In @CSSWG meeting there was a mention of compressing CSS, so I noted my 2010 TSS http://xent.com/tss.js, invented as part of @rohitkhare & my Rich Tweet Format (RTF) hack we built during the Twitter Annotations Hackfest: http://readwrite.com/2010/06/02/tweeting_in_color_from_the_annotations_hackfest/

After we announced at the end of our demo that we had already open sourced all the code for any developer to interoperably “colorize” tweets, we’re pretty sure the shocked faces of the judges clearly communicated strongly decreasing chances that Twitter annotations were going to be made broadly available to developers. (Which they never were).

* http://xent.com/rtf
* http://xent.com/twitter.html
* https://github.com/themattharris/annotations-hackfest/wiki

* tantek.com/2010/149/t1/compress-css-declarations-tweet-annotations-tanhf
* tantek.com/2010/150/t1/tweet-style-sheet-tss-annotations-rich-tweets-tanhf

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