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  1. Knee improving, still not running.
    Today @Nov_Project_SF: 400.
    100 sit-ups
    100 push-ups
    100 leg-lifts
    100 tricep dips

  2. #IndieWebCamp SF this Thursday @MozSF!
    Still spots left!
    Get a ticket: indiewebcamp.eventbrite.com

  3. a photo#AppleID update: 100% failure today on iPod Touch #iOS9.1
    Dropping #iMessage from /contact page.

    Previously: tantek.com/2015/327/t1/appleid-broken-currently

    In short, iMessage / FaceTime / iTunes keep signing me out on my iPod, like overnight while at home (no change in network etc.) and then failing to sign-in again.

    On the same device / OS / network:

    Facebook Messenger works fine.
    Google Hangouts works fine (but is very slow to startup).
    Skype works fine.

    When I open "Messages", I am prompted to sign in.

    I sign in with my Apple ID and Password, and then it sits for a while.

    I know it is doing something because if I deliberately enter the wrong password it very quickly alerts me that my Apple ID or Password is incorrect.

    Then after a while it comes back with the Verification Failed alert that is shown above.

    I try tapping “Sign In…” again, and again it sits for a while (no sign of progress).

    Sometimes after about 5-10 seconds it shows a

     (spinner) Signing in…

    Then it does that for a while (long enough for the iOS lock screen to come on — my Auto-Lock is set for 1 minute).

    Then sometimes it comes back with another prompt:

     Apple ID Verification
     Enter the password for “*********@tantek.com” in Settings.
     [ Not Now ][ Settings ]

    (Which, by the way, I’ve already done before, numerous times.)

    So I tap the [ Settings ] button, it switches to the Settings iOS app and then it erroneously prompts me with:

     Apple ID Password
     The password for “*********@tantek.com”  needs to be updated.
     [ _________________ ]
     [ Cancel ][ Sign In ]

    I say erroneously because when I sign-into appleid.apple.com there is no warning or prompt to change my password. This is a bug in iOS9.

    I enter my password and tap the [ Sign In ] button, which then greys out indicating it got my input, but still not showing any progress, just sitting there.

    Eventually it shakes the alert dialog left/right very quickly and this is where I get stuck today.

    Thus Apple ID is dead for me today and I have disabled both iMessage and Facetime from my /contact page.

    10:30 Update:

    After restarting (power cycling) my
    * iPod touch (2 times)
    * home router (3 times)
    * DSL router

    Somehow I was able to sign-in with Apple ID in the Messages app on iOS. And then was rejected by the FaceTime app (why do they have separate sign-ins by default?!?), went to the Settings app, FaceTime options, entered my Apple ID and Password and then that worked.

    I have no idea why restarting ALL of those would somehow (temporarily) get Apple ID to work, and why every other messaging service (Facebook, Google Hangouts, Twitter Direct Messages, and Skype) had no problems at all.

    11:01 Update:

    Apparently you can check the status of various Apple iCloud services here:
    * http://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/

  4. going to @W3C Social Web WG @MozSF 2015-12-01…02!
    indie event https://aaronparecki.com/events/2015/12/01/1/socialwg
    Facebook fb.com/events/508237822677764

  5. Knee a bit better, not enough to run.
    Did a deck of 104x
    ♥ pushup
    ♣ crunch
    ♦ leglift
    ♠ squat
    2-10 J-A=11-14
    in 19:28.

  6. This year I’m #grateful for more and subtler things than will fit into a tweet. So I’ll write it on my personal website, here.

    I’m very grateful for family, friends, and good health as usual. With one sister abroad far away, and a recent minor injury slowing me to walking, I take none of it for granted.

    I’m grateful for things that have made a signficant difference this past year:
    * practicing gratefulness daily
    * meeting and getting to know a few particularly inspiring independents
    * more and bolder creativity & making
    * pursuing ever greater physical challenges in running & yoga
    * better understanding the necessity of many forms of strength
    * perspective shift to building positive futures
    * letting go of and purging stuff not part of that

  7. Cheered MV Turkey Trot, watched PRs!
    nephew1(11) 25 min
    nephew2 (8) 33 min
     niece  (5) 37 min
    Previously, previously, previously:
    * tantek.com/2014/331/t1/grateful-family-friends-running
    * tantek.com/2013/332/t2/turkeytrot-faster-ipod-but-racewire
    * tantek.com/2012/327/t2/set-personal-5k-record

  8. Today @Nov_Project_SF: 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats.
    Two months ago: 30:08 new PR!
    Previously: http://tantek.com/2015/210/t1/npsf-pr-wednesday-faster

    This past Sunday’s Berkeley half marathon went pretty well. I achieved my two primary goals of:
    * finish without injury (unlike last year)
    * new half marathon personal record (2:11:26)

    Monday I joined NPSF for early morning exercises, but no running.

    Tuesday I went to track with my dad with the intention of doing an easy version of whatever work out, and did. I ran slower than I usually would at track, focusing on smooth breathing & form, and actively listening/sensing how my legs were feeling. With each lap they loosened up and felt better but I still just gradually sped up, lengthening my stride for more of a stretching run.

    Finally on the last 400 I decided to try sprinting which apparently was a mistake. About 50 yards in something felt wrong in on the right side/back of my left knee so I peeled off and walked back. Then had difficulty climbing the steps.

    Oops. Lots of the usual RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) treatment the rest of Tuesday, knowing I was not going to be run-ready for several days at least.

    So no PR Wednesday for me today. Instead I did "300", the aforementioned 100+100+100 exercises. I had hoped to run it and get under 30 minutes, two months ago I cut over 2 minutes! Sub-30 will have to wait til next month.

    Doing better today (able to walk up the steps when I got home) but still skipping the Turkey Trot 5km tomorrow and likely hills Friday. My goal is now to focus on muscle recovery (that’s what it feels like, but getting it checked out Monday just in case), and exercises that do not impact my knee, to get ready for the 2015-12-05 Northface Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay. And to be ready for next month’s PR Wednesday (assuming I’m in town).

  9. Is “kernel_task” using 100%+ CPU in the OS X Activity Monitor app?
    1. Quit Safari
    2. There is no step 2.

  10. Seeing iMessage delivery problems too.
    If you txt, don’t see “Delivered”, I didn’t get it.
    FB Messenger is more reliable

  11. Putting FB Messenger, Twitter DMs, ahead of iMessage/txt on my /contact page because AppleID is so broken currently.

    E.g. all of these:

    a photo
    When I went to appleid.apple.com, it made me pick a new password, so I did and then was emailed the following message:

    The following changes to your Apple ID, **********@tantek.com were made on November 23, 2015 at 9:49:39 PM (GMT):


    If you did not make these changes or you believe an unauthorized person has accessed your account, you should change your password as soon as possible from your Apple ID account page at https://appleid.apple.com.

    No joke. The email warning about changes to your Apple ID that your “Password” has been changed, specifically says if you did not make these changes to **change your password**.

    Then when I went to login on my iPod Touch (iOS 9.1), I got yet another error message:

    Apple ID Locked

    Your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. To unlock it, you must verify your identity.

    Unlock Account


    And I get two choices, either to “Unlock By Email” by resetting my password via email and changing it again (so repeat the above loop), or to “Answer Security Questions” which asks me for my Birthday and then fails with:

    Cannot Verify Identity

    One of these answers is incorrect.


    And upon a second attempt says:

    Too Many Verification Attempts

    You have entered incorrect security information too many times. Try again later.


    AppleID password changing, account recovery, etc. seems to be nearly completely broken in iOS9.1 which means you cannot depend on:
    * iMessage
    * Facetime
    * App Store

  12. a photo
    Last year the #BerkeleyHalf defeated me, today I beat it.
    2:11:26 #halfmarathon PR, only minor muscle soreness which I'll be restretching on this yoga mat shortly (as compared to strained & inflamed knees last year that could barely walk afterwards).

    * tantek.com/2015/209/t3/finished-sfmarathon-half-pr
    * tantek.com/2014/313/t1/finished-berkeley-half-marathon

    #fromwhereistretch #heysweatdaily #raceeverything #raceyourself #finisher #halfmarathonfinisher #RUNPROGRAM #novemberproject #npsf #nofilter

  13. a photoReady to return to Berkeley. This will be half marathon #7. #nofear #nofilter

  14. a photo🌅 #mayurasana
    📷 instagram.com/ninafranzone

    #twinpeaks #sunrise #yoga #armbalance #inversion #getupsidedown #getbendy #yogaeveryday #latergram

  15. going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2015-12-02!
    RSVP: kylewm.com/2015/12/sf-homebrew-website-club
    Facebook fb.com/events/576323515852472

  16. a photoI walked uphill like this.
    #dawn #sunrise #whileyouweresleeping #NPSF #nofilter

  17. Grateful for #IndieWeb & Homebrew Website Club communities. Congrats 2 years of HWC; now 6 regular cities in US UK EU!

  18. a photoI highly recommend chartering a United Express Learjet if you can, and if not, then take a puddlejumper flight that lands at sunset, photograph it, and pretend you did.

    #TBT #Monday #United #Express #SFO #sunset #gradients #perspective #mysocalledjetsetlife #nofilter

  19. a photoLast Sunday I went for my last long run (11km) before the Berkeley Half this coming Sunday.

    My father took me up the hills high above our house, up hills that I’d only viewed from a distance, maybe been driven through as a child. It was surreal to run farther from home than I’d bicycled as a teenager.

    #fromwhereirun #heysweatdaily #RUNPROGRAM #LAtergram #nofilter

  20. a photo
    When you see a mostly blank red canvas on a @Starbucks cup are you upset because you felt entitled to what was there before?

    Or do you see an opportunity for free expression?

    Do you interpret such a passive absence of decoration as an active war on your assumed monoculture beliefs?

    Or do you see the emptiness as an encouragement for anyone to express their varied beliefs or whatever they are inspired to draw?

    Do you merely consume others’s art?

    Or do you brave putting pen to cup and create like no one is watching?

    This cup is from a trip my mom & I took to my hometown Starbucks (which wasn't there when it was my home) this past Saturday. Of course thoughts of #Paris were present so I drew an Eiffel Tower.

    Entitlement vs #opportunity.
    Monoculture consumption vs a #plurality of #production.
    Spoonfed content vs #freedom of #expression.

    Where do you stand?

    It’s your choice. You can still choose.

    #heycreatedaily #starbucks #redcup #SupportParis #LAtergram #nofilter

  21. Breakthrough #indieweb progress: federating cross-site person-tags. See more tonight @MozSF! indiewebcamp.com/events/2015-11-18-homebrew-website-club

  22. a photo⚠️ STEEP GRADE

    This coming Sunday I’m running the Berkeley Half marathon which has some interesting challenges like both starting with a pretty big hill, and ending with 2-3 miles of an uphill grade that looks flat, just enough to make you wonder why it feels a lot harder than it should.

    Last year’s attempt didn’t go as hoped, finishing with knees on fire that could barely walk after. This year I’m coming back to face both that same physical challenge and also the psychological challenge of knowing what to expect.

    I took this photo at track 7A at Los Angeles’s Union Station last Friday, yet it reminded me of what I know to expect in the race, and all those Fridays since last year that I've run #NPSF #hillsforbreakfast in preparation.

    Bring it on Berkeley. I'm ready for you.

    #LosAngeles #sign #nounspotting #LA #downtown #unionstation #LAtergram #nofear #nofilter

  23. a photo💙
    be grateful please

    Always a good reminder. Focusing on what you’re #grateful for brings the double benefit of #presence and #happiness.

    #LosAngeles #art #streetart #optimism #LA #LAtergram #nofilter

  24. a photoOn approach to LAX, downtown Los Angeles, city grid, mountains, and blue sky.

    #fromwhereifly #downtown #LosAngeles #city #grid #mountains #bluesky #LA #latergram #nofilter

  25. a photoComplete Signal Loss.

    #signalloss #signalcode #itwaslikethatwhenigotthere #virginamerica #vx0928 #seatback #entertainment #error #message #latergram #nofilter

    And what have we here? Is this a DirecTV Receiver # and Smart Card #?

    #hacktheplanet #receiver #smartcard

  26. Twitter sponsors #demdebate,
    candidates say go #indieweb (#ownyourdomain)
    “go online at martinomalley.com
    “please go to hillaryclinton.com
    “please go to berniesanders.com

  27. a photoThoughts with friends & colleagues in #Paris.

    I had the opportunity to visit Paris twice this past year, for #Mozilla and #W3C meetings, and will go back for more in 2016.

    Photo from 2015 May W3C AC & AB meetings.

    #StandWithParis #SupportParis #nofilter

  28. likes Benjamin Melançon’s “Marking up Drupal's blog posts for the IndieWeb” at and @Pinboard’s tweet at

  29. Home from a focused @IndieWebCamp @MIT, seeing #NP_BOS friends, 74 burpees Sebastian PR, 32 sections @Harvard Stadium.

    * 2014-286 ~62 Sebastian burpees at @Nov_Project Destination Deck
    * tantek.com/2015/077/t1/harvard-stadium-sections-pr-weatherproof

  30. likes Kyle Mahan’s reply at , Greg McVerry’s reply at , and Ben Werdmüller’s “Open issues: lessons learned building an open source business” at

  31. a photoHappy #ordinal #pi day! 314th day of the year. #vegan #chocolate #cream #pie. #nofilter

  32. a photo#Dawn #run across the bridge to #NP_BOS #Monday #destinationdeck @MIT.
    sprints, high-knee skips, & sebastians:
    74 burpees in 7 min;
    after-photo-bonus-burpees: 57 in 5 min.

  33. a photoYesterday’s #cat #mocha. #caturday #nofilter

  34. Hacking @IndieWebCamp @MIT on improving @Falcon photo posting UX; reducing number of steps by calling Brid.gy Publish.

  35. a photo
    #IndieWebCamp @MIT, the album.

    #house #techno #coffee #nofilter

  36. Dear @MediaLab: we are in your campus, building the #future of independent #media. Join us @IndieWebCamp @MIT 32 G882.

  37. CNN on BOS airport TV positive headlines

    but then the negative headlines resumed:

    and one more positive one:
    which I’d already heard about from instagram.com/woodspriteyoga:
    a photo
    Still I was surprised to see any positive headlines on CNN, it was almost as if my SFO-BOS redeye slid into a slightly more hopeful timeline while I slept.

  38. likes Rick Mendes’s note

  39. going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2015-11-18!
    indie event kylewm.com/2015/11/sf-homebrew-website-club-1
    silo fb.com/events/1519454548378029

  40. To star tweets, @kevinmarks uses quote tweet with 🌟, a #reacji tweet, or a “#reacjweet”: https://indiewebcamp.com/reacjweet

  41. going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2015-11-04!
    indie event kylewm.com/2015/11/sf-homebrew-website-club
    silo fb.com/events/1510849812560015

  42. likes @energyovertime’s tweet

  43. @energyovertime thanks for voting.

    Democracy is like a muscle, exercising thoughtfully & regularly makes it stronger.

  44. Dear SF: Please go vote. You still have time.
    #1 issue is housing.

    YES: B C D K
    NO: A E F G H I J

    More: Measures in San Francisco this election year are very much dominated by various (mostly well intentioned but misguided to counter-rational) attempts to improve our city's housing situation (too few housing units for the growing number of people who are moving to San Francisco).

    Yes we need to make changes. The key changes are about enabling the development of more housing as soon as possible in the areas of town that can accomodate it, like the SOMA and China Basin / Mission Rock districts.

    There is precisely one local measure that will help this situation:

    YES on D: Increase the height limits for 10 of 28 acres in Mission Rock.

    Here is a summary of my conclusions on all the measures & offices:

    NO on A: A is a very expensive housing bond that will benefit very few people. The cost/benefit ratio is poor, and will put unnecessary faith/weight/stress on a lottery system. Lottery systems for housing are not the answer, encouraging more market-competitive housing developments by the private sector is the answer.

    YES on B: This is a simple bugfix to city employee parental leave benefits.

    YES on C: This makes lobbyists/activits more transparent, which seems like a relatively obviously good thing.

    YES on D: Increase the height limit for 10 of 28 acres in Mission Rock. Honestly this should be something the city government could do on its own, but due to a height-limit micromanagement measure that unfortunately passed in a previous election, we have to vote on these one at a time, on the annual election cycle (thus effectively slowing housing development at best, putting it at risk at worst).

    NO on E: Horribly written and ill-thought out measure that shows a complete lack of understanding of how about open comments via the internet are and will be.

    NO on F: This is a hotel lobby sponsored measure that is basically Anti-AirBnB, and has been deceptively marketed/packaged as a fairness measure. It is the opposite. If anything we need to do *more* to encourage a variety of income sources for independents and individuals, not ban the few successful such income innovations.

    No on G: This measure seems unnecessary, though I don’t have a strong opinion on it. Still, law is (like) code, if it does not seem necessary, it is better to vote against it. If it’s truly worthy, it can be brought up again.

    No on H: Similarly.

    NO on I: This is the absolutely worst written measure I have seen in my time living in San Francisco. With the intention of "helping" the housing situation, it does exactly the opposite. Slowing housing development will only cause rental/housing prices to go up faster.

    No on J: Seems unnecessary.

    YES on K: This measure has the potential of expanding the amount of housing in the city using existing buildings.

    For MAYOR, there is a lot of frustration with our current (incumbent) mayor Ed Lee for various reasons. He has however done enough things right (his statement / record speaks for itself) that people are more likely to support / vote for him as the "safe" vote than vote for any of the alternatives, which, ironically means that you can "safely" vote for all alternatives for your three choices, as a "protest" vote.

    For SHERIFF, there is MUCH more frustration with the incumbent, for reasons well documented even on Wikipedia, and here it is more likely (and thus more important) to ranked vote for both challengers (either order 1 and 2), and not the incumbent. If you feel obligated to vote for a third non-incumbent choice I suggest you write-in Yosemite Sam.

    City Attorney, District Attorney, and Treasurer are running unopposed.

  45. Japan airport security is basically pre-2001 (sans theater)
    * keep shoes & jacket on
    * metal detector

    American airport security
    * remove hoodie, jacket, etc.
    * slower and more radiative millimeter/backscatter

    I went through both Tokyo/Haneda and Chitose airport security this week. Haneda's security was also ok with using a single tray for liquids, devices, laptop, coins etc. for their x-ray machines, in contrast to U.S. airport security requiring separate trays for each laptop, and any liquids or anything else.

    I can only conclude that the TSA's extra procedures and expensive radar devices are a waste of time & resources, no more than a perpetuation of a culture of fear since 2001.

    I remain hopeful that the TSA will eventually adopt measures similar to Japanese airports and return to just using metal detectors.

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  47. a photo
    Social Web session @W3C #TPAC2015 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

  48. a photo
    We built a Portable Planetarium <$500 and won #ScienceHackDay Best Hardware!

    We transformed @Github's Oval Office last night into a Planetarium for 20+ science hackers laying on the floor, piloted by yours truly dressed in a white lab coat for the part, naturally.

    Today the Science Hack Day judges awarded us (@ekai, @Bryn_Wolf, me) Best Hardware (out of 32 projects).

    $250 100 lumen #picoprojector
    $200 iPod 5 Touch
    $40 fisheye lens, repurposed
    $3 opensource Stellarium iOS app
    $1 duct tape
    $0 scrap cardboard

    Turning any livingroom or classroom into a spaceship to explore the universe:


  49. going to IndieWebCamp SF 2015-12-03.
    You should too!
    indie event https://kylewm.com/2015/12/indiewebcamp-sf-2015
    silo fb.com/events/175203116150206

  50. going to IndieWebCamp MIT 2015-11-07…08 Cambridge MA!
    indie event aaronparecki.com/events/2015/11/07/1/indiewebcamp
    silo fb.com/events/193135737685881

  51. a photo
    Did #NPSF #tracktuesday yesterday morning:
    * 400 800 1200 800 1200 800 400

    Previously, a week ago 2015-279:

    a photo
    Workout: 1200 1200 600 600 600 4x300
    I did:    800 1200 600 600 400 4x300

    Two weeks ago 2015-272:

    a photo
    Did #NPSF #tracktuesday:
    * warmup lap, 2x (5 4 3 2 1 min intervals with 1 min rest between)

    Three weeks ago 2015-265:

    a photo
    Workout: warmup, 2x1200 2x800 2x400
    Was late so did: warmup 2x800 2x400

    And previously before that:
    * tantek.com/2015/244/t1/did-entire-npsf-trackattack

  52. @benwerd after this Saturday, may you see & expect a future much better than “an apocalyptic wasteland.” #tomorrowland

  53. Well done @devjul!
    “MTV begins at 1996-05-12”
    5 months older than archive of Yahoo. #longevity

  54. Web #longevity question:
    What’s the oldest page in archive-org?
    Can you beat 1996-10-17 Yahoo? http://web.archive.org/web/19960415000000*/http://yahoo.com

  55. a photo2 weeks ago #NFECS #ECSUT Marathon Relay leg 1 in 1:15:34 ~10km trail race PR by almost 2 min!

    Wonderful time racing (7000-8600') with tommysteam (AKA #Saulin16) in Park City, Utah for the #NPSUMMIT. It was a beautiful day, and I’m grateful for such awesome #NPSF teammates.

  56. going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2015-10-21!
    indie event kylewm.com/2015/10/sf-homebrew-website-club-1
    silo fb.com/events/671166853018457

  57. @tommorris don’t know anyone supporting #OpenIDConnect login.
    Some sites have #IndieAuth login https://indiewebcamp.com/IndieAuth#Supporting_Sites

  58. @chrismessina we can make #AMP smaller:
    * script: ban JSONLD
    * meta: ban "property" attr, schema-org

    make optional (not required)
    * link rel=canonical
    * meta name=viewport
    * script ampproject
    * style body opacity
    * anything "amp-*"

    allow but make loading expected to be optional by default:
    * picture, source
    * img - by default works like a span with its alt text
      * perhaps allow per domain user opt-in, starting with same-origin
    * any @font-face

    re: https://github.com/ampproject/amphtml/blob/master/spec/amp-html-format.md#required-markup

  59. Remember when I declared js;dr?
    #AMP: “not include author-written JavaScript, nor 3rd-party scripts”


    Background: tantek.com/2015/069/t1/js-dr-javascript-required-dead

    However, View Source on ampproject.org/how-it-works, and they’ve still got some work to do, e.g. their misuse of <blockquote> for second level headings, e.g.:

     <blockquote>AMP HTML is pretty fast.</blockquote>

    Remember in the 1990s when presentational web authors would use "blockquote" to mean, "indent this"? @Zeldman remembers.

    HTML has a high performance element for second level headings.

    Curiously enough it’s called <h2>, e.g. that AMP Project page should be using:

     <h2>AMP HTML is pretty fast.</h2>

    But this is any easy fix. I’m sure it was a minor oversight.

    Because why would someone worried about size & performance use 20 characters of open close tag names, when 4 would do?

    Consider this an open challenge, what else can you cut from AMP?

    @KevinMarks already has some suggestions: http://www.kevinmarks.com/ampreaction.html

  60. going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2015-10-07!
    indie event kylewm.com/2015/10/sf-homebrew-website-club
    silo fb.com/events/1018383818191914

  61. Code reviewed @glennjones #microformatshiv #Javascript @microformats parser+tests. Great work! http://microformatshiv.com/