Congratulations @dissolve33 @aaronpk @kevinmarks @kylewmahan for the first #indieweb #SWAT0 demo!! Previously: http://tantek.com/2015/029/t1/swat0-posts-tags-mobile-photo-comment

This is a huge milestone.

The Social Web Acid Test Level 0 (SWAT0) was proposed nearly 5 years ago at the first Federated Social Web Summit: tantek.com/2010/199/t3/fsws-social-web-acid-test-swat-v0

There was previously only *one* demo of SWAT0, using Statusnet and Cliqset, captured only on video. The permalinks from Statusnet are gone. And Cliqset itself shutdown less than a year later.

Today is the first time SWAT0 has been done with:

* 3 people
 * Ben Roberts, Aaron Parecki, Kevin Marks - and same time:
 * Ben Roberts, Aaron Parecki, Kyle Mahan

* 3 different sites
 * ben.thatmustbe.me, aaronparecki.com, reader.kylewm.com

* 3 different implementations
 * Mobilepub, P3k+Prowl, Woodwind + (Known | Red Wind)

And as a bonus:

* from 3 different geographical locations
 * Boston, Portland, SF Bay Area
* in 2 different programming languages
 * PHP, Python

And last but not least, the combination of Ben Roberts, Aaron Parecki, Kyle Mahan achieving SWAT0 is a HUGE breakthrough for the web since they all did it:
* on their own sites
* with software they personally wrote


Update: See http://tantek.com/2015/193/t2/user-flow-permalinks-indieweb-swat0 for specific user flow, permalinks, and screenshots.

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