Just gave the State of The IndieWeb 2016 intro talk at IndieWeb Summit 2016! Used speaking notes on the wiki: https://indiewebcamp.com/2016/state-of-indieweb

I started with State of the IndieWebCat 2016 which people seemed to appreciate. 😸

Today we also launched a new IndieWebCamp logo, and an updated indiewebcamp.com website.

Reviewing what the @IndieWebCamp community accomplished this past year in preparation really made me realize how much everyone has gotten done in just a year, and how much we has a community have grown and are reaching more and more different, diverse, and interesting people.

Aside: for my “presentation” I used tabs not slides. That is, I switched between open browser tabs to show content live and online. However I totally forgot my “but also, spaces not tabs” joke. Next time.

on (ttk.me t4hb1) using BBEdit