Tantek Çelik

Independent technologist, writer, teacher

  1. #IndieWebCamp Cambridge hack day: * webmention with vouch receive flow chart * #indiecomms conditional Facetime button

  2. Pouring outside here in Cambridge - great day to be indoors brainstorming how to improve the #indieweb.

  3. post-Facebook #CyborgCamp session I predicted all here: 10y: have+use their "site">"cell" 20y: no "cell" like no pager

  4. “Still a part of me that codes on weekends. I do it instead of reading books. I still read books.” — @acasalena #creator

  5. Spinning up the turbines with @adactio, excited for #BrooklynBeta, #CyborgCamp, and #indiewebcamp Cambridge this week!