a photo. #AppleID update: 100% failure today on iPod Touch #iOS9.1
Dropping #iMessage from /contact page.

Previously: tantek.com/2015/327/t1/appleid-broken-currently

In short, iMessage / FaceTime / iTunes keep signing me out on my iPod, like overnight while at home (no change in network etc.) and then failing to sign-in again.

On the same device / OS / network:

Facebook Messenger works fine.
Google Hangouts works fine (but is very slow to startup).
Skype works fine.

When I open "Messages", I am prompted to sign in.

I sign in with my Apple ID and Password, and then it sits for a while.

I know it is doing something because if I deliberately enter the wrong password it very quickly alerts me that my Apple ID or Password is incorrect.

Then after a while it comes back with the Verification Failed alert that is shown above.

I try tapping “Sign In…” again, and again it sits for a while (no sign of progress).

Sometimes after about 5-10 seconds it shows a

 (spinner) Signing in…

Then it does that for a while (long enough for the iOS lock screen to come on — my Auto-Lock is set for 1 minute).

Then sometimes it comes back with another prompt:

 Apple ID Verification
 Enter the password for “*********@tantek.com” in Settings.
 [ Not Now ][ Settings ]

(Which, by the way, I’ve already done before, numerous times.)

So I tap the [ Settings ] button, it switches to the Settings iOS app and then it erroneously prompts me with:

 Apple ID Password
 The password for “*********@tantek.com”  needs to be updated.
 [ _________________ ]
 [ Cancel ][ Sign In ]

I say erroneously because when I sign-into appleid.apple.com there is no warning or prompt to change my password. This is a bug in iOS9.

I enter my password and tap the [ Sign In ] button, which then greys out indicating it got my input, but still not showing any progress, just sitting there.

Eventually it shakes the alert dialog left/right very quickly and this is where I get stuck today.

Thus Apple ID is dead for me today and I have disabled both iMessage and Facetime from my /contact page.

10:30 Update:

After restarting (power cycling) my
* iPod touch (2 times)
* home router (3 times)
* DSL router

Somehow I was able to sign-in with Apple ID in the Messages app on iOS. And then was rejected by the FaceTime app (why do they have separate sign-ins by default?!?), went to the Settings app, FaceTime options, entered my Apple ID and Password and then that worked.

I have no idea why restarting ALL of those would somehow (temporarily) get Apple ID to work, and why every other messaging service (Facebook, Google Hangouts, Twitter Direct Messages, and Skype) had no problems at all.

11:01 Update:

Apparently you can check the status of various Apple iCloud services here:
* http://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/

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