Happy Third Birthday to the Homebrew Website Club!

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Three years ago (2013-324) we held the first Homebrew Website Club meetup at Mozilla San Francisco.

Participants in the first Homebrew Website Club meetup in San Francisco, California

In the tradition of the Homebrew Computer Club, I wrote up the Homebrew Website Club Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 which has been largely replaced by Kevin Marks's excellent live-tweeting and summary postings after each San Francisco meetup.

Since then Homebrew Website Clubs have sprung up in over a dozen cities world wide and continue regularly (fortnightly or monthly) in nine cities across four time zones and three countries, six of which started in 2016!

New Homebrew Website Club cities this year, along with their start dates and a subsequent photo from one of their meetups this year:

We have also seen a surge in cities with folks that are interested in starting up a Homebrew Website Club. Many existing cities started with just two people and grew slowly and steadily over time. All it takes is two individuals, committed to supporting each other in a fortnightly (or monthly) gathering to share what they have done recently on their personal websites, and they aspire to create next.

Find your city on this wiki page and add yourself! Then hop in the #indieweb chat channel and say hi!

Pick a venue, talk about all things independent web, take a fun photo like the Nürnberg animate GIF above, or like this recent one in San Francisco and post it on the wiki page for the event.

Homebrew Website Club San Francisco meetup participants

Remember to keep it fun as well as productive. Even if all you do is get together and finish writing a blog post and posting it on your indieweb site, that’s a good thing. Especially these days, the more people we can encourage to write authentic content and publish on their own sites, the better.

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