a jpg. Obligatory #sfmarathon #finishers backdrop photo. #latergram #nofilter.

@jerseyblauvs finished her first marathon with some running-in company, @generictjohnson and surprise weekend guest @chan_tall who decided the best way to spend her birthday would be to jump in and bandit the last 16 miles (new distance PR) with the unexpecting Amanda.

When Amanda passed me on the Golden Gate Bridge I had to focus to not spill the surprise that I knew was waiting for her upon running back across the bridge.

And I'm particularly proud of my pal @jlsuttles who finished her first #halfmarathon by running the challenging SF 1st half as her first. Well done Jessica!

Running races with friends and a supportive community (#NPSF) has made a huge difference. It really makes you feel like you can do more than you think you can, and then you do.

#Grateful for each and everyone of these people and looking forward to starting, running, and finishing more races together.

#novemberproject #community #runner #runners

👤 Tim Johnson(f), Amanda Blauvelt(f,t), Chantal Angyal(f), Tantek Çelik(f,t,••), Jessica Suttles(f,t)
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