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says @BenWard: "buttons as 'tweet actions'". Good, proper subset of "web actions". "intent"=pop-up is confusing: webintents.com predates Twitter's use of the phrase "web intents" and uses it to mean everything: registry and discovery of APIs, and supposedly "a system that allows the user to control the services that their applications interact with". Sadly though a mention of "user" without any mention or diagrams of user-interaction, user-flow etc. It's an example of what I was complaining about: tantek.com/2011/187/t1/technical-folks-protocols-without-user-scenarios-ux. See also "Web Introducer" draft spec: web-send.org/introducer which appears to also define a web "intent".  Regardless, love the Twitter Web Intents feature and design dev.twitter.com/pages/intents (nice screenshots, action URLs, pop-up design and flow etc.), just dislike the "web intents" term. in-reply-to: twitter.com/BenWard/status/89009190588268545

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