The First Federated #Indieweb Comment Thread

on (ttk.me b/4Pd1) using BBEdit

: the day the indieweb successfully federated a comment post.

The Test Note

It started with Laurent Eschenauer using Storytlr to post a simple note on his site that sent mention pingbacks to Barnaby Walters and Aaron Parecki:

Testing #indieweb federation with @waterpigs.co.uk, @aaronparecki.com and @indiewebcamp.com !

Laurent Eschenauer,

The Prompt Reply

Less than 10 minutes later, Aaron Parecki used p3k to post a reply on his own site, which sent a pingback to Laurent's post and was automatically syndicated there as a comment on that post. Laurent's site automatically parsed Aaron's reply's h-entry microformat markup to retrieve its text, permalink, datetime of publication, and authorship information. The HTML+microformats of Aaron's reply literally acted as its own API. No separate meta tags or sidefiles in another syntax needed. No separate "api.***" URL. No API key. No TOS.

The Follow-up Commentary

Two days later, Christophe Ducamp used WordPress with some indieweb plugins to post a blog post commenting about Laurent's note, also pinging it and automatically being syndicated into its "Comments" section, again by Laurent's site parsing the microformats at the comment permalink.

One day after that, Barnaby Walters used Taproot to post a reply on his own site congratulating Laurent and also had his comment incorporated into the growing thread on Laurent's post.

Who will be next?

Four independents, from four different countries (Belgium, USA, France, England), on four personal sites, with four implementations.

Who will be the next to post an indieweb comment on Laurent's post?

Laurent's personal site running Storytlr is the first to accept indieweb comment pingbacks, parse the h-entry microformats at their permalinks, and automatically display them as full fledged comments, beautifully styled to look as good and as natural as any local comment.

Who will be the next to accept indieweb comment pingbacks (or preferably webmentions) and automatically display them on their posts?

The federated indieweb is here and growing.

Join us on IRC and in person at IndieWebCamp 2013 this June in Portland, Oregon.