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After a knee injury late 2015 put me out of running for the first quarter or so of 2016, #recovery was the defining theme for me for the year.

That broken start to 2016 led me to focus and #repair & #rebuild much from the past (perhaps itself in bits).

I feel recovered in some ways, stronger in others, in particular in resolve. Not able to run as much, I pushed myself do more in everything else, other adventures, at work, other projects, and traveled thousands more miles than last year in the process of doing so.

Despite ending 2016 on a fairly strong note personally, I expect this year to be perhaps the most unpredictable and challenging year I’ve seen.

I haven’t yet been able to pick just one word for 2017. I know 2017 will require active vigilance and resistance. I know to be effective at both, I need to do so sustainably and balanced with growth & joy.

Figuring all that out will be my focus for this first week of 2017.

Happy New Year and may you find the strength and peace of mind to balance action & acceptance, risk & self-care, shining brightly & growing sustainably.

Last year: tantek.com/2015/365/t4/2015bestnine-harder-better-faster-stronger

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