#UX: "Learn more" Links in Warning Boxes Should Go To A Page With These Three Things

on (ttk.me b/4Q21) using BBEdit

Sometimes web pages display brief warning boxes at the top with "learn more" links. The learn more link in a specific warning box should go to a page specifically about that warning with, in rough order:

  1. screenshot of warning box
  2. quoted full text of the warning (for searchability / search engine discovery)
  3. detailed text answering:
    • how could have the issue occurred?
    • what should the user do to resolve the issue?
    • how can the user avoid the issue in the future?

E.g. the "Learn more ›" link in the yellow warning box in this screenshot:

cropped screenshot of a tweet permalink page with a yellow warning box at the top

links to: https://support.twitter.com/articles/82050-i-m-having-trouble-confirming-my-email which:

And could be improved by linking to a specific page about this particular warning, containing the above points 1-3, and answering all three questions in point 3.

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