a photo. One deliberate #change I am making in #2016 is to always wear 1+ solidly non-black item of #clothing every day.

Inspired by the clothing styles in the world of #Tomorrowland (from the movie, which embodied & expressed #creativity, #individuality, and #colorful #optimism), I started experimenting with this late last year. It's fairly easy to combine a single color with all-black, even two colors.

Originally I simplified to nearly always wearing all or nearly all black to both reduce outfit deciding cognitive load, and frankly, contribute as little aesthetic noise to my urban environment as possible.

One of the themes I picked up from Tomorrowland is that while it's good to be an #optimist about the #future especially in the face of popular cynicism and dystopia fetishism, it's even better to express that outlook openly, by actions, and yes, even presentation.

So I decided to do so with a sharply contrasting bright color (or white) against, or breaking out of, the darkness.

* Dark grey tshirt with purple #sciencehackday logo
* Aqua #Threadless #myothercarisalightcycle hoodie
* #Betabrand Audio Engineer's Hoodie (cut more like a jacket)
* H&M slightly stretchy twill pants

#ootd #nofilter

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