Tantek Çelik

Independent technologist, writer, teacher

  1. Got a physical. Barely beat normal expected peak expiratory flow, 1st time. Never felt so good to be just above normal

  2. Five years ago I built @Falcon to #ownmynotes since 2010-001. My 2015-001 #indieweb commitment is to #ownmyfavorites.

  3. at Homebrew Website Club @MozSF 1st floor. Come on by for: 17:30-18:30 Quiet Writing Hour 18:30-19:30 #IndieWeb meetup

  4. Just taught nephew2(7) & niece(4) how to do burpees. Then we did 8 in a row. Told them next time we'll do 10 in a row.

  5. @kh sounds like a good day for a windy rainy practice run – for the next race like that. #weatherproof

  6. Absolute comparison arguments are of little utility. E.g. * two sides to … * either … or * fair & balanced #spectrums

  7. The fastest trail marathon relay team: instagram.com/p/wSZg-QA9XJ (2014 North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco winners podium with champions Dan Clayton and Padraig O'Leary, co-leaders of November Project San Francisco) Workout with them for free. #justshowup @Nov_Project_SF

  8. finished my #NFEC #NorthFace #ECSCA #MarathonRelay leg in 1:17:12! My first trail race. #NovemberProject #TeamSTAMina

  9. Last night: flashed a v4 (been a while) at the new Portland Planet Granite. Today: 40sF cold pre-#ECSCA shakeout run.

  10. In other news, run+workout 30min+ in predawn Portland 30sF cold. Lungs hurt but could still breathe. #DecemberMovement