a jpg. #100DoPP d17: Too tired for a standing finishers photo, dad & I decided to kick it, coffees in hand. #runsurfcity #surfcityhalf #nofilter.

Finished my 9th half marathon in 2:24:58 (updated! originally reported 2:25:01), then went back along the course to find my dad and run him to the finish, almost exactly 30 minutes after mine. Our 4th half marathon that we’ve done together.

This was my first time racing in 90%+ humidity (not counting rainy races), and I had no idea how much energy it could sap.

I felt pretty good about my water & fueling, and got a solid first 10k (sub 1:04) of the race that I was very happy with (at maybe 90% effort, on track to PR the course by many minutes and striking distance of a half PR!). Despite the first half having the only real hill, my second half was much slower. Everything felt heavier. Muscles got sore in odd ways.

I finished without injury (goal 0), I beat my SF half time from last July (goal 1), but was ~6.5 min short of beating my previous time on this course two years ago (goal 2).

The muscle soreness has already faded (within a few hours), so I’m feeling pretty strong. However this was a good heads-up for needing to step-up my training in the next 5 months for the SF Marathon. Going to take it easy for a few days / week, and then jump back in.

The best part of today however was going back along the course to find my dad and then running him to the finish. Really #grateful for that.

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* 2016 SF 1st half: tantek.com/2016/221/t4/finished-eighth-half-marathon
* 2015 Surf City half: tantek.com/2015/032/t2/finished-surfcity-half-marathon-pr

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