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  1. @benwerd after this Saturday, may you see & expect a future much better than “an apocalyptic wasteland.” #tomorrowland

  2. Well done @devjul!
    “MTV begins at 1996-05-12”
    5 months older than archive of Yahoo. #longevity

  3. Web #longevity question:
    What’s the oldest page in archive-org?
    Can you beat 1996-10-17 Yahoo? http://web.archive.org/web/19960415000000*/http://yahoo.com

  4. a photo https://instagram.com/p/8MzFbrA9bU
    2 weeks ago #NFECS #ECSUT Marathon Relay leg 1 in 1:15:34 ~10km trail race PR by almost 2 min!

    Wonderful time racing (7000-8600') with tommysteam (AKA #Saulin16) in Park City, Utah for the #NPSUMMIT. It was a beautiful day, and I’m grateful for such awesome #NPSF teammates.

  5. going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2015-10-21!
    indie event kylewm.com/2015/10/sf-homebrew-website-club-1
    silo fb.com/events/671166853018457

  6. @tommorris don’t know anyone supporting #OpenIDConnect login.
    Some sites have #IndieAuth login https://indiewebcamp.com/IndieAuth#Supporting_Sites

  7. @chrismessina we can make #AMP smaller:
    * script: ban JSONLD
    * meta: ban "property" attr, schema-org

    make optional (not required)
    * link rel=canonical
    * meta name=viewport
    * script ampproject
    * style body opacity
    * anything "amp-*"

    allow but make loading expected to be optional by default:
    * picture, source
    * img - by default works like a span with its alt text
      * perhaps allow per domain user opt-in, starting with same-origin
    * any @font-face

    re: https://github.com/ampproject/amphtml/blob/master/spec/amp-html-format.md#required-markup

  8. Remember when I declared js;dr?
    #AMP: “not include author-written JavaScript, nor 3rd-party scripts”


    Background: tantek.com/2015/069/t1/js-dr-javascript-required-dead

    However, View Source on ampproject.org/how-it-works, and they’ve still got some work to do, e.g. their misuse of <blockquote> for second level headings, e.g.:

     <blockquote>AMP HTML is pretty fast.</blockquote>

    Remember in the 1990s when presentational web authors would use "blockquote" to mean, "indent this"? @Zeldman remembers.

    HTML has a high performance element for second level headings.

    Curiously enough it’s called <h2>, e.g. that AMP Project page should be using:

     <h2>AMP HTML is pretty fast.</h2>

    But this is any easy fix. I’m sure it was a minor oversight.

    Because why would someone worried about size & performance use 20 characters of open close tag names, when 4 would do?

    Consider this an open challenge, what else can you cut from AMP?

    @KevinMarks already has some suggestions: http://www.kevinmarks.com/ampreaction.html

  9. going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2015-10-07!
    indie event kylewm.com/2015/10/sf-homebrew-website-club
    silo fb.com/events/1018383818191914

  10. Code reviewed @glennjones #microformatshiv #Javascript @microformats parser+tests. Great work! http://microformatshiv.com/

  11. Ran ~2.7km @ ~7000' +200'^ in Park City. Saturday’s #ECSUT Marathon Relay race leg will be ~10.5km @ ~7000' +1600'^.

  12. youtu.be/oFRbZJXjWIA

    “Think that jammin’ was a thing of the past?
    We’re jammin’,
    Hope this jam is gonna last.”

    @ThisIsMyJam goes read-only in 3 days, I hope this jam is gonna last.

    * tantek.com/2015/260/t2/orbital-halcyon-extended

  13. going to Science Hack Day SF 2015!
    Now open for sign-up: sciencehackday2015.eventbrite.com
    Are you a designer dreamer builder optimist? Especially for and about the future?

  14. Social Web WG first to adopt* new @W3C Software & Document license†!

    * http://www.w3.org/2013/socialweb/social-wg-charter#licensing

    The more liberal CC0+OWFa (Mozilla’s preferred standards licensing‡) is still better, however, the new W3C license is more permissive than the previous W3C Document license.

    The new W3C license more explicitly allows experimental improvements on W3C specifications, in particular outside W3C, including publishing publicly (with attribution), with the potential for reincorporation into W3C specs.

    It’s a big step forward, and hopefully experience with this more permissive license will help build confidence in the use of more permissive licenses in general, towards the goal of increasing use of CC0+OWFa for open standards.





  15. going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2015-09-23!
    indie event kylewm.com/2015/09/sf-homebrew-website-club-1
    silo fb.com/events/142187966129436

  16. Last week’s purge, ~71 pounds of stuff:
    * 35 cds
    * 6 books
    * 12.8 lbs housewares
    * 40.4 lbs clothing including:
     * 16 tshirts
     * 8 pairs socks
     * 5 pairs of shoes
     * 5 pants
     * 4 long sleeve shirts
     * 2 sweaters
     * 2 sweatpants
     * 1 belt
     * 1 hoodie

    Previously: tantek.com/2015/256/t1/purge-stuff-not-building-positive-future

  17. @ibogost the open web is now for optimists building & living it. You use WordPress, try adding https://indiewebcamp.com/Getting_Started_on_WordPress

  18. likes David Shanske's “Trying to Explain the Indieweb”

  19. @benward re: https://www.facebook.com/tantek.celik/posts/10101883746673363?comment_id=10101883803689103
    donated the books to Goodwill, they’ll figure it out. 10y+ RSS/Atom namespaces n/a to STEM. Wanted to avoid burdening public library too.

  20. youtu.be/xNPZ_XFst0c

    This is Orbital’s original “Halcyon (Extended Version)”, in contrast to the “Halcyon On and On” version on the Hackers soundtrack. The accompanying video adds a poignant, surreal, frantic, and sometimes peacefully beautiful backdrop, to the hypnotically looped vocals.

    * tantek.com/2015/253/t6/chance-happy-clap-along-you-feel-wanna

  21. OH @TheAmericanSF: To me flying is teleportation. We are living in an era where we can go anywhere in the world in 24h

  22. @kevinmarks will be dead? #Branch funded by @ev @obviousvc *is* dead. My post won, as predicted tantek.com/2015/159/t1/branch-replied-my-site-last-longer

  23. @kevinmarks The idea won’t be to publish on js;dr sites. That is dead to history. The #indieweb, HTML optionally enhanced with JS, is what matters: searchable & discoverable, indexed & archived long after unarchived t.co links have died, like the one in your tweet:


    “Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots.txt.”

    Previously: tantek.com/2015/069/t1/js-dr-javascript-required-dead

  24. Today’s the 20th anniversary of the release of Hackers:
    Who’s up for a viewing tonight?

  25. Happy #8bitday — 256th day of the year (almost missed it!)
    This year: go #microsoft.com, try #KonamiCode!
    Prev: http://tantek.com/2014/256/b1/happy-8-bit-day-8bitday

    Next: I’ve been thinking about how to make 8-bit origami, or perhaps just pixel art origami. Web searches haven’t found much, e.g. making pixel art from a single sheet of paper, without cutting it.

  26. decided to purge stuff not part of building positive futures, donated
    5 lbs clothes
    20 CDs
    10 lbs 10y+ old technology books

    A good start.

    Going to set aside a few things to donate every day, clustering them into canvas bags. When a bag is full (or nothing more to donate of that type of item), take it to Goodwill. Repeat until everything left is useful for a positive future, or a part of my identity I want to keep and reinforce.

    Repair things and only buy things as consumables,  replacements/upgrades of current useful things, or to grow new areas of creativity & optimism.

  27. Missing both #xoxo #xoxofest (for the 1st time) and #dConstruct.
    Good reason: going to celebrate Ariel & Matt tonight.

  28. vimeo.com/80193433

    Because if you have a chance to be happy,
    “Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.”

    * tantek.com/2015/253/t4/chance-happy-mutually-take-it
    * tantek.com/2015/244/t2/saving-jam-shoot-it-up-there

  29. @kevinmarks definitely that film too.
    @poulpita have you seen Sneakers?

  30. If you have a chance to be happy, especially mutually so with another, take it make it. Life’s short, don’t hold back.

  31. Sometimes I sense a question from a friend, want to give timely advice, can’t in-person, so I hope they see a post.

  32. Thanks @KevinMarks HWC SF notes! kevinmarks.com/hwc2015-09-09.html
    My #indieweb update: I added photo posts to my site: http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2015-09-01#t1441130307365 http://indiewebcamp.com/photo#Tantek e.g. http://tantek.com/2015/253/t1/wakeupthesun-gasworkspark-np-sea

  33. a photo https://instagram.com/p/7ajg5UA9W1/ 🌆 #wakeupthesun yesterday at #GasWorksPark before @nov_project_sea #NP_SEA

  34. Noted to @poulpita that as @W3C Web Security Interest Group co-chair, she needs to see Hackers: tantek.com/i/a/6305047456

  35. Proposed to @W3CAB that all @W3C specs should have a #Security & #Privacy section, like the @W3CTAG’s: https://w3ctag.github.io/security-questionnaire/
    from the perspective that I’ve done so myself (i.e. dogfooded) in the most recent @CSS3UI Candidate Recommendation: http://www.w3.org/TR/css-ui-3/#security-privacy-considerations

    * tantek.com/2015/189/b1/css-basic-user-interface-level-3

  36. not going to tonight’s Homebrew Website Club in SF/PDX (I’m @W3CAB in Redmond) but you should! https://indiewebcamp.com/events/2015-09-09-homebrew-website-club

  37. Talking #WoT @W3CAB. I say any #IoT #security “expert” must at a minimum post their home IP adr & list of appliances.

  38. In 1st @W3CAB in-person meeting of my 2nd elected term. Continuing to push & document #OpenAB: https://www.w3.org/wiki/AB

  39. Surprised that Wikipedia has many wolf parables&fables, yet lacks the Cherokee Two Wolves story: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?search=%22the+one+that+you+feed%22+OR+%22the+one+you+feed%22&fulltext=Search&profile=all

  40. youtu.be/pk30a0qsVIk

    @ThisIsMyJam being archived 2015-09-26.

    Saving a jam? 25 days to shoot it up there.

    * http://tantek.com/2015/237/t1/open-up-post-jams-indieweb

  41. a photo https://instagram.com/p/7GEfT3g9Vo

    Did entire #NPSF #trackattack:
    1600 1200 1000 800 600 400 abs.

    Prev: tantek.com/2015/230/t1/npsf-trackish
    Prev completion: tantek.com/2015/118/t1/npsf-trackattack-done

  42. Tomorrowland
    #dystopia vs #futureoptimism
    #fatalism vs #possibility
    #knockdown vs #build
    #alone vs #curate #community
    and the need for #genius #engineers #creativity #inventions

    A couple of quotes:

    “Anyone who will feed the right wolf.”

    “Find the ones who haven’t given up. They’re the future.”

    And from the 30 second trailer: https://youtu.be/8cAJ7nc3-tA

    “What if there was a place, where nothing was impossible, where you could build whatever you were crazy enough to imagine.”

    cc: @BrendanEich @dougturner @nealstephenson

    Previously: tantek.com/2015/243/t4/enjoyed-tomorrowland-perspective-shifted

  43. @BrendanEich only Tomorrowland trailer with wading to starship shot didn’t end there. This? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNzukD8pS_s

  44. @BrendanEich took notes, need to rewatch, write-up something longer. Some overlap with @nealstephenson #Anathem ideas.

  45. Enjoyed Tomorrowland on flights to&from Paris. Better than critics/ratings. Perspective shifted imdb.com/title/tt1964418

  46. @dougturner yes ATT cares more about bottom line. Would be costly (PR / legal #CFAA) for them to strip CSP. #security

  47. @kermiite @jden415 I commend you on HTTPS+HSTS A+ personal sites. You’re right. I’m waiting to dogfood #LetsEncrypt.

  48. @dougturner @kermiite
    1. Defense in depth indiewebcamp.com/Content-Security-Policy#Why_bother_if_attacker_can_hack_CSP_too
    2. I dare ATT to #circumvent Content #Security Policy

  49. ATT wifi injects ads http://webpolicy.org/2015/08/25/att-hotspots-now-with-advertising-injection/
    = I learned+deployed CSP https://indiewebcamp.com/Content-Security-Policy
    You should too. #security

  50. Four years (+2d) ago: How many ways can you slice a URL & name the pieces? http://tantek.com/2011/238/b1/many-ways-slice-url-name-pieces
    #xkcd927 #standards

  51. 24h Homebrew Website Club: Malmö, Göteborg, Brighton, SF, Portland done; now on in Edinburgh https://indiewebcamp.com/events/2015-08-27-homebrew-website-club

  52. updated tantek.com/relmeauth @CSSWG meeting to demo :-moz-ui-invalid, :-moz-ui-valid, and :user-changed polyfilled to work while modifying the input (typing, paste, etc.) before clicking outside.

    Note that :-moz-ui-invalid already only triggers *after* the user leaves the input, thus acting as a warning to the user that they need to go back and fix something, instead of interrupting them while they're typing.

    However for the valid case, as soon as the user has entered something valid, you want to give them positive feedback thus letting them know they can take the next step (leave the input, submit the form, etc.).

    * alistapart.com/article/inline-validation-in-web-forms
    * alistapart.com/article/forward-thinking-form-validation
    * alistapart.com/d/forward-thinking-form-validation/enhanced_2.html
    * https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/:-moz-ui-invalid
    * https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/:-moz-ui-valid

  53. while talking CSS snap points, noticed Wikipedia lacked toast points thus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toast_point
    @adactio @tommorris etc. help expand it!

  54. 24 Hour Homebrew Website People starts with the first Malmö meetup with @voxpelli @thatemil! http://indiewebcamp.com/events/2015-08-26-homebrew-website-club

  55. @robdolin
    1. Add "Seattle" and yourself here: indiewebcamp.com/Homebrew_Website_Club#Up-and-coming_Meetings
    2. I’m in Redmond in 2 weeks! Let’s do it!

  56. Vacation Mode @Yahoo? How About Evening Mode, Original Content Mode, and Walkie Talkies With Texting?

    Called it. I recently asked “When did you last eat without using digital devices at all?” and proposed a “dumb camera mode” where you could only take/review photos/videos and perhaps also write/edit text notes on your otherwise “smart” phone that usually made you dumber through notification distractions.

    Five days later @Yahoo published a news article titled: “The One Feature Every Smartphone Needs: Vacation Mode” — something I’m quite familiar with, having recently completed a one week Alaska cruise during which I was nearly completely off the grid.

    Evening Mode rather than Vacation Mode

    Despite the proposals in the Yahoo article, I still think a “dumb” capture/view mode would still be better on a vacation, where all you could do with your device was capture photos/text/GPS and subsequently view/edit what you captured. Even limited notifications distract and detract from a vacation.

    However, the idea of “social media updates only from people you’re close to, either geographically or emotionally” would be useful when not on vacation. I'd use that as an Evening Mode most nights.

    Original content rather than “shares”

    In addition, the ability to filter and only see “original content — no shared news stories on Facebook, no retweets on Twitter” would be great as reading prioritization — I only have a minute, show me only original content, or show me original content from the past 24h before any (re)shares/bookmarks etc.

    This strong preference to prioritize viewing original content is I think what has moved me to read my Instagram feed, and in contrast nearly ignore my Twitter feed / home page, as well as actively avoid Facebook’s News Feed.

    Ideally I’d use an IndieWeb reader, but they too have yet to find a way to distinguish original content posts in contrast to bookmarks or brief quotes / commentary / shares of “news” articles.

    Tame your inbox? No, vacation should mean no inbox

    The Yahoo article suggests: “tame your inbox in the same fashion, showing messages from your important contacts as they arrive but hiding everything else” and completely misses the point of disconnecting from all inbox stress while on vacation.

    SMS smart phone texting frustrations vs stress-free iPod

    While I was on the Alaska cruise, other members of my family did txt/SMS each other a bit, but due to the unreliability of the shipboard cell tower, it was more frustrating to them than not.

    With my iPod, I completely opted out of all such electronic text comms, and thus never stressed about checking my device to coordinate.

    IRL coordination FTW

    Instead I coordinated as I remember doing as a kid (and even teenager) — we made plans when we were together, about the next time and place we would meetup, and our general plans for the day. Then we’d adjust our plans by having *in-person* conversations whenever we next saw each other.

    Or if we needed to find each other, we would wander around the ship, to our staterooms, the pool decks, the buffet, the gym, knowing that it was a small enough world that we’d likely run into each other, which we did several times.

    During the entire trip there was only one time that I lost touch with everyone and actually got frustrated. But even that just took a bit longer of a ship search. Of course even for that situation there are solutions.

    Walkie Talkies!

    My nephews and niece used walkie-talkies that their father brought on board, and that actually worked in many ways better than anyone’s fancy smart phones.

    Except walkie-talkies can be a bit intrusive.

    Walkie Texting?

    My question is:

    If walkie-talkies can send high quality audio back and forth in broadcast mode, why can’t they broadcast short text messages to everyone else on that same “channel” as well?

    Then I found this on Amazon: TriSquare eXRS TSX300-2VP 900MHz FHSS Digital Two-Way Radio Two 2-way radios

    • Digital Two-Way Radio
    • spread spectrum and encrypted
    • text mesaging between radios

    (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Anybody have one or a similar two-way radio that also supports texting?

    Or would it be possible to do peer-to-peer audio/texting purely in software on smart “phones” peer-to-peer over bluetooth or wifi without having to go through a central router/tower?

    That would seem ideal for a weekend road trip, say to Tahoe, or to the desert, or perhaps even for camping, again, maybe in the desert, like when you choose to escape from the rest of civilization for a week or more.

  57. @royalparktouch @MartianOdyssey huh?

    Many use @WordPress https://indiewebcamp.com/WordPress

    In #indieweb #alphabet too: http://tantek.com/2015/224/b1/alphabet-indieweb

  58. Milk and cookies kept you awake, eh, Sebastian?

    No, just implementing a new @cassisjs function auto_space


  59. vimeo.com/68515433

    @ThisIsMyJam is freezing soon.

    So “Open up”: post jams to your #indieweb site:

    Those proprietary APIs^, they “lied … faked … cheated … changed the stakes”. May they “burn down to the ground”.

    “Now open up” and help us evolve standards instead.


    * http://tantek.com/2015/231/t1/depend-snowflake-apis-born-slippy
    ^ http://thisismyjam.tumblr.com/post/126260430022/jam-preserves

  60. How indie(web) is your city? A record six cities host Homebrew Website Club meetups this week: https://indiewebcamp.com/events/2015-08-26-homebrew-website-club

    6 cities, two each across three countries: Brighton, Edinburgh, Götenborg, Portland, San Francisco, and especially a warm welcome to Malmö which is hosting its first Homebrew Website Club meetup this week!

  61. a photo

    They say never look back.

    I say reflection is a source of insight, wisdom, and inspiration.

    Sometimes it's good to pause for a moment, look back, take stock of the bridges you've crossed, and then most importantly, keep moving #forward.

    From yesterday's trail run on the Tennessee Valley Trail.

    Originally posted on: instagram.com/p/6vYOrkg9Rr, subsequently manually PESOS'd (indiewebcamp.com/PESOS) here.

  62. likes Jeena’s “IndieWebCamp 2015”

  63. @tolfsen no because:
    1. willpower is limited tantek.com/w/WillpowerImprovement#willpowercapacity
    2. it’s good to lower barriers for better habits

  64. When did you last eat without using digital devices at all*?

    Me: last night picnic, Dolores Park. *Except showing each other photos/videos related to our topics of conversation, read-only, no taking photos either.

    Makes me think mobile “smart phones” and other similar devices should have a mode similar to “airplane mode”, let’s call it “dumb camera mode”, where all they can do is review your album of existing photos/videos, and maybe take photos/videos. No notifications, no switching apps.

    Maybe allow taking text notes too (not txts nor emails!), on a photo or by themselves, to capture things mentioned in conversation (auto-location-tagged and datetime-stamped like EXIF of course — when did I take this note, and where was I).

    There was something quite nice about the post-digital-camera pre-camera-phone era. It was much easier to have a focused and continuously present experience, for hours at a time.

    Most of my time on the Alaska cruise^ was like that.

    ^ tantek.com/2015/214/b1/alaska-cruise-log-day-1