#100DoPP d30
ran SFRC to Tennessee Valley Beach & back: 1:26:57
~15 min faster than last week, 3 min than October.

Felt a mix of strength and struggle. Started out at a swift clip until everyone else ran on ahead. Did a 5-10min run / 1 min walk. Felt great to stretch the legs out on the downhills and hit faster top speeds. Uphills were a mix of steady and struggle.

In the last ~1.5miles of the return, runners who had taken the longer path led by SFRC started to catch up to me, which provided an added boost.

My friend Will who had taken that longer route slowly passed me with perhaps a half mile to go, so I picked up my pace and kept a solid sub-10minute/mile, pacing and chatting with him til the finish, which came a lot quicker than I expected.

This may have been the fastest that I’ve run to Tennessee Valley Beach and back, certainly with taking the more uphill path near the beach both out & back.

Nice to see both personal progress, and get a sense that if I keep up the training, there’s more progress coming up soon.

* 1:41:24 tantek.com/2017/042/t1/beautiful-day-getoutside-run-trail-beach
* 1:30:00 tantek.com/2016/275/t1/perfect-way-start-day

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