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  1. So many #indieweb things to write: 1. Things to wiki 2. … to blog 3. … to design 4. … to code to enable others, myself

  2. Happy Winter Solstice 2014! Ready For More Daylight Hours.

    The sun has set here in the Pacific Time Zone on the shortest northern hemisphere day of 2014.

    I spent it at home, starting with an eight mile run at an even pace through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach and back with a couple of friends, then cooking and sharing brunch with them and a few more.

    It was a good way to spend the minimal daylight hours we had: doing positive things, sharing genuinely with positive people who themselves shared genuinely.

    Of all the choices we make day to day, I think these may be the most important we have to make:

    • What we choose to do with our time
    • Who we choose to spend our time with

    These choices are particularly difficult because:

    • So many possibilities
    • So many people will tell you what you should do, and who you should spend time with; often only what they’re told, or to their advantage, not yours.
    • You have to explicitly choose, or others will choose for you.

    When you find those who have explicitly chosen to spend time with you, doing positive things, and who appreciate that you have explicitly chosen (instead of being pressured by obligation, guilt, entitlement etc.) to spend time with them, hug them and tell them you’re glad they are there.

    I’m glad you’re here.

    Happy Winter Solstice and may you spend more of your hours doing positive things, and genuinely sharing (without pressures of obligation, guilt, or entitlement) with those who similarly genuinely share with you.

    Here’s to more daylight hours, both physically and metaphorically.

  3. Got a physical. Barely beat normal expected peak expiratory flow, 1st time. Never felt so good to be just above normal

  4. Five years ago I built @Falcon to #ownmynotes since 2010-001. My 2015-001 #indieweb commitment is to #ownmyfavorites.

  5. at Homebrew Website Club @MozSF 1st floor. Come on by for: 17:30-18:30 Quiet Writing Hour 18:30-19:30 #IndieWeb meetup

  6. Just taught nephew2(7) & niece(4) how to do burpees. Then we did 8 in a row. Told them next time we’ll do 10 in a row.

  7. @kh sounds like a good day for a windy rainy practice run – for the next race like that. #weatherproof

  8. Absolute comparison arguments are of little utility. E.g. * two sides to … * either … or * fair & balanced #spectrums

  9. The fastest trail marathon relay team: instagram.com/p/wSZg-QA9XJ (2014 North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco winners podium with champions Dan Clayton and Padraig O’Leary, co-leaders of November Project San Francisco) Workout with them for free. #justshowup @Nov_Project_SF

  10. finished my #NFEC #NorthFace #ECSCA #MarathonRelay leg in 1:17:12! My first trail race. #NovemberProject #TeamSTAMina

  11. Last night: flashed a v4 (been a while) at the new Portland Planet Granite. Today: 40sF cold pre-#ECSCA shakeout run.