a jpg. 8.6+ miles, 1200' climb, and this bridge to bridge view from yesterday morning’s trail run peak at SFRC. #yestergram #nofilter

It was supposed to be a ~7 mile route, but I ran an extra bit most of the way up to the radio tower on the left and back down to the route. Then instead of turning right onto Miwok trail, I decided to run uphill just a little further to the peak that was “right there” and was rewarded with this view and another survey marker.

Like last week, I was alone after the first few miles (though the route leader kept running back to make sure I took the correct forks, up until the fork up to the radio tower, then found me again when I rejoined the route).

After taking photos here I ran back down and took the Miwok trail turn, first saw Lucci running the other way with a friend, then within minutes, @poleary87 with his running buddy.

Saw just one hiker the rest of the way on Miwok until the turn onto Old Springs Trail where I saw some ~13 mile route runners, where our long & “short” routes of the day merged.

Took the downhill at an easy pace, until @mitchwestwood ran up behind me and as you might guess surprise hugged me (neither of us breaking stride, still not sure how we balanced that), before passing me with Katy Kunkle.

I decided to keep pace, and raced downhill keeping up with both of them, passing several other runners on the way, until the downhill portion ended at the Tennessee Valley trail head parking lot when I slowed to my own pace.

Took the Rhubarb trail (parallel to the road) as usual with its eucalyptus forest and made it back to SFRC with a total trail running time of 1:46:50, ~15s/km faster than last week. I'll take it.

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