Nothing fancy, just a few audio tracks picked out for @dConstruct 2011

on (ttk.me b/4Dj1) using BBEdit

Last Friday I had the chance to attend the 2011 dConstruct conference in Brighton. I really enjoyed the talks this year, even some of the more experimental bits. There were some rough parts, and yet I found every speaker inspiring in a different way.

Did you notice the music? Hopefully not, as like a good interface it should have been a seamless part of your dConstruct experience. However if you did notice it, or you're curious about it, read on.

I'd arrived a few days before, and the day before the talks, Jeremy asked me to pick out a few pod-safe (e.g. Creative Commons licensed) tracks to play during the breaks, in between talks, and at lunch time. Nothing bounce-bounce beep blip bloop he said. I was searching with Google, then Creative Commons's various directory, search, blog, and community resources to little success (though I did find the excellent Asterisk hold music) when Emil suggested that I just try browsing/searching SoundCloud. Aside from apparently needing Flash to listen to the music, that did the trick.

Without further ado, here are for your browsing and few-click downloading (no way to link directly to CC MP3s on Soundcloud) enjoyment is the background soundtrack for dConstruct 2011:

If anyone knows of a FFFFound for uploading of Creative Commons SSSSound, I can upload them and make a podcast (as suggested to Matt Ogle as a simple and useful project/hack for the Institute For the Future of Music). Otherwise go through the above links, do the necessary 3-4 clicks to go to the track, click download, hover to the download link, click, etc., and enjoy some nice background music.