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  1. @aral gah. I omitted a ;) for intended jest, failed horribly :( My bad. I owe you at least a pint for that. Apologies.

  2. @jalbertbowdenii @thewendee so much positive potential in web components. Both excited and hopeful for implementation iteration based on web developer experience (i.e. not get locked into bugwards compatibility with who ships what first). I trust smart folks like @dglazkov @hober @tabatkins @fantasai to wrestle out the details of web components, shadow DOM, CSS selectors thereof etc.

  3. How to markup X? Best approach I've found: * the minimum semantic markup that * would not completely suck without CSS

  4. @mterenzio specifically content editing/publishing/commenting UX innovations. Happy to learn of any open web examples.

  5. If your goal is better #indieweb UX, start by copying the best innovations from those silos to your site. #selfdogfood

  6. @adactio I failed to append ;) Notes are a building block of every #indieweb post type. *A* good start but certainly not the only, nor essential, as you've demonstrated with adding a composite stream, webmention support, and linkblogging to your own site, omitting short plain text notes (hopefully only for now and you'll own your tweets at some point :)

  7. planned to publish next mobile comms post days ago, but life had a way of happily happening. home now. maybe tonight.

  8. name of illusion causing proponents of a concept to see most things as that concept? e.g. webintents,annotations,cards