a jpg. Saturday morning yoga @yxyy led by @jessdandy who once again asked me to lead a brief arm balance session (to ~2x the people in the photo, as the room filled to capacity during her class). #latergram #nofilter

Last year I showed my friend Jess how to do sidecrow, as my teacher Jordan had taught me. Jess (who has actual yoga teacher training) asked me to show her class what I showed her. She asked me to do the same this year at #yxyy004.

The class was much bigger this year than last, and several people said afterwards that they were able to do crow and/or side crow for the first time! A few gave me constructive feedback as well.

The entire experience convinced me to take the next step and pursue teacher training myself. I'm looking into options, and time+opportunity willing, I want to complete 200 hours before the next #yxyy.

#yoga #teacher #learning #acehotel #palmsprings

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