Huge crowd of trail runners cheering with their arms up, perched on top of rocks at the Mount Tamalpais East Summit with the bay and lands beyond in the background.Partly cloudy sky over the Temelpa trail start, bushes, trees, and trail steps well lit by the sunshine.Partly cloudy sky above a view of the East Bay, Richmond Bridgy, the bay itself, and Mount Tamalpais shadow starting to cover the land below.Sun low in the West, backlighting the Mount Tam East Summit hut and nearby rocks with a few people barely visible on top.Partly cloudy sky above a distant view of Tiburon, the Bay, the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, and the Marin Headlands all well below us.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ Mt. Tam PR on the annual Jorts run! (1. 📷 @1jorgemaravilla selfie) Final 2019 #run, finishing the year at 901 #running miles. #HappyNewYear friends.
    2. #Temelpa trail start in the bright afternoon sun.
    3. #MtTam casting a shadow below
    4. Mt. Tam East Summit
    5. San Francisco viewed from the summit

    Despite my watch battery dying part way on the downhill, it still captured my ascent of Mt Tam, and enough of the descent for almost 6 miles of the 8.5 miles total roundtrip. That was just enough to push me over 900 miles for the year.

    I haven’t run up Mt Tam in months, so the 84 minutes PR (personal record) felt good. My heart felt strong (not broken). I kept thinking of everyone I was grateful for this year, those I’ve known for years, and new friends I met in 2019. Love you all.

    #trail #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #Marin #MarinHeadlands #MtTam #MountTam #MtTamalpais #MountTamalpais #50mileTraining #optoutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #SF #SanFrancisco #InstaRunner #noFilter

  38. TODAY: Donate, and renew arts & science memberships:
    @ACLU 2x
    @PPact 3x
    @InternetArchive 3x

    Donate/renew NOW for 2019+2020 for 2-3x matches, and keep funding science! Why:

    Why you must act TODAY (everyone)

    Several of the above charitable organizations have matching donations that will increase your donation 2-3x IF you donate by end of day TODAY 2019-12-31 US Timezones.

    See the 2x/3x next to the @-names for which organizations and how much.

    Why you must act TODAY (US friends)

    It’s the last day of 2019. By donating today, you may be able to itemize your donations and deduct them from your 2019 Federal taxes (IANAA, talk to your accountant regarding itemizing vs using the standard deduction).

    You can donate to all of these organizations online and get an email receipt in minutes (I confirmed this by donating/renewing all the above personally).

    See each Twitter profile above for their site/donation URLs, except @CalAcademy inexplicably doesn’t link to theirs: https://www.calacademy.org/support-the-academy

    **Disclosure: I work for @Mozilla, on & with open web standards & communities @indiewebcamp @microformats @W3C @WHATWG supported by @Firefox to provide a more human-centric, private, and secure web for all users. #fightfortheuser

    Previously: tantek.com/2018/365/t2/today-donate-renew-arts-science

  39. Dark blue sky above the San Francisco skyline, buildings lit, an orange yellow glow most pronounced towards the East, dark Dolores Park in the foreground, dotted with street lamps.Tantek taking a selfie in Dolores Park with a bunch of November Project runners planking behind him.Medium blue clear sky above an orange band at the horizon, backlighting trees above Dolores Park still in darkness, yet just light enough to see a dark green tint of the grassy field.November Project San Francisco group photo in Dolores Park with a view of early morning San Franciso in the background.Tony takes a selfie of himself and a larger than usual November Project San Francisco breakfast continent at the Dolores Park Cafe.Last #NPSF this decade. Made it to (most of?) the bounce & the entire workout. Dolores Park in the dark, downtown lights, the glow of dawn’s break(1). One @Nov_Project_SF workout station required planking until the next person got there, ~5.5 minutes for me, then taking a #selfie with everyone like @TheEllenShow’s at the 2014 #Oscars (https://twitter.com/TheEllenShow/status/440322224407314432) except with everyone else planking(2).

    Slowly the clear sky lightened, an orange band on the horizon backlighting the trees under a medium blue glow(3). It was quite light out by the time we finished and took the group photo(4 📷 @TonyD256). Must be the holidays because we took over and re-arranged literally every table for the larger than normal breakfastclub attendance. Tony took a great selfie of us(5 📷 @TonyD256).

    Super grateful for the #NovemberProjectSF community. Sweating it out with positive people while waking up with the #sunrise #outdoors is such a great start to the day. Especially helpful in weathering this year’s ups & downs. Thank you NPSF leadership for all that you do.

    #NovemberProject #grateful #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #dawn #sunrise #gradient #clearsky #deepbluesky #optoutside #DoloresPark #SanFrancisco #freefitness #plank #planking #run #runner #runners #nofilter

  40. The sun shining brightly in a clear sky above a thing layer of haze behind a bit of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline from downtown to Sutro tower, Golden Gate bridge towers visible just below, a sunlit bay, and Marin headlands in the foreground.Emily taking a photo, distant hills, haze, the Pacific Ocean, and Marin Headlands.Eucalyptus forest and trail in the background, overwhelmed visually by sunbeams emanating from the left, piercing a couple of tall thin blue arcs on the right side.Emily runnin on Alta Trail, bright sun overhead in a clear sky, Marin Headlands in front of us, the tops of the Golden Gate bridge towers peeking up behind them, a tiny Sutro tower in the distance.Tantek standing on a hill, backlit by a bright sun in the blue sky, the San Francisco skyline and bay behind him, Golden Gate bridge towers visible behind the Marin headlands to the right, the 101 freeway far below, sparse with tiny cars.Emily taking a selfie of herself and Tantek with bright sun behind them, and the Golden Gate bridge towers poking above the Marin Headlands.🌞 🏙⛰ 11 miles of #SFRC #yesterday with pal @EmilyMueller88 under a bright sunny sky.

    We started early from the Tennessee Valley trailhead parking lot, ran up Marincello to beautiful views on Alta Trail of hills rising from the ocean haze(2) south of the Golden Gate. My favorite spot on Alta Trail is a little #Eucalyptus #forest near its south end. Serendipitously captured booming sunbeams with deep #blue arcs(3) filtered through the trees. I don’t know the optics but the effect was beautiful.

    Ran out to the SCA trail where it was so sunny and exposed it was hard to see when photographing, especially when #running. Emily and I traded off leading & following, I was able to get one backlit running shot(4). Emily took a backlit shot of me at the vista point a bit uphill from the SCA trail(5), before I took my own vista shot(1).

    She took a selfie of us on the hill(6), we continued the rest of our run catching up on so much each of us had experienced since we’d last seen each other many months ago.

    #run #trail #AltaTrail #SCATrail #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #MarinHeadlands  #trailsForBreakfast #optoutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #laterGram #2019_362 #20191228 #noFilter

  41. Deep blue sky above the light blue to orange dawn light backlighting trees, and reflecting off the bay in the distance.Blue to light blue gradient over a bright orange band on the horizon, dark backlit trees in the foreground, and buildings in darkness with their lights on.Blue to light blue gradient over a light orange band on the horizon, dark backlit trees in the foreground with a single lamppost, its light off and clear, showing the sky behind it.🌅🌳🌴🌆 Ran to #NPSF #hillsforbreakfast with dad this morning in the dark. Did hill repeats while the cold clear sky lightened with gradients from deep #blue above(1) to a growing #orange band on the horizon(2,3). After breakfast we ran back through Golden Gate park, closing a 4 mile loop.

    #NovemberProject #NovemberProjectSF #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #dawn #sunrise #gradient #clearsky #deepbluesky #optoutside #run #runner #runners #nofilter

  42. Blue grey sky, mostly cloudy, sunrise lighting barely peaking through some of the clouds, just above the cityscape in the background, a single palm tree in the foreground at Alta Plaza park.Inside the yoga room at Baptiste Yoga San Francisco, light coming in from the one window, lighting up a single yoga mat, blocks, towels, and water bottle.Made it on time to #NPSF yesterday(1), first time in weeks (months?). And to yoga this morning, or so I thought, actually 30 min early(2).

    I knew the past 3 months would be intense, my time was blocked out for work(+travel+organizing+speaking) & ultra training (https://tantek.com/t53e1), and nothing else. Tiring time zone changes and long trail runs meant choosing sleep, missing some NPSF workouts, or being late. IndieWebCamp SF 12/7-8 was my last commitment of 3 months, and I barely had the energy for it after actively observing the TC39 standards meetings that week before. I had no reserve for setbacks (like my water heater breaking the night before I hosted Thanksgiving for family). Such packed time & focus seemingly invited an unexpected & intense arc of joy, a story for another time.

    Still making sense of that night after IndieWebCamp SF, despite managing to bake my first blueberry pie (https://tantek.com/t5451). Recovery since has been hard, both from being drained, and from needing to reflect on what I could have done better, to be sustainably better, instead of a crash & burn of sorts. A better friend, healer, and lover, in that order.

    For now I’m rebuilding, and small temporal victories are one sign of progress.

  43. Berlin Victory Column under a partyly cloudy sky, sitting atop its base, with trees in the background on both sides.IndieWebCamp Berlin2 day 1 participants at Mozilla Berlin.IndieWebCamp Berlin2 day 2 participants at Mozilla Berlin.Teresa speaking at the podium at IndieWebCamp at Mozilla Berlin with a display behind her showing a slide titled Toward a More Civil Social Web.Tantek, Rose, David, and Yulia sitting around a table at Mozilla Berlin with laptops and IndieWebCamp supplies, planning the weekend.1 month ago today: Victory Column en route to @IndieWebCamp #Berlin.
    Our second #IndieWebCamp @MozillaBerlin this year, we had amazing participants(2,3), hosted an @OptOutSocial hackathon, and a keynote by founder Teresa(4 📷 @cheukting_ho)!

    About a dozen sessions with notes and some with session videos linked from the schedule: https://indieweb.org/2019/Berlin2/Schedule

    Last but not least, great working with co-organizers Yulia (@ioctaptceb), @RosemaryOrchard, and @DShanske to put it all together and discuss community at the Organizers meetup the day before the camp(5).

    Previously: https://tantek.com/2019/327/t1/amazing-start-indiewebcamp-berlin

    #VictoryColumn #IndieWeb #community #organizers #grateful #2019_328 #20191124 #latergram #nofilter

  44. New issue on GitHub project “fragmention”

    Fragmention spec assumes IDs cannot have spaces

    The Fragmention Syntax section states that an HTML ID cannot have whitespace, citing the HTML standard. However, a test case demonstrates that IDs with spaces are supported across browsers:

    data:text/html,<div style="height: 10000px"></div><div id="space here">I am linked to</div>#space here

    Whether or not this poses any practical problems remains to be seen, however the specification should at least explicitly acknowledge and state:

    1. What browsers implement today, even if outside the HTML standard, and
    2. How browsers would need to change that behavior in order for fragmentions to work as expected.
  45. Rainbow in partly cloudy sky looking down Lyon street with houses on both sides.Looking down at a mottled white mosaic entryway with a brass sun-with-a-face seemingly sipping a cup of coffee, brass segment sunbeams radiating outward.Cream colored heart on a lightly foamed latte in a glass mason jar sitting atop a woodgrain table.The sun peaking through between trees, lighting up glistening leaves and grass in Buena Vista Park.🌈 Yesterday’s rainbow. If you only look ahead, you’ll never see the #rainbow behind you.

    Ran outside in the rain #yesterday morning, to meet a friend for #coffee (2). I was the only one wearing bright clothes among a sea of dark hues. The barista made a lovely #heart on my almond #latte in the mason jar I brought(3), I complimented and thanked her.

    #Running home the rain dropped to a drizzle, and the sky lightened. Running uphill I saw the sun start poking through the clouds. Turned around and saw the rainbow(1). Kept running up and into Buena Vista Park, everything freshly drenched sparkling from the sunlight between the trees(4).

    #run #runner #optoutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #2019_356 #20191222 #latergram #noFilter

  46. Mostly cloudy sky, with a low sun illuminating streaks of light blue, yellow, and orange, above a tiny San Francisco skyline barely visible above distant Marin Headlands hills, Coastal trail in font, with fresh green bushes and grasses on either side.Grey clouds above, a distant orange-ish horizon with Sutro tower poking above, rolling hills in the foreground.The sun shining through grey cloud cover, above a streaky orange horizon, hills of San Francisco Marin, the Pacific ocean on the right edge betwen them, green hills and buses in the foreground.Rocky hill and outcroppings extending into the ocean, the sandy beach and surf in the foreground, the ocean on the right side with two quite small rocky outrcoppings emerging from the surf.Jagged rocky outcropping extending into the ocean, with surf and a sandy beach in the foreground.Looking down at the surf coming up the sandy beach and surrounding trail running shoes, socks, legs, and shorts above them.🌄 #Solstice #SFRC, sun’s getting real low. The solar arc at its lowest on the greyest day. 10+ miles started with friends, run #solo as usual, only seeing friends again afterwards at breakfast.

    Ran most of the SFRC course, skipping the first loop. Up Miwok(2) to Coyote Ridge(3) then down to Coastal Fire Road(1) to Tennessee Valley. Ran the last little bit to Tennessee Valley Beach(4,5,6) then Tennessee Valley trail all the way back to breakfast.

    My first double-digit miles run since the November North Face Endurance Challenge Races.

    Gradually stepping it up for my #50miletraining.

    #run #trail #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #LetsDoThis #MarinHeadlands #TennesseeValley #trailsForBreakfast #sunrise #WorkHardDreamBigDoCoolShit #optoutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #noFilter

  47. New issue on GitHub project “fragmention”

    Fragmention spec needs a Security and Privacy section

    The Fragmention specification needs a Security and Privacy Considerations section, perhaps right after the Processing Model section.

    At a minimum this section should describe any changes to security or privacy caused by the processing model changes. E.g. revealing to the destination page a phrase or range of text that may have some importance for the user that clicked the fragmention link.

    In addition this new section should answer the Security and Privacy Questionnaire from the W3C TAG: https://www.w3.org/TR/security-privacy-questionnaire/

  48. ↳ In reply to @gsnedders’s tweet Thanks for the heads-up Sam (@gsnedders); sent me down quite a rabbithole!

    While reading More Than Two, I did notice some imbalances, e.g. male-author centering bias, but wow.

    Reading your link + these posts first, then re-reading MT2 with them in mind:
    * https://brighterthansunflowers.com/2019/09/02/thoughts-on-the-fifth-anniversary-of-more-than-two/
    * https://medium.com/@kalital/my-life-belongs-to-me-reading-the-polyamory-narratives-of-franklin-veaux-against-the-84be142aa8a1
    * https://www.dawnserra.com/ep261/
    * https://polyamory-metoo.com/
    * https://www.theferrett.com/2014/11/19/every-piece-of-advice-given-unleashes-a-demon/
    * https://polyamory-metoo.com/celeste-metoo-story/

    I’ll add more as I find them and read more. Updated original post to point to this one too.

  49. New issue on GitHub project “fragmention”

    Fragmention spec: non-current syntax & semantics should move to an appendix

    There is a bunch of stuff in the Fragmention specification, e.g. the '##' stuff, that doesn't relate to the current proposal that should be moved to an appendix like Historical, or Alternatives considered. Such an appendix should be clearly separate so that it’s easier to tell which parts of the spec are necessary for current publishers and consuming code implementers, which are optional (if any), and which are purely informative background.

  50. I have repeatedly expressed to peers working on #IndieWeb #SocialWeb #SocialMedia #FederatedSocialWeb that tech/plumbing-centric framing of #dweb "Decentralized Web" "Distributed Web" is heavily problematic. Beyond MastoGab, there is now something much worse (not linking). I’ll follow up with a longer blog post (it’s been in my drafts for a while), explaining why, how we got here, and maybe some ways for how can we replace use of "Decentralized Web" or "Distributed Web" with something human-centric instead.

    For a start, re-read Mozilla’s Manifesto and Principles:


  51. 📕 finished reading “More Than Two” by Veaux & Rickert. #hardcopy https://tantek.com/isbn/978-0-9913997-0-3

    Excellent #book for all relationships, romantic & friendships. #communication #trust #disclosure. Choose #courageous paths instead of fearful. #lovemore #fearless

    Re-reading a few chapters.

    UPDATE: While I definitely saw some odd patterns, I had been filtering them and didn’t understand the full significance.

    See this follow-up post about what to consider reading first, to understand some context around “More Than Two”: https://tantek.com/2019/354/t1/rabbithole-more-than-two-read-first

  52. ↳ In reply to @24ways’s tweet link preview agent — n. a user agent that crawls a web page for text, image(s), link(s) etc. to make a link preview https://indieweb.org/link-preview.

    @24ways (ht @KevinMarks): it’s not a “microbrowser” (already an alias for mobile browser^1) #xkcd386

    ^1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/microbrowser

    Web searches also reveal that existing definition for “microbrowser”:

    E.g. all first page results on:
    @DuckDuckGo: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=microbrowser
    @Google (which even shows a onebox definition for it!): https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=microbrowser

    It’s futile to attempt to redefine longstanding term/phrase like that.

    Always research what you think is a new term or phrase before attempting to define it.

    At a minimum do a couple of web searches and check @Wikipedia.

    To be fair, naming things is hard (https://tantek.com/t44u2).

    To be clear, it’s *good* to identify a thing or class of things that exists but isn’t named, and give it a name, so we can talk about it. Reminded me of @timoreilly’s talk at the 2013 Brooklyn Beta (https://tantek.com/t4SV1).

    Instead, when naming something, start with trying a name that is descriptive. E.g. as the @24ways article already mentions “link preview” as the canonical phrase for the thing that is generated and shown, it makes more sense to define “link preview agent” as:

    “a class of User-Agents that also visit website links, parse HTML and generate a [non-interactive, representative] user experience”

    And before this post, “link preview agent” had *zero* Duck Duck Go or relevant Google results for the actual phrase (just four in Google, two split by periods, and two adjacent text coincidences that are separated by page UI).
    * https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=%22link%20preview%20agent%22
    * https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=%22link%20preview%20agent%22

  53. A tall pine tree on the left, large palm tree on the right, blue pink purple orange yellow dawn sky backlighting them and buildings on Dolores street, still in darkness, dotted with lit streetlamps.San Francisco skyline and East Bay hills bathed in sunrise on the horizon, Dolores park spanning the foreground with palm trees, and walking paths curving through the lawn.🌲🌆🌴 #getUp #optOutside #dawn #wakeUpTheSun @Nov_Project_SF. However you slept, get up (you can nap later). If it’s cold(ish) outside, add a layer (or two). If you’re late, stay after and do more. If you fall, get up and run harder. #JustShowUp. And keep showing up, especially for yourself.

    #SanFrancisco #DoloresPark #NPSF #sunrise #fromWhereIRun #run #runner #runners #Monday #MondayMotivation #getUpAndGo #blue #pink #purple #orange #yellow #scatteredClouds #clouds #clearSky #palmTree #palmTrees #noFilter

  54. Freshly baked blueberry pie with latticed dough on top, its pie tin sitting atop a metal tray on the lower shelf of an oven.Blueberry pie ingredients, assembled on an off-white tile countertop.Blueberries and pie ingredients mixed in a metal bowl, pie crust lining a pie dish, atop an off-white tile countertop.Blueberry pie made, with a latticework top, atop an off-white tile countertop.Blueberry pie with the edge of its pi tin showing in the lower right, atop a white table, black serving utensil in the top right.Bakers and friends standing around a table of pies, taking photographs.🔵🥧 Baked a #blueberry #pie last Sunday, my third pie, blind to an unexpected change coming just minutes after I put the pie in the oven.

    After we wrapped up IndieWebCamp SF, I went home, collected the ingredients from my cupboard, realized I was missing a couple, and picked them up from my local grocery store. Ingredients assembled(2), pie dish lined and #blueberries mixed(3), it didn’t take long to make(4), and place in the oven to bake(1).

    Thanks to a ride from a friend, the pie made it to the party intact(5), taking its place among others, surrounded by bakers, friends, and baker friends (6 📷 Andrew Garcia).

    #2019_342 #blueberrypie #pie #thirdpie #thirdpieblind #imadethis #baker #homecooking #homebaked #bakers #baked #latergram #nofilter

    Previously: https://tantek.com/2019/005/t1/weeks-ago-baked-first-apple-pie

  55. Tennessee Valley trail, large pool on the trail in the lower half reflecting the fence on the left, hills in the distance, bushes on the right, and clear blue sky above.Hundreds of birds perched on a single wire among several wires overhead with a blue sky above them and clouds on the horizon.The sun rising over a hill just to the south of Tennessee Valley beach, sunbeams illuminating the surf, with most of the beach on the shadow of the hill.Whitecaps and crashing waves under a blue sky at Tennessee Valley beach.Red rocky outcroppings rising out of the ocean and sand at Tennessee Valley beachBlue sky above, hills in the distance, bushes and brush at the edge of a green meadow with a few picnic tables off to the left, and trees off to the right at Haypress campground.🌄🏃🏻‍♂️ 3 months from today (2020-03-14) I am #running the #MUC50, my first 50 mile #trailrun, the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted. Today I returned to #SFRC, first time since back-to-back #ECSCA races a month ago. Ran to the #beach (3,4,5) & back, with a little detour to Haypress camp(6), with pal @VivekGowri and it felt great.

    Beautiful weather, birds flocked overhead and gathered all on one wire among several(2), and the ground was squishy from the recent rains, leaving a few reflective pools on the #trails (1). Today felt good & necessary for many reasons, physical, mental, emotional. Grateful for running with friends and the ideal running conditions.

    With today’s long-ish #run, I’m starting to focus on my #50miletraining for the Marin Ultra Challenge (http://insidetrail.com/calendar/marin-ultra-challenge/). Well outside my comfort zone, after I finished a 50k + half marathon (~46 miles in 2 days) without injury, and only sore feet to show for it, I feel 50 miles is within reach with dedicated training. The biggest challenge will be finishing it in under 14 hours.

    #Runner friends, this is your heads-up. Starting at about mile 30, I’m allowed pacers for the MUC 50. If you’d like to help me finish 50 miles by running with me for the last 20 miles please let me know. It’ll likely be a slow 20 miles, and some of it in the dark with headlamps. Think of it as an early evening fast-hike, with an opportunity to catch-up and talk about all the things you do when pushing your limits.

    #TrailRunner #UltraRunner #LetsDoThis #MarinHeadlands #TennesseeValley #trailsForBreakfast #trail #runners #sunrise #2020_074 #20200314 #WorkHardDreamBigDoCoolShit #optoutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #noFilter

    * 50k: https://tantek.com/2019/323/t1/did-ecsca-50k-ultramarathon
    * 13.1: https://tantek.com/2019/326/t1/we-did-ecsca-halfmarathon

  56. ↳ In reply to @jack’s tweet @jack @ParagA #bluesky sounds interesting. For “existing decentralized standard” see #IndieWeb specs https://spec.indieweb.org/ like W3C #Webmention, and community that actively federates with Twitter (like this reply from my site). Happy to discuss more!

  57. RSVP yes to: Tantek’s event hosting #IndieWeb Homebrew Website Club TONIGHT 17:30 @Mozilla SF!

    No #bluesky today, let’s discuss Twitter’s @bluesky:

    @adactio will be there. Join us! @jack @ParagA @JackyAlcine @benwerd @dietrich @AndiGalpern @generativist @pvh @JohnMattDavis @html5cat et al

  58. Wrapped @IndieWebCamp SF and with that we completed:
    a record 12 IndieWebCamps this year in 11 cities! https://indieweb.org/cities

    Watch https://2020.indieweb.org/ for more and sign-up for Austin & Summit in Portland!

    See you in 2020!

    #indieweb #openweb

  59. Homebrew Website Club SF!

    Homebrew Website Club retro 1980s-style logo.

    When: Where: Mozilla San Francisco Host: Tantek Çelik

    The Homebrew Website Club is a growing world-wide network of meetups for everyone who wants to take back their web experience from social media silos, and own their online identities, content, and interactions.

    Topics for this week:

    Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site, or are interested in a healthy, independent web!

    Any questions? Ask in #indieweb Slack or IRC

    More information: IndieWeb Wiki Event Page

    Optional RSVP: post an indie RSVP on your own site, or just show up!

  60. Here @IndieWebCamp SF day 2 we’re about to start demos any minute!

    Video feed is live *now*


    #indieweb #openweb

  61. Thanks to a quick tip and advice from @adactio, I was able to improve my offline support here @IndieWebCamp SF in the last 15 minutes!

    I started with the script for listing offline cache available pages from https://clearleft.com/offline, stripped it down a bit, and filtered for / or .html files.

    Now when you load my site when offline, you’ll see what pages you have cached and can view while offline!

  62. Kicking off @IndieWebCamp SF with introductions and a brief informal keynote by @adactio!

    Looking forward to inspiring demos and sessions!


    Per room livestream links on: https://indieweb.org/2019/SF/Schedule

  63. Stream of consciousness progression of emotional abilities, to develop, grow, and recognize in others.

    1 emotional self-awareness
    2 "" self-sufficiency
    3 "" self-resilience

    1 emotional listening
    2 "" boundaries
    3 "" communication


    There is a progression of emotional abilities, from internal to external, and within each, abilities that progressively build on each other.

    Internal emotional abilities

    1. emotional self-awareness — becoming aware of your own emotions as they’re happening, growing understanding of immediate feelings and deeper perhaps longer term feelings and emotional states behind them
    2. emotional self-sufficiency — ability to take care of your own emotional wellbeing and state in normal conditions
    3. emotional self-resilience — ability to understand and handle atypical or external influences on your emotions and rebalance your emotional state

    External emotional abilities

    1. emotional listening — becoming aware of others emotional states, by both explicit listening and sensing, from what they say to physical (e.g. facial, posture) expressions etc.
    2. emotional boundaries — becoming aware of and being able to separate your emotional state from others. when developing emotional listening, empathizing as part of understanding those emotions can make them feel like your own. emotional boundaries are a way to stay aware of both your emotions and others, distinctly  
    3. emotional communication — starting with sensing and some understanding of your emotions and others, developing the ability to talk about your emotions with others, and listen to others talk about theirs

  64. Enjoyed my first #TC39 meeting, learned a lot. Lots of notes to go through. Really impressed with chairing, processes, culture of discussing and advancing proposals through stages, conflict resolution, etc. @TC39. Filed an issue: https://tantek.com/2019/339/b1/cross-domain-import-mechanisms-security.