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says @aaronpk "like... using a colon to indicate more content", I added ":" in iterations 2-3, but insufficient: numerous smart design/ux-minded folks gave passionate feedback that just the presence of a clickable http link so strongly meant "more content" that they felt compelled to click it and were disappointed when there wasn't any.

I need to better write-up my @Falcon permashortlink citation iterations. Notes for now: iteration
1) http permashortlink always at end, auto-preceded by ellipsis "..." to indicate more content.
2) added blog post tweets which use entry title ":" and shorter link.
3) improved auto-ellipsing: if long tweet truncated at a ":", no need for ellipsis.
4) added parentheses around a permashortlink without http for content copies per http://ttk.me/t4As3, re-using the common citation convention of parenthesizing the source, e.g. (ttk.me/t4B16). Lack of "http://" makes it both look like less of a link, and avoids auto-linking on Twitter.com.

Now "more content" is indicated by a tweet ending with *either* an ellipsis or a colon *and* a complete clickable http link. Hopefully that's obvious enough for users to quickly "get" when there's more to see (or not).

Note that colon truncation is semi-automatic: as the author of the post you have to consciously put a word and a colon near the end of the retweet character limit and the ellipse function finds it automatically. It's too hard to "auto-colon", and wouldn't work for arbitrary text content (whereas auto-ellipsing does work).

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