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  1. Made it to my destination safe and sound.

    Figured out the next big thing I want to build for my site for the #newwwyear:

    * POSSE issues^1 and replies to GitHub
    as part of my #indieweb 2018 stretch goal of owning/POSSEing all* my public posts, specifically with non-trivial content (i.e. not counting likes^2, reacji^3 etc.).

    Rather than posting directly to GitHub, I want to post any new issues (or comments on issues) on my site first, and then (ideally automatically) have those issues and comments be syndicated to the right repo or thread accordingly.

    I don’t know how long it will take me to implement, but I want start doing it as soon as the next GitHub issue or comment I want to make, even manually if I have to, documenting what I learn along the way.

    *I’m specifically postponing edits (like edits to POSSE copies, wiki pages, pull requests). I’m also postponing contributions to realtime chat (like IRC, Slack) and  various commons^4 sites such as Wikipedia, wiki.mozilla.org, and the indieweb.org wiki, where they both show clear authorship, and their licenses do not prevent me in any way from using or backfilling that content to my own site eventually.

    ^1 https://indieweb.org/issue — the IndieWeb community has both thought about and built examples of how to post issues to your own site and syndicate them to GitHub. I’ll be using and contributing any improvements to that work.

    ^2 https://indieweb.org/like - though I’ve implemented like posts on my site (see that page for a lot of my design thinking), and have owned all my Twitter favorites for a while, more/better "likes" is not a priority for me in 2018.

    ^3 https://indieweb.org/reacji - similar to like, there is a lot more UX work to do to make the indieweb experience of posting reacji or reactions (https://indieweb.org/reaction) in general even close to as smooth as on silos. Or perhaps that’s more work than using those existing UIs with services like OwnYourGram to PESOS reactions to my site. Or good reaction UX may require first building an integrated reader (https://indieweb.org/reader) into my site.

    ^4 https://indieweb.org/commons

  2. Pro tip: if you’re flying United out of SFO after midnight, all Terminal 3 security may be closed!
    Be prepared (and plan time) to make the trek to the International Terminal to go through security, and then hike back to Terminal 3 via the connecting walkway.

  3. Once again, taking a ~7 day break from Facebook, and likely other sites too.

    If you need to contact me, use my /contact page, also

    💬 Contact on tantek.com

  4. Today is the 1 year anniversary of the Webmention REC from the @W3C @SocialWebWG! https://www.w3.org/TR/2017/REC-webmention-20170112/

    And over 1 million webmentions have been sent peer-to-peer on the #openweb https://snarfed.org/1-million-webmentions

    Come celebrate! 2018-01-24: https://indieweb.org/events/2018-01-24-homebrew-website-club

  5. Homebrew Website Club SF

    When: Where: Mozilla San Francisco Host: Tantek Çelik

    17:30: Optional writing hour and quiet socializing
    18:30: IndieWeb demos and hack night

    Homebrew Website Club retro 1980s-style logo

    Topics for this week:

    Demos of personal website breakthroughs. Create or update your personal web site!

    Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site, or are interested in a healthy, independent web!

    Any questions? Ask in #indieweb Slack or IRC

    More information: IndieWeb Wiki Event Page

    RSVP: on the Facebook event or post an indie RSVP on your own site!

  6. First wet #NPSF Monday workout in 2018. Waking up with tired legs from yesterday’s race and hearing the rain was almost enough to not go. Almost. Went, ran, worked out, shared rain-soaked hugs. #justshowup #rainorshine #weatherproof #100PDPD

  7. Finished the Hot Chocolate 15k #HC15k in 1:42:37! #100PDPD
    Slower pace than last year’s, but this time a full 15k.

    Last year: http://tantek.com/2017/008/t3/finished-hotchocolate15k

  8. Yesterday I ran half a mile non-stop, no-walking, up ~300 feet elevation gain to the top of Mount Olympus^1.
    4 years ago I barely ran half a block up ~30 feet without losing my breath.
    Tank Hill next^2. #practiceandalliscoming #100PDPD #2008_006

    ^1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Olympus_(San_Francisco)
    ^2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hills_in_San_Francisco

  9. going to run the Hot Chocolate 15k on 2018-01-07!
    Last year’s was only ~9.8k due to Great Highway being flooded. Looking forward to an actual 15k!

  10. First wet #NPSF #weatherproof workout in 2018 this morning. #100PDPD
    #stepsforbreakfast up the Moraga Tiled Steps^1 to Grand View Park^2. Afterwards we saw just a sliver of orange sunrise between land & cloudcover. Last bright sunlight til maybe sunset.

    ^1 AKA 16th Avenue Tiled Steps http://www.16thavenuetiledsteps.com/
    ^2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_View_Park

  11. Yesterday was a rest and homework^1 day. #100PDPD #2018_004
    Originally planned to hike up Mt. Tam to watch the sunrise, but being shaken awake by a 02:40 4.4 earthquake^2 screwed up our sleep enough to postpone.
    Barely awake for @W3CAB telcon. Scheduled a physical and started tax prep.

    ^1 homework is what I am starting to call all the things you must do as an adult that you are not paid to do (i.e. they’re not your job or other regular source of income, e.g. filing taxes, preventative doctor checkups, laundry etc.) or else bad things happen, are more likely to happen, cost you a lot more time or $ later, or delay receiving $.
    ^2 https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/nc72948801

  12. a jpg. a jpg. 🌆 Made it to the first #NPSF #earlygang of the year, did in-betweeners abs, and 6:30 workout with a brutal burnout that was really its own workout. But wow pretty sunrise. Plus 50+ deg F? I’ll take it. #100PDPD

    #justshowup #darknesstodawn #wakeupthesun #fromwhereirun #NovemberProject #sunrise #latergram #nofilter

  13. Last night I went to my first yoga class of the year (also by Lauren Pisano @YogaFlowSF on Ocean Ave) and brought a friend who had not done a heated yoga class before. Apparently really needed it. Felt much lighter afterwards.
    #100PDPD #2018_002

  14. went to New Years Day Meditation & Satsang with Lauren Pisano @YogaFlowSF on Ocean Ave at #2018_001. My first #Satsang, and the longest I have sat (and meditated) outside of #YTT. There was comfort in doing so in a group, and with few words.

  15. Hello 2018.
    This changing of the year feels very different than last. It felt more like just another day to make the most of.
    But I am doing #indieweb #100Days of Positive Posts again, refocused on 100 Positive Doing then Posting Days: #100PDPD

    Being an optimist, I believe every day we have opportunities to choose to make things better (or not), even if in seemingly small ways.

    Thus the plan for #100PDPD:
    1. Every day: *do* something positive in-person (not just online). E.g.
     * Something for the first time
     * Or the first time this year
     * Or build on something
     * Or complete something
    2. Post about it on your own site,
     - or make a note of it and post it later.
    3. Ideally post about it before posting anything critical (or negative) that same day

    From my experience last year, there were several times when for one reason or another I went days without posting, then had to "catch up". Instead of catch-up, I’m making the posting part strictly secondary, and ok even if published days after the action.

    I expect to spend more time offline and perhaps even offgrid this year. I’ll be taking paper notes which I can then post about later.

    The refocus on doing rather than just posting may make this more challenging than last time.

    Last year’s #100DoPP: http://tantek.com/2017/020/t3/indieweb-100days-positive-posts-100dopp
    and 100th DoPP: http://tantek.com/2017/119/t6/haight-this-morning

  16. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. Running @TheNorthFace #ECSCA marathon relay was particularly awesome this year. First photo by @matt_anzur.

    This is my fifth #NP_PhotoContest entry, though the photos were taken over a month ago. November 18th was one of my favorite days of 2017.

    I got my dad to run on a North Face Endurance Challenge relay team for the first time (at 70+, he was the oldest ECSCA relay team participant this year by 17 years!). After running the first leg and resting while Anna did leg 2, I was in good enough shape to run with my dad in relay leg 3 and keep up! Thanks to Matt Anzur for capturing the sheer joy as we returned from Baker Beach. My dad joins #NPSF workouts whenever he can when he is in town, having him participate in ECSCA was extra special.

    I also talked my good friend Michele into running the final leg of the relay for our team. Michele has been a great long distance training partner, including on weekends on the Marin hills, or on Golden Gate Park trails. She participates in #NovemberProject events when she can.

    Lastly, after just coming to #NPSF for a few weeks, I convinced newcomer Anna to join our relay team, despite her being unsure about the distance (it was the longest she had ever run). We practiced the route early Tuesday morning of race week, which she easily crushed. She was also worried she wasn’t fast enough, and she ran the fastest leg of our team! Anna is now a regular at #NPSF and always brings a great attitude and spirit.

    To me our ECSCA team represented a lot of what NovemberProject is all about. Whether older or younger, a seasoned regular, an occasional participant, or a newbie, we run, support each other, and have a great time.

    Happy New Year friends, let’s make 2018 even better.

    #run #runner #runners #grassrootsgear #TheNorthFace #TNFECS #neverstopexploring #raceeverything #grateful #latergram #nofilter