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  3. ↳ In reply to @HenriHelvetica’s tweet @HenriHelvetica after many months of practice, only a little discomfort.

  4. Tantek running downhill on a trail with mountains, hills, and an ocean shore in the distant background, under a sunny blue sky.The sun just risen above a hill, shining through the edge of a eucalyptus tree, backlighting it, sunbeams glistening and lighting up the golden grass field below.The sun shining above the Marin Headlands, low haze barely visible behind them, obscuring most of the tiny distant San Francisco skyline peaking through the hills, a wide trail in the foreground with low green bushes on either side.Sun shining through a forest canopy, lighting up ferns next to a trail.Tantek running on a trail in a forested canopy with sunbeams shining down on either side of him across tree branches crossing overhead.#trailTuesdayThrowback to Saturday’s first Marin #trailRun of the year, masked & distanced on a beautiful #Junuary day. Chilly in Tennessee Valley as the sun crested the hills, poking through the eucalyptus[2]. After ascending Fox trail[3], it was warmer than any winter’s day. Nice breeze running down Coastal Fire Road[1 📷 @BryanTing] to Muir beach.

    We took Redwood Creek to Miwok into the cool forest canopy, paused for a moment[4], then continued on our way.[5 📷 @BryanTing]

    #run #trail #runner #trailRunner #running #ultraRunner #Marin #MarinHeadlands #FoxTrail #CoastalFireRoad #Miwok #MiwokTrail #50ktraining #50mileTraining #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #20210116 #2021_016 #laterGram #noFilter

  5. View of sunset-lit downtown San Francisco in the distance as viewed from Twin Peaks, with the hairpin turn below, and immediately below the green hill slope of Twin Peaks summit.Black sign with white text in a window with white mini-blinds behind it, with six lines: see black women, hear black women, trust black women, love black women, protect black women, pay black women.Sutro Tower nearby and a tiny Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, both lit with orange light from the sunset, blue skies with a few small cloud streaks, Mount Tam visible in the distance.Very bright sun emitting lots of sunbeams barely over the Pacific Ocean horizon, lighting up pedestrians along the road, including two women dressed in pink dresses.Large mostly dirt and rocks hill in front lit up with orange light from the sunset, a road off to the left, with two women in pink dresses in the distance walking down the middle of the road.Twin Peaks towers, downtown San Francisco in the distance, looking down Market Street from above, its streetlamps lit, the sun glinting off the taller downtown skyscrapers.The glowing orange sun barely above the Pacific Ocean on the horizon, Sutro tower a bit closer yet darker, its legs backlit by the setting sun.November Project San Francisco group photo at Dolores Park just before sunrise, the barely backlit outline of the downtown skyline visible behind them.
    Seven years ago today I showed up to my first #hillsforbreakfast workout @Nov_Project_SF and ran up & down a few blocks for 25min[8]. In memory of #NPSF hills I ran to Twin Peaks today[1], 25min (or a bit less) of all uphill just to start — something that was beyond my reach back then.

    Starting at Oak Street I caught a sign in a window[2] I hadn’t seen before, encouraging folks to:
    * see black women
    * hear black women
    * trust black women
    * love black women
    * protect black women
    * pay black women

    After running up Ashbury to Clayton to Twin Peaks Boulevard and climbing to the summit & both peaks, I turned around to see a clear view of Sutro Tower, Mt Tam, and the Golden Gate Bridge from the South Peak[3]. On the return run, I spotted a pair of apparent princesses in pink dresses strolling along, brightly lit by the brilliant setting sun[4], along the adjacent road blocked to motor traffic. As I climbed the North Peak, I saw them again up ahead, strolling in the middle of the road without a care in the world[5].

    Reaching the top of the North Peak, I noticed Market Street’s streetlamps had been lit, the sunset barely lighting up a few blocks of downtown[6]. Made it back to the Twin Peaks Summit as the sun dropped toward the Pacific Ocean, bathing everything nearby in orange light[7].

    Ran down the hill at an easy pace, legs & feet tired after yesterday’s longer run. Grateful for regular runs up Twin Peaks, where 25 minutes is the start, rather than the whole workout.

    #trail #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #SF #SanFrancisco #hilliversary #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #TwinPeaks #50ktraining #50mileTraining #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #noFilter

    Previously, previously, previously:
    * https://tantek.com/2020/017/t2/six-years-ago-npsf-hills
    * https://tantek.com/2016/017/t1/two-years-ago-first-npsf-hillsforbreakfast
    * https://tantek.com/2014/017/t1/first-novemberprojectsf-hillsforbreakfast

  6. January of 2021 month calendar built from LEGO bricks, on a hexagonal white on gray blanket background.🗓 More than half way through #January 2021. Since last month’s calendar post: Electoral college results finalized in the middle of the night[1] despite a violent insurrection[2]. Millions received their first vaccine doses, though new cases grew by many millions more[3].

    And yet, Georgia’s Senate seats flipped, and with them the US Senate. 3 days til our next president snaps his fingers with executive orders, undoing damage or putting a stop to bad ideas, like the Keystone XL pipeline[4].

    Finally, as of this morning, 2021-01-17, we’ve entered the future of Johnny Mnemonic (1995)[5], as noted by a wake-up call in its opening scene[6]. Time to pop in that USB stick and view it in today’s contexts.

    #2021 #Gregorian #LEGO #month #calendar #twentyTwentyOne #31days #noFilter

    Previously: https://tantek.com/2020/356/t1/december-winter-solstice

    1. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2021/01/06/electoral-college-vote-stopped-unclear-when-resume-after-riot/6572441002/
    2. https://www.newyorker.com/news/video-dept/a-reporters-footage-from-inside-the-capitol-siege
    3. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/graphics/2021/01/14/covid-vaccine-distribution-by-state-how-many-covid-vaccines-have-been-given-in-us-how-many-people/6599531002/
    4. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/biden-keystone-xl-1.5877038
    5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Mnemonic_(film)
    6. https://twitter.com/DatesInMovies/status/1218154517360934912

  7. TFW an old post hits #HackerNews https://news.ycombinator.com/news #jsdr

    Still true: making sites that depend on client #JS to view content is bad practice and you should feel bad.

    Prev: https://tantek.com/2015/069/t1/js-dr-javascript-required-dead (https://twitter.com/t/status/575434935554584576)

    I miss the optimism of 2015.

    For completeness (and those clicking through POSSE copy original post links), Hacker News permalink that does not depend on JS to view:
    * https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25813836

  8. How about Dem peaches? 🍑🍑 #Georgia

  9. Multicolored heart painting with a few sequine pieces, outlined in pink with bits of turquoise, paint dripping downward, on a piece of plywood at a construction site, signed KATE_TOVA.View of Kezar Stadium from the entrance, clear blue sky above, dry track below with very few runners.Kezar track viewed from lane 5 at the start of the front 100meter segment.Hand drawn BLACK LIVES MATTER sign, black marker on white cardboard, inside the window of a building, mini-blinds closed behind it holding it up, a small BIDEN HARRIS sign next to it.White BLM repeatedly stenciled on multicolor background segment on plywood decorated with additional art.View of Kezar Stadium from the entrance, clear blue sky above, wet track below with almost no runners.Kezar track rounding the last corner, the sun shining directly overhead lighting up track, a Covid warning placard on the edge of the lanes.Kezar track viewed from lane 5 on the front 100meter segment, lanes 1-3 wet from rain, a runner in lane 2.BLACK LIVES MATTER sign standing outside against the side of a house, behind a few potted plants, mostly succulents.⭕🏃🏻‍♂️ Last track workout of the year and third #trackTuesday in a row. Spotted new #streetArt #heart by @kate_tova(1) a block before #Kezar. Blue sky and a dry track this morning(2,3) for a warmup, 6x progressively faster 400s with a 200walk+200jog in between. Cooldown jog/walk in the area, noting a #BlackLivesMatter sign in a window(4) & BLM stencil artwork on a plywood covering(5).

    Last week the rain had left the track quite wet(6), glistening in the low sun(7), lanes in the shade still wet(8) from rain the night before. Completed a “broken 600s” workout: several sets of alternating fast and slow 400 200 200 400. On my cooldown jog back I spotted a BLACK LIVES MATTER sign leaning against lavender siding, behind a few potted plants(9).

    Happy to finish 2020 with a return to regular track workouts, and looking forward to continuing them in the new year.

    #run #runner #runners #running #track #KezarStadium #KezarTrack #seenOnMyRun #fromWhereIRun #noFilter

  10. Tantek wearing a buff taking a selfie at the Mill Valley Depot with Nick, Paddy, Olivia, and Emma safely distanced in the background.Nick, Emma, Olivia, and Paddy running up the first stretch of road of the Mt Tam climb.Handpainted Black Lives Matter sign, black paint on a white background, leaning against a wooden fence, a few tall green grasses overlapping part of it.Tall green bushes on both sides of Temelpa trail, a small pine tree on the right side that has been decorated with ornaments.Very hazy and foggy view of the bay and a barely visible outline of downtown San Francisco, one tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Sutro Tower in the distance, from the top of Mount Tam’s East Peak.Hazy view of the bay looking east from Mount Tam’s East Peak, bushes in the foregrount, Mount Diablo peaks poking up through the fog.Tantek taking a selfie at Mount Tam East Peak with a hazy view of San Francisco in the distant background.Screenshot of PurpleAir showing Mill Valley, the Marin Headlands, and the North half of San Francisco with a wide array of 100+ AQI orange red bubbles.⛰ Tam summit #13 of 2020. Started(1) just before Emma & Olivia’s time trial. Barely made it up the first road before Nick caught up leading the speed train with Paddy bringing up the caboose(2). #BlackLivesMatter signs are present in many of the yards(3) on roads up to Tam.

    Part way up #Temelpa #trail *someone(s)* had decorated a fir tree with holiday ornaments!(4). The views from the summit were the haziest I’d ever seen, SF(5) and Mount Diablo(6) barely visible. Despite the haze and cold (42F), it was one of my quicker recent ascents(7). On the way down I checked PurpleAir and the AQI was 100+(8) which would normally make it too hard to run. Perhaps the trees & bushes filtered the air along the trail. I could smell wood burning stoves & fireplaces as I ran back down the road to Mill Valley. Finished my 9th Tam ascent & descent on the same steep route (AKA H.A.M. on Tam) and returned to the Mill Valley depot where I started.

    Congrats @emmakayemccune on a new Tam Ascent Course Record! And Olivia on a new PR! Well done you two!

    #TamThursday #trail #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #Marin #MtTamalpais #MountTamalpais #HAMonTam #50mileTraining #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #noFilter

  11. December of 2020 month calendar built from LEGO bricks, on an hardwood floor background.🗓 Winter solstice, #December 2020. Took a break from posting photos since June. Sat with a lot. Listened. Focused inward, on essentials, on sheltering, and being sustainably supportive of others.

    This month feels different. The U.S. Electoral college voted, shifting a critical mass of support for moving forward with election results. The Pfizer vaccine shipped and first doses have been administered.

    Daily cases & tragedies continue, nearly ignored by the U.S. government, cruel obstructions of aid for months, only recently offering up mere crumbs for those in need.

    As individuals there’s only so much we can do by ourselves. What we can do we should, putting on our own masks, filling our own cups so we’re not pouring from emptiness. 2020 has laid bare layers of challenges, individual entitlement & irresponsibility, masses succumbing to misinformation, systemic biases against those least privileged, racist idolatory of a narcissistic president.

    And yet there’s bits of hope. 15 days until the chance of flipping Georgia’s Senate seats. 30 days until our next president can snap his fingers with day 1 executive orders to undo so much damage.

    Balance work & joy while staying safe friends. Take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and let’s make it to 2021.

    #2020 #Gregorian #LEGO #month #calendar #twentyTwenty #winterSolstice #31days #noFilter

  12. 👍 to a comment on issue 469 of GitHub project “w3process”

  13. One year & one week ago, I finished my first #ultramarathon race @theNorthFaceECS #ECSCA 50k (actually 53km), my second-to-last race before everything was canceled (last: #TNFECS #halfmarathon the next day).


  14. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event attending #IndieWebCamp East today & tomorrow!

    Great first keynote by David Dylan Thomas (@movie_pundit)!

    Up next, Sarah Hibner (@practicing_dsgn)

    Grab a complimentary ticket at https://2020.indieweb.org/east and join us in Zoom & online chat: https://indieweb.org/discuss

  15. New issue on GitHub project “browser-engine-diversity”

    Consider browser engine diversity impact on web standards in general, beyond W3C

    As a place for bringing together interested and concerned parties about browser engine diversity and standards, this repo would be useful for considering web standards in general beyond W3C, and the impact upon them by the participation (or lack thereof) of one or more browser engine implementations. How different orgs (IETF, WHATWG, TC39, etc.) approach these challenges and questions may help provide common approaches worth considering.

    While the origin of this repo is from a W3C TPAC session, it was clear from the broad and diverse participation in that session that this is an area that goes beyond W3C, and thus we should consider expanding the README accordingly, noting browser engine diversity issues and opportunities across multiple standards organizations, and leave the W3C-specific parts as part of the origin (but not any restriction in scope) of this repo. If this general approach is non-controversial, I can make pull requests to update the README accordingly for specifics.

  16. New issue on GitHub project “server”

    Feature request: support IndieAuth for federated sign-in

    Please consider supporting the IndieAuth open federated sign-in standard for logging into a CodiMD server. cc: @aaronpk. Thanks for your consideration!

    Label: feature request

  17. Today: 14 miles in Marin with pal @bryanting.
    Filled out my 2020 ballot and dropped it off at the local ballot dropbox. #Voted

  18. 7 years ago yesterday, showed up to @Nov_Project_SF. Last year: https://tantek.com/t53L2

    Yesterday was a rest day, registered for 2021-08-22 #baytobreakers: https://baytobreakers.com/ Previously: https://tantek.com/t53L1
    #2020_304 #20201030

  19. ↳ In reply to @dens’s tweet @dens I remember 2009, when our worst complaints about #socialmedia were too many failwhales.

    Congrats on Marsbot for AirPods!
    Could you allow sign-in with @Foursquare (OAuth) instead of a phone number for those of us without one or avoiding SIMjacking?

  20. New issue on GitHub project “canvas-formatted-text”

    Canvas Formatted Text should be harmonized with CSS Houdini, consider past SVG work

    High level feedback on Canvas Formatted Text: Please harmonize this work with the CSS Houdini effort. In addition you may want to take a look at some of the prior work in: SVG2 Chapter 11: Text.

  21. New issue on GitHub project “indieauth”

    IndieAuth needs non-normative Privacy Threat Model documentation

    Similar to The Google WebID privacy threat model document, the IndieAuth specification should have a brief non-normative “Privacy Threat Model” or “Privacy Considerations” section, perhaps right after the Security Considerations section, or alternatively as a separate document which the spec links to.

  22. ↳ In reply to issue 60 of GitHub project “w3process” This is not an “editorial mistake” from the perspective of those that carefully reviewed the Process document with the voting changes and in particular interpreted the only logical way that the election could be implemented given the text of the document (literally STV per seat for the number of seats in an election), and only approved the process accordingly. Several AC reps would have filed formal objections to the process had this been dropped before the Process went to review, and before that, in the AB.

    The Process also doesn’t say, implement whatever voting experiments were run, so the excuses that have been made to justify running the subsequent elections as they have been run (“but the experiments!”) also hold no justification in the Process document.

    Both of those are deemed objectionable enough to not remove this text from the Process and yes that leaves us at an impasse that the AB must take-up to resolve, especially towards a future where we may/will be relying even more on elected bodies to resolve conflicts rather than a BDFL “Director”.

    I do not expect to see this resolved for 2021.

  23. likes @slbedard’s tweet

  24. science & personal responsibility.

    that’s it. that’s the tweet.

  25. ↳ In reply to Tantek’s note At least stop reading Facebook & YouTube algorithmic feeds, and turn off all #socialMedia notifications.

    More from @mantonsblog: https://www.manton.org/2020/09/14/stop-using-facebook.html

    @aaronpk How to leave Facebook: https://aaronparecki.com/2020/06/14/14/how-to-leave-facebook

    Want smaller steps? https://indieweb.org/Facebook#How_to_wean_yourself_from

  26. Make #October the month you block Facebook, YouTube, and anywhere else recommending misinformation, yes a #Blocktober of sorts.

    See Also:
    * https://twitter.com/mantonsblog/status/1305983204281769986
    * https://jgregorymcverry.com/Blocktober

  27. New issue on GitHub project “this-week”

    Top Edited Wiki Pages should omit User: pages

    As illustrated by the 2020-10-02 draft newsletter, the Top Edited Wiki Pages includes User: pages which are more personal projects or bot updates and don't really add significant information to the This Week newsletter. User: pages should be omitted from the Top Edited Wiki Pages section.

  28. New issue on GitHub project “h-entry”

    Process for updating a proposed h-entry property

    The current h-entry change control process does not specify how to update the definition of a proposed feature, which means it falls back to being as strict as updating a stable feature which is more strict that desired for proposals. This issue is for considering a proposal for updating the definition of a proposed feature, as discussed during the recent Microformats Issue Resolution pop-up.

    Proposal: the definition of a proposed feature may be updated to be more consistent with one or more real world public web sites publishing and or consuming the feature, by citing URLs for those examples in an edit summary. New proposed property or value definitions may also be added for consideration per the existing requirements for adding a proposed feature. If you’re not sure whether to update an existing definition or add a new definition, try to work with the proposer(s) of an existing definition to come to a consensus to update it. Lacking consensus, add a new definition for consideration, retaining any previous definition(s).

    This proposal also adds a convergence requirement for moving a feature from proposed to draft. If there are multiple definitions for a proposed feature, an issue must be opened to discuss how to converge the definitions by consensus agreement among those with real world public web sites publishing and or implementations consuming the feature.

    This is a rough first draft, feel free to propose alternatives, simplifications, editorial suggestions.

  29. New issue on GitHub project “runair”

    Runair needs an open source license

    Runair is awesome! Would be great to give an explicit open source license like CC0 (preferred), or BSD, MIT, Apache etc. of your preference and mention it in README.md.

    For example, the IndieWeb newBase60py library uses CC0: https://github.com/indieweb/newBase60py and you could copy this LICENSE file in its entirety https://github.com/indieweb/newBase60py/blob/master/LICENSE

  30. ↳ In reply to a comment on issue 23 of GitHub project “standards-positions” @adamroach:
    > where you're seeing "non-harmful" here?
    The first link (420 comment) you quoted.

  31. ↳ In reply to issue 23 of GitHub project “standards-positions” @annevk, per your comment in https://github.com/mozilla/standards-positions/pull/420#issuecomment-669759232, could you summarize here (in this issue) our reasoning for changing to a "non-harmful" position, rather than "defer", and with explicit reasons for why we are downgrading from our previous "worth prototyping" position.

    To be clear: I’m not disagreeing with "non-harmful". Thanks.

  32. ↳ In reply to @slightlylate’s tweet Pretty shocked to hear of Emil Eklund (@eae) passing 😔

    @slightlylate sorry for your and all of our collective loss. Saw him at #W3CTPAC 2019. He was kind & welcoming to new folks @W3C (@CSSWG etc.); appreciated his contributions & conversations 💔

  33. I believe in the #webPlatform (#EngineDiversityAbsolutist)
    And the web as *your platform* (#IndieWeb over #BigTech #socialMedia corporate web)

    #webDeveloper @ohhelloana @smashingmag:
    “Autonomy Online: A Case For The IndieWeb” https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2020/08/autonomy-online-indieweb/

  34. As announced over a week ago, @Mozilla had a “significant reduction in our workforce by approximately 250 people” https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2020/08/11/changing-world-changing-mozilla/

    See https://talentdirectory.mozilla.org/ and #MozillaLifeBoat for amazing people.

    I worked directly with many of these individuals and am sad to see them go.

    I’ve ignored my LinkedIn for many years; will be logging in to connect with Mozillians, and helping to make introductions.

    Previously: https://tantek.com/2020/015/t1/mozilla-roles-mozillalifeboat

  35. ↳ In reply to issue 336 of GitHub project “standards-positions” In response to (most of) the continued commentary here.

    This issue is not the place to make pitches for use-cases.

    While we (Mozilla) are definitely sympathetic to use-cases that help users, a better place to capture those is either on your own blog with blog posts, or perhaps as pull-requests to add them to the respective Explainer, e.g. in this case:


    Better yet both, so you can fully express the use-cases yourself and then cite them with a brief summary in the Explainer.

    On the specific medical use-cases provided, if anything these are great examples both in terms of greater potential harm to users, and more vulnerable infrastructure due to systemic IT process issues. Those are both good reasons to expose fewer potentially risky features, not more.

  36. I’m sorry this happened Yan :(

    I know @bcrypt and trust her. Read the images.

  37. ↳ In reply to @slbedard’s tweet @slbedard or a Shazam for #birdsong, showing both which bird(s) and map of where heard, with optional contribution of location, naturally with @SwarmApp checkin integration for the obvious birds & bees mashup, and Twitter to tweet your #twitching 🐦🎶

  38. #TechIsNotNeutral. Laws SHOULD NOT mandate specific technologies (certainly #notBlockchain) nor unproven standards.

    @Mozilla blog:
     By embracing #blockchain, a California bill takes the wrong step forward: https://blog.mozilla.org/netpolicy/2020/08/06/by-embracing-blockchain-a-california-bill-takes-the-wrong-step-forward/


  39. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event going to part of the IndieAuth Pop-up Session
    🗓 9:30-11:30am PDT, Sat 8/8
    🎟 RSVP: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/08/indieauth-1-1-identity-protocol-standards-session-6xlxgeCEMgv8

    #IndieAuth is the most implemented decentralized #identity #protocol, built on #OAuth 2.

    #IndieWeb #OpenWeb #WebIdentity
    #noBlockchain needed

  40. New issue on GitHub project “bridgy”

    backfeed GitHub labels on your issues

    On GitHub, project team members are able to add labels to your issues on a project. If your issue is a POSSE copy of an original post on your site, Bridgy should backfeed these as "tag-of" responses to the original post. cc: @dshanske

    Bridgy Publish already supports POSSEing tag-of posts in reply to GitHub issues, as labels on those issues, and this is the backfeed counterpart. Brainstormed here: https://indieweb.org/tag-reply#How_to_post_a_tag-reply.

    This is similar to issue #776 which is the same backfeed feature request but for Flickr.

    This is also the “labeled” specific subfeature of issue #833 which documents many more backfeed for GitHub requests.

    And similar to this comment on #811 (original post) requesting Bridgy Publish untag-of support, it’s worth considering Bridgy Backfeed untag-of support (the “unlabeled” specific subfeature of #833), so when someone removes a label from your issue, your original issue post is notified. However, the brainstorming of how to markup untagging is still ongoing, and thus may need to wait for more discussion before implementing.

    Label: backfeed.

  41. New issue on GitHub project “microformats2-parsing”

    Should we specify a MIME type / Content-Type for canonical JSON from parsed mf2?

    There has been some past brainstorming about possible MIME types for the JSON resulting from a compliant microformats2 parsing implementation: microformats2-mime-type. It seems one in particular, application/mf2+json, has seen some adoption in the wild: https://indieweb.org/application/mf2+json. Should we specify an explicit MIME type for the parsed JSON result of an mf2 parser? And if so, should we adopt application/mf2+json or some other alternative?

    Labels: enhancement, question, needs proposed resolution.

  42. New issue on GitHub project “standards-positions”

    CSS Overflow 3: overflow:clip

    Request for Mozilla Position on an Emerging Web Specification

    • Specification Title: CSS Overflow Module Level 3: overflow:clip
    • Specification or proposal URL: https://drafts.csswg.org/css-overflow-3/#valdef-overflow-clip
    • Caniuse.com URL (optional):
    • MDN (optional): https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/overflow
    • Bugzilla URL (optional): https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1531609
    • Mozillians who can provide input (optional): @emilio, @heycam
    • W3C Tag Design Review issue: none

    Other information

    This value has recently been implemented in Nightly: overflow:clip (as announced yesterday).

    This feature is both a useful declarative presentational feature for web developers and one that formerly had a non-standard -moz prefixed value (-moz-hidden-unscrollable). Thus we should consider giving it an explicit status of "important".

    Label: w3c.

  43. New issue on GitHub project “standards-positions”

    CSS Images 4: cross-fade()

    Request for Mozilla Position on an Emerging Web Specification

    • Specification Title: CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 4: cross-fade()
    • Specification or proposal URL: https://drafts.csswg.org/css-images-4/#cross-fade-function
    • Caniuse.com URL (optional):
    • MDN (optional): https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/cross-fade
    • Bugzilla URL (optional): https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=546052
    • Mozillians who can provide input (optional): @dholbert, @heycam
    • W3C Tag Design Review issue: none

    Other information

    This function has recently been implemented in Nightly: cross-fade() (as announced yesterday).

    This is a useful declarative presentational feature for web developers, and thus we should consider giving it an explicit status of "important".

    Label: w3c.

  44. Looking forward to 2021, when 2020 will finally be hindsight.

  45. * 17k+ #Berlin anti-mask/anti-vax protesters gathered without masks (#COVID19 surge coming)
    * "Day X" preppers infiltrate German state institutions (@kbennhold), like a real-life MCU Hydra
    * Ware State Prison riot
    * Murder Hornet trapped, <2 mo. to find their nest

    Welcome to August.

    Berlin anti-mask/anti-vax protests:
    * https://in.reuters.com/article/germany-protests-idINKBN24X3SC
    * https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-53622797

    "Day X" thread and article:
    * https://twitter.com/kbennhold/status/1289568828691746816
    * https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/01/world/europe/germany-nazi-infiltration.html

    Ware State Prison riot:
    * https://www.ajc.com/news/breaking-violent-riot-reported-at-south-georgia-prison/3EISC6BDTZBRHI7YATPM3HPPNU/

    Murder Hornet trapped:
    * https://www.npr.org/2020/08/01/898173003/researchers-in-washington-state-have-trapped-their-first-murder-hornet

  46. Hey guys (yes, literally), and anyone in a position of power (management, leads) at Google, or any tech company, or any company, please read this thread by @EmilyKager:

    Content warning: domestic violence, images


  47. 2wks "virtual" @W3C F2Fs:
    Prev: MTW 06:00-09:30 @W3CAB, first as a returning AB member
    This: MT1-5p ThF7-11a @CSSWG
    Long Zoom/gMeet hrs, missed in-person time & break chats.
    Though I could reference 30yo typography books for ::first-letter issues, like The Elements of Typographic Style, and How to Spec Type.

  48. Thoughts with Portland friends, and implications.
    Watching indicators:
    * # cities DHS Operation Legend
    * # kidnapped from protests, streets
    * dystopia phrases like “proactively arrest”
    * USPS delays, defunding
    * swing state outbreaks
    * novel voter disenfranchisements
    * “resignations” of or “retiring” US generals
    * border closures
    * airport closures

    Some links:

    “Operation Legend”:
    * https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/21/trump-federal-force-cities-377273
    * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Legend

    People kidnapped from protests, streets:
    * https://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2020/07/20/28659148/what-to-do-if-youre-kidnapped-by-federal-officers-while-protesting
    * https://twitter.com/matcha_chai/status/1283328232033411072
    * https://www.wweek.com/news/2020/07/17/federal-officers-appear-to-be-using-rental-cars-from-enterprise-to-snatch-portland-protesters/

    Dystopia phrases, especially from police/military dystopias:
    * https://www.newsweek.com/portland-federal-agents-minority-report-1519574

    * https://www.npr.org/2020/07/23/894794250/critics-say-changes-to-usps-may-completely-transform-the-post-office
    * https://fortune.com/2020/07/24/usps-mail-delivery-postmaster-general-louis-dejoy-us-postal-service/
    * https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/22/maine-letter-carriers-allege-usps-leadership-willfully-delaying-mail-sabotage-postal
    * https://www.vox.com/21328220/senate-democrats-usps-vote-by-mail

    Novel voter disenfranchisements:
    * https://americanindependent.com/texas-gop-electoral-college-rig-elections-popular-vote-senate/

  49. 👍 to a comment on issue 334 of GitHub project “w3process”

  50. ↳ In reply to @b_cavello’s tweet @b_cavello, been reflecting. "immunity" not the goal. "#decentralisation" has been colonized by #blockchain snakeoil

    * agency+community instead of corp dominance
    * humble interop, choices, direct practices
    Like end of tweet #IndieWeb post links
    which allow us to write and post more on our own sites,
    and link to more resources like:
    * https://indieweb.org/principles
    * https://indieweb.org/why
    * https://indieweb.org/start

    We reject traditional "fast growth" capitalist narratives, and instead humbly encourage slow sustainable growth across numerous projects that interoperate with each other.

    Longevity & dependability directly benefit the people participating, instead of shortterm excitement which typically only benefits investors (sometimes "serial" entrepreneurs).

    Would love to chat more about these topics: https://chat.indieweb.org/ (There’s a Slack link there too to use Slack to join).

  51. Good #IndieWeb reminder from @brentsimmons: https://inessential.com/2020/07/15/zillion_times_easier (https://twitter.com/brentsimmons/status/1283534944493502470)

    And #BlueChecks appear to be frozen, unable to tweet, only retweet.

    So of course this exists: @EveryWord

  52. #TwitterHacked. What she said https://twitter.com/AOC/status/1283513914597298178 via @b_cavello

    Y’all know:
    #Bitcoin is a coal-burning CO2 producing currency for organized crime
    #blockchain is mostly #dweb snakeoil (singleton, OSS monoculture)

    Go #IndieWeb or SSB for the real: https://indieweb.org/

  53. @solarpunk_girl still reflecting on https://twitter.com/solarpunk_girl/status/1261196542519672834, how to design modern multi-generational housing? E.g. with care-sharing & support as primary goals, and COVID persisting: create quarantine split levels/sections with separate BRs/BA. Healthy half could provide food etc. for those in quarantine. Would work both for traveler / suspected exposure quarantine (like many countries requiring 14 days), and confirmed cases recuperating. If there were both (suspected and confirmed cases), they would need to be split apart as well, both sections accessible for care-providing without intersecting the other. We need new architectures of local sustainable support for a post-pandemic world.

  54. New issue on GitHub project “standards-positions”

    Media Queries Level 5: prefers-reduced-motion, prefers-contrast, prefers-color-scheme

    Request for Mozilla Position on an Emerging Web Specification

    • Specification Title: Media Queries Level 5: User Preference Media Features
    • Specification or proposal URL: https://drafts.csswg.org/mediaqueries-5/#prefers-reduced-motion
    • Specification or proposal URL: https://drafts.csswg.org/mediaqueries-5/#prefers-contrast
    • Specification or proposal URL: https://drafts.csswg.org/mediaqueries-5/#prefers-color-scheme
    • Caniuse.com URL (optional):
    • Bugzilla URL (optional): https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1365045
    • Bugzilla URL (optional): https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1506364
    • Bugzilla URL (optional): https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1494034
    • Mozillians who can provide input (optional): @heycam, @dbaron
    • W3C Tag Design Review issue: none

    Other information

    This issue is scoped to three of the new features in Media Queries Level 5, which we have implemented, as part of evaluating Media Queries Level 5 as a whole: prefers-reduced-motion, prefers-color-scheme, and most recently, prefers-contrast (as announced last week).

    These features enhance accessibility features of the platform and thus we should consider a status of "important" for these three as a whole.

    Label: w3c.

  55. New issue on GitHub project “standards-positions”

    CSS Media Queries Level 5

    Request for Mozilla Position on an Emerging Web Specification

    • Specification Title: Media Queries Level 5
    • Specification or proposal URL: https://drafts.csswg.org/mediaqueries-5/
    • Caniuse.com URL (optional):
    • Bugzilla URL (optional): https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1434491
    • Mozillians who can provide input (optional): @heycam, @dbaron
    • W3C Tag Design Review issue: none

    Other information

    We have implemented several of the features in Media Queries Level 5: prefers-reduced-motion, prefers-color-scheme, and most recently, prefers-contrast (as announced Monday).

    In general Media Queries Level 5 has several accessibility enhancing features and thus we should consider an overall status of "important".

    Label: w3c.

  56. New issue on GitHub project “standards-positions”

    HTML: dialog element

    Request for Mozilla Position on an Emerging Web Specification

    • Specification Title: HTML: The dialog element
    • Specification or proposal URL: https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/interactive-elements.html#the-dialog-element
    • Caniuse.com URL (optional): https://caniuse.com/dialog
    • Bugzilla URL (optional): https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=840640
    • Mozillians who can provide input (optional): @annevk, @dbaron
    • W3C Tag Design Review issue: none

    Other information

    We have implemented the HTML dialog element in Nightly (announced Monday), with a few caveats as described in Bugzilla 1645046.

    Along with inert (#174), this seems worthy of recording as "worth prototyping".

    Label: whatwg.

  57. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event hosted Homebrew Website Club West Coast tonight:
    Discussed many topics: proposed h-entry p-content-warning property https://github.com/microformats/h-entry/issues/19, IndieAuth test suite, UX personas roles as a way to update https://indieweb.org/generations, and more

  58. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event went to Homebrew Website Club London:
    Great chatting with folks about rethinking person-tagging public photos (now considered harmful), and discussed #IndieWeb Organizers & Organizing blog post: https://tantek.com/2020/187/b1/changes-indieweb-organizing-indiewebcamp-west

  59. A month ago @moral_imagining, @solarpunk_girl asked us to write a #MoralImaginations continuation to The Impossible Train story.

    * * *

    Since the train stopped, we’ve seen so many odd, shocking, and inspiring things.

    People outside their train cars protesting to be let back on to enjoy their window views and demanding their familiar entitlements served by others.

    Tensions outside the train bringing rise to new & familiar tragedies, now more visible to all.

    A pair of humans board a shiny new train to the sky, launch, and arrive at the sky station to much applause.

    People from different train cars, witnessing tragedy on tragedy, declaring enough, band together in solidarity, confronting and witnessing more tragedies.

    Reports arrive that despite the apparent stoppage, the train is still moving, slowly, and the upcoming cliff, still crumbling away.

    * * *

  60. New issue on GitHub project “dap-charter”

    DASWG: Drop Network Information API because it is harmful to the web

    Per DAS charter feedback: Mozilla has significant concerns about the inclusion of the Network Information API in the charter (as a specification to potentially adopt from the WICG) — Mozilla's public position is that this API is "harmful" to the Web as the information that it provides is unreliable and, at the same time, open to privacy abuses. As we have stated publicly, we believe it is "better that sites use methods that dynamically adapt to available bandwidth, as that is more accurate and likely to be applicable in the moment". Or, alternatively, use newer declarative solutions, such as "lazy loading" images and alike.

    cc: @dwsinger @pes10k @marcoscaceres

  61. New issue on GitHub project “dap-charter”

    DASWG: Drop Orientation Sensor in favor of existing APIs

    Per DAS charter feedback: Where we already have an existing Web APIs, e.g., Orientation Sensor, we would prefer the working group cease work on those items and instead focus on evolving the existing specifications.

    cc: @dwsinger @pes10k @marcoscaceres

  62. New issue on GitHub project “dap-charter”

    DASWG: Drop Geolocation Sensor in favor of existing APIs

    Per DAS charter feedback: Where we already have an existing Web APIs, e.g., Geolocation Sensor, we would prefer the working group cease work on those items and instead focus on evolving the existing specifications.

    As is evident with the Geolocation API, implementers have continued to make significant privacy and security enhancements to existing APIs, and those enhancements have made their way back to the W3C. As such, we feel it's unnecessary to have duplicate specifications.

    cc: @dwsinger @pes10k @marcoscaceres

  63. New issue on GitHub project “dap-charter”

    DASWG: Leave Fold Angle in WICG for now and collaborate with CSS

    Per DAS charter feedback: The Fold Angle specification should be incubated in the WICG before it becomes a working group deliverable. For Fold Angle, we'd also like to see closer collaboration and input from the CSS WG on the design.

    Having said that, we would be comfortable with having WICG incubated specs being explicitly listed as charter work items that the working group could adopt at a future date. However, we'd like to see them listed in a manner similar to the Web Apps WG Charter's section on WICG Specs (i.e., separated out of the main deliverables list for the working group).

    cc: @dwsinger @pes10k @marcoscaceres @torgo @dbaron

  64. New issue on GitHub project “dap-charter”

    DASWG: Leave System WakeLock API in WICG until there is a second implementer

    Per DAS charter feedback: We believe it would be prudent for the System WakeLock API to go through the WICG process until it gets implementation commitment from at least a second browser vendor.

    Having said that, we would be comfortable with having WICG incubated specs being explicitly listed as charter as work items the working group could adopt at a future date. However, we'd like to see them listed in a manner similar to the Web Apps WG Charter's section on WICG Specs (i.e., separated out of the main deliverables list for the working group).

    cc: @dwsinger @pes10k @marcoscaceres

  65. New issue on GitHub project “dap-charter”

    DASWG: Drop Ambient light sensor API for privacy and lack of implementer support

    Per DAS charter feedback: On the the grounds of privacy, and given a lack of implementer support, we would like the Devices and Sensors Working Group to cease work on the Ambient light sensor API and see it published as a Working Group Note instead.

    cc: @dwsinger @pes10k @marcoscaceres

  66. New issue on GitHub project “dap-charter”

    DASWG: Drop Proximity sensor API for privacy and lack of implementer support

    Per DAS charter feedback: On the the grounds of privacy, and given a lack of implementer support, we would like the Devices and Sensors Working Group to cease work on the Proximity sensor API and see it published as a Working Group Note instead.

    cc: @dwsinger @pes10k @marcoscaceres

  67. New issue on GitHub project “dap-charter”

    DASWG: Drop Battery API for privacy and lack of implementer support

    Per DAS charter feedback: On the the grounds of privacy, and given a lack of implementer support, we would like the Devices and Sensors Working Group to cease work on the Battery API and see it published as a Working Group Note instead.

    cc: @dwsinger @pes10k @marcoscaceres

  68. Changes To IndieWeb Organizing, Brief Words At IndieWebCamp West

    A week ago Saturday morning co-organizer Chris Aldrich opened IndieWebCamp West and introduced the keynote speakers. After their inspiring talks he asked me to say a few words about changes we’re making in the IndieWeb community around organizing. This is an edited version of those words, rewritten for clarity and context. — Tantek

    Chris mentioned that one of his favorite parts of our code of conduct is that we prioritize marginalized people’s safety above privileged folks’s comfort.

    That was a change we deliberately made last year, announced at last year’s summit. It was well received, but it’s only one minor change.

    Those of us that have organized and have been organizing our all-volunteer IndieWebCamps and other IndieWeb events have been thinking a lot about the events of the past few months, especially in the United States. We met the day before IndieWebCamp West and discussed our roles in the IndieWeb community and what can we do to to examine the structural barriers and systemic racism and or sexism that exists even in our own community. We have been asking, what can we do to explicitly dismantle those?

    We have done a bunch of things. Rather, we as a community have improved things organically, in a distributed way, sharing with each other, rather than any explicit top-down directives. Some improvements are smaller, such as renaming things like whitelist & blacklist to allowlist & blocklist (though we had documented blocklist since 2016, allowlist since this past January, and only added whitelist/blacklist as redirects afterwards).

    Many of these changes have been part of larger quieter waves already happening in the technology and specifically open source and standards communities for quite some time. Waves of changes that are now much more glaringly obviously important to many more people than before. Choosing and changing terms to reinforce our intentions, not legacy systemic white supremacy.

    Part of our role & responsibility as organizers (as anyone who has any power or authority, implied or explicit, in any organization or community), is to work to dismantle any aspect or institution or anything that contributes to white supremacy or to patriarchy, even in our own volunteer-based community.

    We’re not going to get everything right. We’re going to make mistakes. An important part of the process is acknowledging when that happens, making corrections, and moving forward; keep listening and keep learning.

    The most recent change we’ve made has to do with Organizers Meetups that we have been doing for several years, usually a half day logistics & community issues meeting the day before an IndieWebCamp. Or Organizers Summits a half day before our annual IndieWeb Summits; in 2019 that’s when we made that aforementioned update to our Code of Conduct to prioritize marginalized people’s safety.

    Typically we have asked people to have some experience with organizing in order to participate in organizers meetups. Since the community actively helps anyone who wants to put in the work to become an organizer, and provides instructions, guidelines, and tips for successfully doing so, this seemed like a reasonable requirement. It also kept organizers meetups very focused on both pragmatic logistics, and dedicated time for continuous community improvement, learning from other events and our own IndieWebCamps, and improving future IndieWebCamps accordingly.

    However, we must acknowledge that our community, like a lot of online, open communities, volunteer communities, unfortunately reflects a very privileged demographic. If you look at the photos from Homebrew Website Clubs, they’re mostly white individuals, mostly male, mostly apparently cis. Mostly white cis males. This does not represent the users of the Web. For that matter, it does not represent the demographics of the society we're in.

    One of our ideals, I believe, is to better reflect in the IndieWeb community, both the demographic of everyone that uses the Web, and ideally, everyone in society. While we don't expect to solve all the problems of the Web (or society) by ourselves, we believe we can take steps towards dismantling white supremacy and patriarchy where we encounter them.

    One step we are taking, effective immediately, is making all of our organizers meetups forward-looking for those who want to organize a Homebrew Website Club or IndieWebCamp. We still suggest people have experience organizing. We also explicitly recognize that any kind of requirement of experience may serve to reinforce existing systemic biases that we have no interest in reinforcing.

    We have updated our Organizers page with a new statement of who should participate, our recognition of broader systemic inequalities, and an explicit:

    … welcome to Organizers Meetups all individuals who identify as BIPOC, non-male, non-cis, or any marginalized identity, independent of any organizing experience.

    This is one step. As organizers, we’re all open to listening, learning, and doing more work. That's something that we encourage everyone to adopt. We think this is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy community and frankly, just being the positive force that that we want the IndieWeb to be on the Web and hopefully for society as a whole.

    If folks have questions, I or any other organizers are happy to answer them, either in chat or privately, however anyone feels comfortable discussing these changes.

    Thanks. — Tantek

  69. New issue on GitHub project “Meetable”

    Meetable should redirect /tag to /tags

    Currently meetable supports tag browsing pages like: https://events.indieweb.org/tag/hwc

    However if you trim the last segment, you get a 404: https://events.indieweb.org/tag/ or https://events.indieweb.org/tag

    Meetable should instead redirect those to: https://events.indieweb.org/tags

    Additionally, Meetable should consider redirecting https://events.indieweb.org/tags/ with the trailing slash to https://events.indieweb.org/tags without the trailing slash instead of serving duplicate content at those two URLs.

  70. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event hosting Homebrew Website Club West Coast NOW!
    🗓 started at 18:00, seven of us here, hop on Zoom and say hi!
    @brb_irl @Kongaloosh @AllAboutGeorge @JackyAlcine @AndiGalpern @indirect @generativist @BenWerd @pvh @aaronpk

  71. 👍 to a comment on pull request 143 to GitHub project “PWETF”

  72. 👍 to a comment on pull request 143 to GitHub project “PWETF”

  73. 👍 to a review on pull request 143 to GitHub project “PWETF”

  74. New issue on GitHub project “bridgy”

    Bridgy Publish: Support reacji to pull request reviews

    GitHub pull requests accept reacji just like comments, issues, etc. But currently Bridgy seems to not recognize reacji in reply to a pull request review permalink like:


    And returned this error:

    2020-06-30 20:05:17.817455 Please remove the fragment #pullrequestreview-440206392 from your in-reply-to URL.

    Expected result: apply the reacji to the pull request review.

    Label: publish.

  75. 👍 to a comment on pull request 143 to GitHub project “PWETF”

  76. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event going to IndieWebCamp West this weekend!
    🗓 9am-6pm both Sat & Sun
    🎟 RSVP & more https://2020.indieweb.org/west
    ✉️ Join us for keynotes, and pop-in for sessions thru the weekend!
    @brb_irl @Kongaloosh @AllAboutGeorge @JackyAlcine @AndiGalpern @BenWerd @indirect @generativist @pvh @chrisaldrich

  77. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event going to IndieWebCamp West - Eat Your Own Cooking Pre-Party!
    🗓 8-10pm Friday!
    🎟 Details: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/06/indiewebcamp-west-eat-your-own-cooking-pre-party-DH5F8SRjSHff
    ✉️ Join us from your dining table, coffee table etc!
    @brb_irl @Kongaloosh @AllAboutGeorge @JackyAlcine @AndiGalpern @BenWerd @indirect @generativist @pvh @chrisaldrich

  78. ↳ In reply to @brb_irl’s tweet @brb_irl looking forward to it!

    Also join us @IndieWebCamp West this weekend! https://2020.indieweb.org/west

    and Friday pre-party: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/06/indiewebcamp-west-eat-your-own-cooking-pre-party-DH5F8SRjSHff
    @generativist HWC West is weekly! Add a repeating event, or subscribe: https://events.indieweb.org/tag/sanfrancisco

  79. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event hosting Homebrew Website Club West Coast NOW!
    🗓 18:00 today
    🎟 RSVP & more: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/06/homebrew-website-club-west-coast-nR8FpEvMNsh5
    ✉️ Join us on Zoom! @brb_irl @Kongaloosh @AllAboutGeorge @JackyAlcine @AndiGalpern @indirect @generativist @BenWerd @pvh @chrisaldrich

  80. ↳ In reply to Tantek’s note 1776-07-04 Declaration of Ind. "life, liberty" [for white men only]^1.
    Via @aclu^2
    1863-01-01 Emancipation Proclamation
    1865-06-19 EP & Civil War end announced to TX enslaved
    1865-12-06 13th amend

    Why celebrate July 4 more than #Juneteenth when rights were declared for all, not only white men?

    ^1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Declaration_of_Independence#Slavery_and_the_Declaration
    ^2 https://twitter.com/ACLU/status/1273944617600184320

  81. Yesterday was #Juneteenth, a holiday I hadn’t heard of before this June. Read a bit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juneteenth
    Grateful @Mozilla closed that day.

    Thanks @GavinNewsom https://twitter.com/CAgovernor/status/1274043072045813760
    Please make it an official paid state holiday like TX VA NY PA (per Wikipedia).


  82. ↳ In reply to @w3cdevs’s tweet @w3cdevs @mozilla Thanks @frivoal @TzviyaSiegman! Honored to rejoin you @W3CAB with Tatsuya Igarashi, @daithesong, @fantasai, Avneesh Singh, Eric Siow, @LeonieWatson, @cwilso, & Judy Zhu.
    Auspicious times. Protests worldwide declare Black Lives Matter; as elected leaders we must ask uncomfortable questions about privilege & institutional biases @W3C.

    When I was last on the Advisory Board (AB), I asked W3C Management (W3M) to provide a report on diversity of W3C, and in 2018 gender & geographic barcharts over time were provided for the AB, TAG, and W3M:


    We must provide more details and do better.

    For example, what percentage of the AB, TAG, and W3M are white?

    As far as I know, these W3C leadership groups lack even a single Black individual.

    How many (if any) are in the Advisory Committee as a whole?

    If W3C truly represents the interests of world-wide web standards, it’s long past time to ask these and other uncomfortable questions about who holds positions of authority & power @W3C. We must have the courage to ask them, and keep asking them, and actively work to dismantle systemic biases.

  83. Stencil street art of George Floyd on a red wall with the word JUSTICE above his head, and FOR GEORGE below.Stencil street art of George Floyd on a gray wall with the word JUSTICE above his head, and FOR GEORGE below. Two of the dried drippings of gray paint appear as if they are tears coming from his right eye.Justice For George.

    Yesterday on Haight street, artist unknown.

    #GeorgeFloyd #SayHisName #JusticeForGeorge #BlackLivesMatter #laterGram #20200531 #2020_152 #noFilter

  84. ↳ In reply to @solarpunk_girl’s tweet @solarpunk_girl really like this! Need to replace & move beyond violent metaphors for common activities. Working on a longer post on this.

    Another idea, playing on stone:

    “Feeding two birds with one stonefruit”

    Summer is coming. #moralimaginations

  85. Ten years ago today I started working with Mozilla on #webStandards.


    Still @Mozilla (now @W3C AC Rep), still working for a more #OpenWeb, and for an #IndieWeb that puts users in control instead of #BigTech.

  86. There are systems of division, dominance, extraction, & growth, and systems of solidarity, community, stewardship, & sustainability.

    Each has metaphors & narratives, in everyday language & framing.

    Which systems shape your thoughts, words, and actions?

  87. ↳ In reply to @solarpunk_girl’s tweet @solarpunk_girl yes!
    Gardening & farming are ripe with metaphors for #NewNarratives.
    Also considering sourcing from cooking, baking, and toolmaking.
    New story arcs for the #NewPossible. #DontGoBackToNormal

  88. Intersection of Frederick and Ashbury streets at night, looking westward, everything is dark except for streetlamps, lights outside a boarded up Ashbury Market, and a second floor corner apartment on the other side, above a lit bus stop for the number 6 outbound bus.Intersection of Frederick and Downey streets at night, looking eastward, everything is dark except the aforemention things at Frederick and Ashbury, the trees of Buena Vista Park are very dark, outlined by the gray sky above them.🌃🌳 March 28th, SF distancing day twelve. Spent the day inside (except to move my car) until leaving 10 minutes to midnight for a night run.

    Started tracking at Frederick & Ashbury, an empty intersection, lights out except the corner 2nd floor apartment(1). Empty to the East as well, up to the dark trees of Buena Vista Park, outlined by a gray sky above(2). Continued onward to spell NO FEAR on the streets (https://tantek.com/t55q1).

    #run #runner #AshburyHeights #FrederickStreet #night #nightrun #midnight #darkness #empty #ShelterInPlace #COVID19 #CoronaVirus #SFdistancing #SF #SanFrancisco #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #2020_088 #20200328 #laterGram #noFilter