#NPSF #trackattack
plan: 400 800 2x1600 800 400 abs
I did: 800 2x1600 800 400 abs 400
Woke up late at 5:40 without my alarm because its sound was fully muted, so I warmed up on the jog to the track, and missed the first 400 for a pit stop. Made up for it afterwards.

Also it was a much colder than expected morning. Like hurt your lungs cold when you inhale too deep. They didn’t feel warmed up until after the second 1600.

Still, made good times according to Nike+ Running so I’ll take it.

Another solid track workout in the books. I’m counting this as having done the whole thing even though I swapped the first 400 to after abs.

Previously: tantek.com/2015/097/t1/weatherproof-trackattack-morning

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