a photo.
my Friday "peak" experience
1. run to Twin Peaks
2. 30min #NPSF #hillsforbreakfast
3. #sunrise #mayurasana

a photo. photo by @Lucemagoose16

Balancing and breathing in that moment, I felt incredibly grateful for
* Being able to actually run non-stop from home up to Twin Peaks (even if @thegreenk pulled over and shuttled me up the last little bit) and still breathe
* The incredible @Nov_Project_SF community that #justshowup — the energy and inspiration everyone brings makes us all go farther faster longer stronger
* Watching the sunrise on a beautiful San Francisco morning
* Running/hiking for another 30 minutes (including all of what I skipped the first time up) - three repeats
* Being able to hold myself up with just my hands — strong enough to balance a plank (improved mayurasana (yoga peacock pose) form, with more to improve) after all that.

a photo. photo by Laura McCloskey

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