Tired of native iOS app inefficiencies, thus a deletion binge:
* Buy Me a Pie! (unused)
* Clear (unused)
* Connect (never seemed to work or do anything useful, asked for too many creepy permissions)
* Epicurious (unused)
* Give It Up! (unused)
* MapMyRun (unused)
* MyFitnessPal (unused)
* RunKeeper (no good on iPod, Nike+ Running works fine)
* Runtastic (unused)
* PaperKarma (never got it to work)
* Path Talk (unused)
* Tumblr (website should be good enough)

These are just the few based on what showed up in App Store / Updates. As long as a native iOS app is not asking to be updated, then it seems mostly harmless.

However, most so-called "native" mobile apps are more work for the user (thus more unfriendly) by making the user deal with:
* update notifications
* explicitly needing to update them
* having them be disabled (Waiting…) while being updated
* making device backups take longer

On the other hand, the nice thing about web app shortcuts is that they never need explicit updating, nor do you have to wait for such updates to finish before you can use them again, nor do you have to deal with any of the other above-noted native app annoyances.

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