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  1. a jpg. a jpg. Yoga teachers. #saytwowords #nofilter

    #YTT #200hours #yoga #yogaflowsf #certified #yogateacher #yogateachers

  2. going to Wah! The Healing Concert TONIGHT @YogaFlowSF Ocean. I have comp tix, message me! #YTT https://www.facebook.com/events/1394919670567477/

  3. co-taught first public yoga class last night @YogaFlowSF. So grateful for @Nov_Project_SF friends, #YTT colleagues & teachers, all my yoga teachers over the past 19 years, Paola for getting me to start doing yoga post-injury recovery, and my mom for perhaps planting the idea decades ago doing ~5am yoga from broadcast TV while I patiently waited for Speed Racer to come on ~6am.

    < 32 hours to Yoga Teacher Training graduation.
    * wrapping up homework
    * class all day today
    * final exam and co-teaching another public class tomorrow.

  4. going to Sound and Mantra with Special Guest Wah! tonight @YogaFlowSF on Union. #YTT https://www.facebook.com/events/1792450084402868/

  5. hosting Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2017-05-31!
    RSVP: http://werd.io/2017/homebrew-website-club-may-31-2017
    FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/693617677491856

  6. AS2 and Micropub are @W3C Recommendations!
    Congrats @SocialWebWG and editors!
    Specs, test suites, etc.:

    Activity Streams 2.0:
    * https://www.w3.org/TR/2017/REC-activitystreams-core-20170523/
    * https://www.w3.org/TR/2017/REC-activitystreams-vocabulary-20170523/
    * https://as2.rocks
    * https://www.w3.org/blog/news/archives/6321
    * https://www.w3.org/2017/02/social/implementations/as2/

    * https://www.w3.org/TR/2017/REC-micropub-20170523/
    * https://micropub.rocks/
    * https://www.w3.org/blog/news/archives/6326
    * https://micropub.rocks/implementation-reports/clients/
    * https://micropub.rocks/implementation-reports/servers/

  7. a jpg. a jpg. Beautiful day, beautiful people. Ran #baytobreakers in 1:15:03, 5.5min faster than 2016! 6s slower than my 2014 PR of 1:14:57.

    I hit my main two goals:
    * Finish without injury
    * Run strong, finish strong

    These I had considered beforehand, but I had let go of, until about halfway through the race when they seemed not only possible, but reasonable:
    * Sub-10 min/mile average pace (9:49, 20s/mi faster than the Hot Chocolate "15K" actually 9.8km)
    * Make it to the NovemberProject group photo (see above)

    According to @Strava:

    I also set a 5km PR of 28:30 during the last 5km of Bay to Breakers’s 12km. Nearly 3 minutes faster than 31:15 at the Stow Lake Stampede 5km race four weeks ago!

    Feels good to be back.

    Previous Bay to Breakers:
    * 2016 1:20:46 tantek.com/2016/181/t1
    * 2015 1:17:53 tantek.com/2015/137/t1
    * 2014 1:14:57 tantek.com/2014/138/t1
    * 2013 1:31:39 tantek.com/2013/139/t2
    * 2012 1:36:33 tantek.com/2012/141/t1
    * 2011 1:39:47 tantek.com/2011/135/t5

    Previous 5km at Stow Lake Stampede:
    * 2017-04-23 31:15 tantek.com/2017/114/t1

    Previous 9.8km at the Hot Chocolate "15k":
    * 2017-01-08 tantek.com/2017/008/t3

    Aside: Unexpected competitive results:
    * top 20% overall
    * top 25% in division

  8. One weekend of #YTT remaining. Have learned so much, yet so much more to learn.

    Tomorrow: my 7th #baytobreakers

  9. co-organizing IndieWeb Summit 2017-06-24…25 @MozPDX!
    Welcome @benwerd;
    <25 spots left!
    RSVP: https://2017.indieweb.org/

  10. hosting Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2017-05-17!
    RSVP: http://werd.io/2017/homebrew-website-club-may-17-2017
    FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1785514098429850/

  11. went to A Jivamukti Master Class with Ruth Lauer Manenti today @YogaFlowSF on Ocean ave. #YTT make-up work done!

  12. Inspired by #IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf demos, a bit on pinned posts: https://indieweb.org/pinned#Brainstorming

    My current #indieweb itches need more design thinking before building and deploying. By iterating, minimizing, simplifying, eventually something clicks and it’s easier to switch into coding thinking, then build, test, ship, use, demo.

    Capturing and sharing my design thinking in progress on various site features here:
    * https://indieweb.org/Falcon#Working_On
    in the hopes that others implementing similar features for their sites may benefit or can contribute suggestions as well.

  13. #IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf demos started with @adactio demoing offline on his site!
    Live stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phy1m4d46G4

  14. Just two weekends of YTT left. And some homework.
    Graduation 2017-05-28.

  15. @sil pinged ~22h after support request, before @t unlocked. By the time he checked, support had unlocked it.

    Finding it unlocked the next morning my time, I presumed it was due to that and only saw the message this morning that he had not had to escalate it after all.

    Added timeline to my unlocked post: tantek.com/2017/131/t1/twitter-account-unlocked

  16. CORRECTION: @t unlocked by support *before* friend escalated.
    cc: @sil