a photo. My #2015bestnine: I pushed #harder, was inspired to be #better, #ran #faster than ever, and became #stronger with #yoga #inversions.

Left to right, top to bottom:
1 @Nov_Project_SF with dad
2 mayurasana at a Twin Peaks sunrise after running Friday hills
3 finish of the second half of San Francisco Marathon (again with dad)
4 doing a celebratory mayurasana after setting a personal record at that same race
5 feeling great half way through the race at Haight & Ashbury (photo by mom)
6 one of many practice long runs enjoying the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge view
7 long run solo stop at the Eagles Point Labyrinth
8 Sydney pop-down (under) workout
9 finish of the Huntington Beach Surf City Half Marathon where I finally broke my personal record from my very first half marathon

I’m grateful for many sources of inspiration in 2015, a few in particular that made a big difference:

* My parents’s constant supportive encouragement to keep running at whatever level I could. From having my dad at November Project, and running two half marathons together, to my mom cheering me on.
* My yoga instructors at Mission Cliffs teaching me confidence-building arm balances to the point of being inspired to try a pose I saw in the movie “Edge of Tomorrow”, learning it by watching YouTube videos, and only afterwards learning the actress from the movie was on wires while doing it!
* My November Project friends near & far for long runs and (pop-up) workouts that always pushed me harder than I would have ran by myself
* Communities of creative independents from @IndieWebCamp to @ScienceHackDay to @YxYY.
* Meeting and getting to know a few very special people who set examples that encouraged me be the most epic & creative I could be: from workouts, work, writing, to personal website features, and daring to build a portable planetarium (award-winning!) at Science Hack Day! (tantek.com/t4dt1)

A couple of weeks ago at brunch we each shared what one word described 2015 for each of us.

Mine was “accelerate”, both physically and creatively.

I ran faster (7:23 mile, 2:11:26 half marathon) and farther (30km) than I had ever in my life. From participating in worldwide @W3C meetings to co-organizing IndieWebCamps I ended up traveling tens of thousands more miles in a year than ever before.

I found a new sense of what was possible when you focus on creating instead of critiquing, on coding instead of emailing. I built more ground-breaking features into my website in 2015 than any previous year thanks to the amazingly prolific & encouraging @IndieWebCamp community, and spending time with creative artists that raised the bar with their beautiful prolific output, and sheer joy expressed in so many sideprojects.

Here’s to more of all that in 2016.

Happy New Year!

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