OSX Lion regression: Full screen DVD or Safari window on 2nd monitor switches it to first. FF+Chrome work. More: http://osxdaily.com/2011/06/16/os-x-lion-full-screen-app-mode-doesnt-play-well-with-external-displays/ Both Firefox and Chrome's full screen modes work properly and put a window into full screen on the screen the window is in. DVD Player and Safari inconveniently force a window on a second monitor to the first (typically smaller) monitor when entering full screen mode (this is a new bug and used to work as expected in OSX Snow Leopard). So the question is, how do you play a DVD on OSX in full screen mode on a second display without mirroring? Update and answer: tantek.com/2011/214/b1/osx-lion-full-screen-bug-workarounds

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