a jpg. What I packed for 5 days of #Mozlando.

Everything fits into the #Boblbee backpack top right.

All clothing fits into the re-purposed Puma shoe bag. I only brought four t-shirts (including yes a green (non-black) t-shirt) knowing I would acquire at least one more.

Bottom row all fits into the Macbook Air 11" laptop sleeve, which itself fits into the slim profile Cyberdog bugbag (right side middle) for lightweight daypack use with room to carry (or acquire) a few more things. The Cyberdog bag itself, when empty, collapses thin enough to fit into the laptop slot in the Boblbee backpack for flight transport.

This is an away-days (5) backpack packing record for me.

Previous backpack packing records:
* 2015-10-27 4 days / 3 nights international work trip to Japan
* 2015-09-07 3 night work trip to Seattle:
a jpg.

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