ran #baytobreakers in 1:17:53. ~3 minutes slower than last year.
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Transited by bus halfway with a couple of @nov_project_lax friends and then we did a ~2 mile warmup jog before the race to the corral entrances, stretched in the corral, and then bounced to stay warm with fellow @nov_project_sf runners.

We started the race on time near the front of Corral A, can’t say anyone got in my way, people in general were faster than me. I kept pace with my friend @leahculver for the first mile which was my fastest of the whole race.

Despite feeling prepared, I felt like I was dragging and heavy for the whole race. Even the downhills didn’t feel as speedy as I’m used to. I tried not to let those feelings get to me and pushed on regardless.

Still, I could tell by mile 4 that I wasn’t making the time I wanted to, and wasn't sure I would even be able to beat my last year PR (personal record). I thought to myself regardless of any doubts, I owed it to myself to give it my all, so that I could at least finish knowing that I did, regardless of whether I PR'd or not.

So I did, and I still fell short of my goal(s) for the day (except I did finish free of injury at least).

I’m not going to make any excuses, yet I have to admit, after consistently making progress the previous four years, and crushing it last year, I was disappointed with my performance today.

I’m going to attempt to make the most of it, by reflecting on and writing down what I did (or did not do) that I might/could/should have done differently. Despite giving it my all on raceday, that’s only part of giving it your all for the race, whether last night, yesterday, last week, or in the months of training beforehand.

It’s just over two months before my next race (the second half of the San Francisco Marathon), and I’m going to consciously plan for and put whatever insights I come up with to use from tomorrow until then.

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