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Well done @aaronpk! Real-time #indieweb comments:

I only mentioned the idea at the @indiewebcamp dinner at 21st Amendment http://aaronparecki.com/events/2013/09/30/1/indieweb-dinner-at-21st-amendment and he's already implemented it live on his site!

At the dinner, Aaron & Amber had noted they were going to attend a realtime conference and asked if I had any suggestions for things to show or talk about. I pointed out that the only silo (AFAIK) that was really "realtime" was Facebook, since pages you were viewing updated automatically when others added to them, e.g. comments.

I said wouldn't it be awesome if indieweb comments worked like that too, because then we'd instantly have something that Twitter, G+, etc. all the other silos did NOT have. Plus it would make for a great indieweb demo.

And there it is:

a gif.

Read Aaron's whole blog post on the design and implementation (you know, the stuff that counts, as ideas are cheap :) with source:


Update: showing this off 2013-10-14 to folks at the New York Times.

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