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  1. a jpg. Or this past Friday @nov_project_sf, tapping #eucalyptus #trees on top of Lafayette Park on every hill rep. 🌿🌆 #NPSF #latergram #nofilter

    #hillsforbreakfast #fromwhereirun #dawn #sunrise

  2. a jpg. Or last Wednesday @nov_project_sf 🌴🌆 #NPSF #latergram #nofilter

    If you look closely you might glimpse a fellow runner or two pushing the air out of their way crushing stairs at Alta Plaza Park before #sunrise.

    #palmtree #dawn #sf #skyline #city #park #clearsky #thatglow

  3. a jpg. Dawn last Monday @nov_project_sf. #natural #beauty #NPSF #justshowup #latergram #nofilter

    Besides the incredibly supportive community and the inspiring commitment of those that dare to start Monday getting sweaty before sunrise, I have to admit anticipating skies like this motivates me to get out of bed in the dark, and get moving.

    #heysweatdaily #fromwhereisweat #cottoncandy #cottoncandyclouds #fortmason #monday #sunrise

  4. a jpg. After last Saturday’s trail run we took coffees & food to go back to SF and sat on a bench with this peaceful view. #latergram #nofilter

    After outrunning dark clouds from the north, we had a window of sunshine and calm before the storm. It's weekend moments like these that help me get through the work week.

    Tuesdays are often challenging, perhaps the day of the week when I most often question if I did enough professionally, tried hard enough, helped colleagues as much as I could. When that happens, I try to remember moments like this photo.

    #SF #palaceoffinearts #sky #architecture #water #peace #moments

  5. a jpg. Corps of Engineers Survey Mark C-121, Marin County, CA. Find it and you’ll find a rare VORTAC^1 (ht: @therunetarian) #latergram #nofilter

    Hint: find the view from the previous photo (tantek.com/2016/290/t1/bridge-bridge-view-trail-run-sfrc) then #lookdown around your feet and be careful not trip on a short metal flag in the ground with C-121 etched into it.

    For the previous “mark” (tantek.com/2016/284/t3/coyote-ridge-2-horizontal-control-mark) I found a single online result (until I blogged about it, then more showed up afterwards).

    This time, I tried searching for "Corps of Engineers" "Survey Mark" "C-121"


    and got two results, a PDF from Washington State Legislature, and an Internet Archive of a periodical index, neither applicable.

    I tried searching for "Corps of Engineers" "Survey Mark" Marin 1957 (all phrases words on the physical mark itself)


    and got two pages of results, none of them about this mark in particular, but I did find a fascinating PDF of a 1980 document:

    “Input Formats and Specifications of the National Geodetic Survey Data Base / Volume I. Horizontal Control Data”

    So for the next person that comes across this survey mark, here’s the full text, roughly in the order and phrases intended on the mark:

    YEAR 1957

    (Known typos: CORP OF ENGINEERS)

    According to Google Maps (dropping a pin in satellite view) the latitude longitude coordinates of this Marin County mark are:
    Latitude: 37.8556 degrees (N)
    Longitude: -122.5221 degrees (W)
    Altitude: 1040 feet

    I need to get a GPS watch (or an https://aaronparecki.com/) to record more precision.

    No luck searching on geocaching.com/mark either — nearest benchmarks they had were 1.3 miles away.

    ^1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VORTAC
    a jpg.
    #seenonmyrun #trailrun #corpsofengineers #army #armycorpsofengineers #surveymark #permalink #marin #ca #gottacatchemall

  6. a jpg. 8.6+ miles, 1200' climb, and this bridge to bridge view from yesterday morning’s trail run peak at SFRC. #yestergram #nofilter

    It was supposed to be a ~7 mile route, but I ran an extra bit most of the way up to the radio tower on the left and back down to the route. Then instead of turning right onto Miwok trail, I decided to run uphill just a little further to the peak that was “right there” and was rewarded with this view and another survey marker.

    Like last week, I was alone after the first few miles (though the route leader kept running back to make sure I took the correct forks, up until the fork up to the radio tower, then found me again when I rejoined the route).

    After taking photos here I ran back down and took the Miwok trail turn, first saw Lucci running the other way with a friend, then within minutes, @poleary87 with his running buddy.

    Saw just one hiker the rest of the way on Miwok until the turn onto Old Springs Trail where I saw some ~13 mile route runners, where our long & “short” routes of the day merged.

    Took the downhill at an easy pace, until @mitchwestwood ran up behind me and as you might guess surprise hugged me (neither of us breaking stride, still not sure how we balanced that), before passing me with Katy Kunkle.

    I decided to keep pace, and raced downhill keeping up with both of them, passing several other runners on the way, until the downhill portion ended at the Tennessee Valley trail head parking lot when I slowed to my own pace.

    Took the Rhubarb trail (parallel to the road) as usual with its eucalyptus forest and made it back to SFRC with a total trail running time of 1:46:50, ~15s/km faster than last week. I'll take it.

    #heysweatdaily #fromwhereirun #radiotower #baybridge #sunny #sf #sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge #marin #hills #run #trails #trailrun #stormclouds #outruntherain #latergram

  7. 03:00 self-wake-up due to
    a mid-month bills to pay
    b thought of email replies to send
    c DSL needs hard reboot
    d all the above

  8. JA #IndieWebCamp BERLIN!
    2016-11-05&06 @MozillaBerlin indieweb.org/2016/Berlin
    @leyink @_cberger_ @julians @crh @jhford

  9. Overslept for Tuesday track. Went anyway. warmup, 400, abs and exercises, ran back. Last week: tantek.com/2016/279/t1/back-at-track-yesterday

  10. a jpg. Coyote Ridge 2 Horizontal Control Mark #lookdown #latergram #nofilter

    #run #trail #coyoteridge #peak #solorun #coyoteridge2 #horizontalcontrolmark #nationalgeodeticsurvey

    I tried searching for "Coyote Ridge" "Horizontal Control Mark"


    and found just one result, on geocaching.com
    * Update 10:10, now three results, including a book, and my Twitter profile.
    * Update 10:50, more results, top result is now this post.


    Kind of surprising for what looks like a physical permalink.

    Searching for "National Geodetic Survey" I did find http://www.ngs.noaa.gov which has a giant blue and red text-as-an-image link “Looking for Bench Marks?” which sounded close as anything else on their home page to “Horizontal Control Mark”. That link goes to:

    http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/datasheets/ (Survey Marks and Datasheets)

    Which has a “Search By” section with a “Station Name(s)” option which sounded promising.


    An ancient Perl CGI "web app" reminiscent of the 1990s web (when was the last time you saw a "Reset" button on a web form? Amazing.)

    I tried searching for Coyote Ridge and got a beautifully developerific error:

     Go back and try again.

    In a PRE with FONT SIZE +3 no less.

    Went back, chose California from the select list, and clicked Submit.

    Got a result in another SELECT list (no change in URL, classi CGI perl), selected it, and clicked Get Datasheet.

    That provided me with “The NGS Data Sheet” which I am unable to link to because it is still at the same ds_desig.prl URL as above.

    However here’s some info copy / pasted from that sheet:

     HT3417  PID         -  HT3417
     HT3417  COUNTRY     -  US
     HT3417  USGS QUAD   -  POINT BONITA (1993)
     HT3417                         *CURRENT SURVEY CONTROL
     HT3417  ______________________________________________________________________
     HT3417* NAD 83(1992) POSITION- 37 51 59.28592(N) 122 33 08.78413(W)   ADJUSTED  
     HT3417* NAD 83(1992) EPOCH   -  1991.35
     HT3417* NAVD 88 ORTHO HEIGHT -   314.8   (meters)     1033.    (feet) VERTCON  

    Where NAVD 88 links to: http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/datums/vertical/index.shtml#NAVD88

    Lots more in the data sheet, with format details explained in http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_lookup.prl?Item=DSDATA.TXT for those that may be curious.

    The geocaching page has its own copy of the data sheet at https://www.geocaching.com/mark/datasheet.aspx?PID=HT3417 which had slightly different (out of date?) numbers.

    Both data sheets and the geocaching page did agree about the altitude or height of the marker at 1033 feet, which is how I determined the 1033' for my previous post.

  11. a jpg. Saturday morning at SFRC I ran up to this 1033' peak on Coyote Ridge, to Tennessee Beach, and back. ~10.2 miles, ~1233' climb. I could see SF and Sutro tower, tiny in the distance. #latergram #nofilter

    The SFRC route for that day was ~13 miles, more than I was ready for. Another group went for the 7.25 mile Tennessee Valley trail run to the beach and back.

    I felt stronger than last week, yet still fell behind. I was alone when I reached the Fox Trail fork and decided to choose my own path (having run it once before with @micheleperras). This time I kept running uphill to the next apparent peak, behind which there was one more which is when I reached this peak.

    After taking photos I ran back down to Tennessee Beach, then back to SFRC in Mill Valley. 2:10:48 round trip. My farthest trail run in 18+ months and it felt good.

    #saturday #sfrc #trail #run #coyoteridge #peak #solorun

  12. a jpg. This weekend started here, running oceanside trails Friday before dawn, with @novemberprojectsf and headlamps. #latergram #nofilter

    #wakeupthesun #fromwhereirun #hillsforbreakfast #npsf #batteriestobluffs #trail #run #dawn #goldengate #goldengatebridge

  13. Beautiful day. Longest trail run in 1.5yrs at SFRC. Flight plans. Election Discussion Salon, 42 SF+CA props, debates+insights

  14. going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2016-10-19!
    RSVP: http://known.kevinmarks.com/2016/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-2016-10-19
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1052899251496635/

  15. going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @GoDaddy #SF TONIGHT!
    RSVP: http://known.kevinmarks.com/2016/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-2016-10-05
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  16. 📕 finished reading “Before Tomorrowland” by Jensen, Case, Bird, Lindelof last night. #hardcopy tantek.com/isbn/1484704215