a jpg. Lava rocks will cut you they said. Let’s go I said. #lava #trailrun #3 #latergram #nofilter

Many people warned us not to walk on the lava fields because of how sharp the rocks were. So we ran.

Last Tuesday when fellow trail runner Gregg Lind and I came upon this trail on and through the lava fields we chose to split off from the 20 or so other #MozAloha runners and explored otherworldly landscapes while they kept to the pavement.

Two days later it rained and I missed the other runners so I ran out here again, but alone, in the rain, and got completely soaked.

Yesterday morning it was finally sunny again, and instead of going for an easy swim at the beach, I was drawn back to the challenge of these trails for a third time, and to see how much faster I could run them. Made the loop around and back in a fraction of the time.

Grateful for running the trails with #NPSF friends back home most Saturdays with #SFRC. Looking forward to more of that when I return and into the new year.

#fromwhereirun #heysweatdaily #kingstrail #alaloatrail #lavarocks #lavatrail #nofear #neverstopexploring

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