1. ran @awesome80srun 5k in 36:24.2 (~11:43min/mi) in @karenism's Team Pink Jellies. https://pic.twitter.com/TWQafxUh photos: a jpg Team Pink Jellies: @shaylakristy @karenism @t @Timoni @juicysanchez @vnaylon. Naturally I wore my Threadless "My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle" TRON hoodie: a jpg instagram.com/p/SLqVDSg9Rb threadless.com/product/2281/My_Other_Ride_Is_a_Light_Cycle and ended up with runner's bib #1 thanks to the registration website's UTF8 mishandling of the Ç in my name and errantly sorting me alphabetically at the top before the As. After crossing the finish line, we received finishing medals in the shape of a cassette tape, had the opportunity to sit in a DeLorean with cosmetic flux capacitor, and rock out to the tunes of 80s cover band "Fast Times": a jpg instagram.com/p/SLdI6Rg9Tg singing Van Halen's "Jump!" and other popular 80s hits. a jpg instagram.com/p/SLhT5WA9Xx/ Finally, here's Timoni triumphantly crossing the finish line after running the 10k. Congrats to all finishers! Let's do this again next year. Update: The 5k race route for reference: mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/152262985

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