a jpg. Pre-race dinner for one. #salmon #kale #beet #spinach #avocado #nopasta #nofilter

That’s a small salad plate, long having learned that an early light dinner works best the night before a race. Made it all, except for the kale beet salad which came directly from Haight Street Market.

Missing no fewer than three events I wanted to attend tonight, acro yoga lessons, a friend’s birthday party, and another creative celestial party. But I also know from experience that it helps to have a quiet, peaceful, and early evening the night before a race. Grateful for possibilities.

It’s sometimes difficult to grasp the ramifications of choices among possibilities, yet it’s important to at least choose and act, rather than either not deciding, or deciding to do so many things that none can be done well.

#homecooked #prerace #dinner #pescetarian #glutenfree

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