a jpg. From the first annual #yxyy sunrise trail run. #latergram #nofilter
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Every @yxyy I’ve organized something new or different. The past couple of years I've organized morning runs, but in local loops on the streets of Palm Springs.

This year I decided to level it up (so to speak) and planned a trail run up the nearby picturesque hill. In addition to posting it I talked a few friends into meeting up at the Ace Palm Springs lobby well before sunrise.

After a brief warmup run to the base of the hill, we entered the north end of the Lykken trailhead, speed hiked and ran far enough to get 500' above Palm Springs. The desert sunrise was amazing.

The temperature rose quickly with the sun. We drank the water we brought with us, and swiftly ran back down the hill. We grabbed iced coffees (or various blends) at the cafe across from the Ace and exchanged the photos we’d taken.

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