2014: left phone at home every day. iPod+wifi/mifi works. delete x-5278 #. #iamnotanumber #nophone #future Exception: I may start bringing my #FirefoxOS test phone with me for dogfooding, but I'm still not going to share or use the number. How to go #nophone summary: Text Messages: * iMessage * Facebook Messenger * Google+ Hangouts * AIM * Twitter DM Audio/Video calls: * FaceTime * Skype Calling the old world (government or businesses like restaurants and doctors) * G+ Hangouts, phone icon, free outbound US phone calls, no Google Voice needed. Filling in dumb web forms that require a phone number: * +1.800.555.1212 (or pick a geo-specific area code)

on (ttk.me t4Tw2) using BBEdit