It’s the night before I #RunSurfCity and I’m thinking about Sam Dweck, the friend we lost last Sunday. Closing my eyes I can see her smiling, no matter how intense our November Project workouts.

a photo.

That’s her with her signature backwards trucker cap, grinning and doing tricep dips while I’m concentrating intensely on something, probably breathing.

In addition to NPSF (November Project San Francisco), I got to know Sam during our TrackTuesday workouts which brought out a different kind of intensity.

a photo.

Sam was always there, always smiling, always kind, always encouraging.

Tomorrow I’m running the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, my 5th overall, first of 2015, second with my dad, first with my good friend Nicole, and first race with November Project LAX friends as well. I’m grateful I get to race with friends & family.

I’ll be keeping Sam Dweck in mind the entire time, and honoring her memory by going as fast as I can (even if not quite as #FastAsSam), and smile doing it. That’s what she would have done.

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